B&B Monday Update 11/1/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/1/10


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita


Eric finds Stephanie napping on the couch in their home. She claims that she was just resting her eyes, being too keyed up to sleep. He remarks about what an amazing day she's had. She confides that she's a little sore. He laughs, saying he's not surprised since she just got out of the hospital and yet she's been running around downtown L.A. She agrees that she did too much, but it was worth it. She tells him how fantastic the people she met were. She goes on and on about how great they were. She wishes that he would go down there with her and join her in her new cause. He wanted her home with him, but he can see now what it means to her. He agrees to support her and be right by her side. He kisses her hand, and they smile at each other. Eric gets up, telling her that he promised Dayzee a tour of Forrester. Stephanie wants to go with him, but he insists that she stay there and rest. She agrees, reluctantly. He tells her how proud he is of her, and he kisses her on the cheek before leaving.

Nick looks at Amber's latest "designs" in his office. His assistant tells him that he's looked everywhere and can't find her. Nick exclaims, "Where the hell does this woman go?!? He phones her, meaning Amber. She gets his call. She's sitting at some public bar or restaurant, but she assures him that she's not goofing off. He yells that he needs her to rip off more hot designs for their fashion show next week. She tells him that he'll have them soon. He threatens her some more, but she hangs up as Oliver walks in. She runs over and kisses him, saying that she's so happy to see him. They hug as she eyes the case he's carrying. They sit down. She asks him nonchalantly what's in the bag, but he says it's just work, nothing interesting. She flatters him. Hope and Liam walk in and see them together. Hope wonders what Amber is up to. They sit down. Hope keeps worrying.

Amber assures Oliver that he can work if he wants to. She won't mind. He's not in the mood. She asks him to get her a coffee refill, so he takes her cup and leaves. While he's gone, she goes into his bag, not realizing that Liam and Hope are watching. Oliver returns, so Amber hastily closes the bag. Hope and Liam wonder what she is up to. Hope goes over to their table as Amber feeds Oliver a piece of scone. Hope suggests they all have dinner together. Hope and Oliver say they are too busy. Amber adds that she is not into double-dates. Amber adds that dinner sounds great if she is with her man. She strokes his face as she says it. Hope asks how long they have known each other. Amber goes on and on about how Oliver touches her etc. in an embarrassing way. Oliver blushes. Hope remarks that they are moving pretty fast. Oliver points out that it's kind of like her and Liam. He reminds Hope that he is moving on, just like she wanted him to. Amber adds that she is helping him, so Hope wonders if that's all she's doing. Amber gives her a dirty look. Hope is just worried about Oliver being used. Amber and Oliver stand up as she suggests they go back to his place. They walk out. Hope is determined to figure out what Amber is up to.

Amber admires the view at Oliver's beach house, remarking that she'd never leave if she lived there. He puts his designs away as they joke about her being the competition. He then offers to get her something while he gets water, but she tells him to go ahead, she is fine. She chats with him while he's in the other room. She asks him questions about his work. She eyes his bag, and the designs, the whole time. He brings back some water. They joke around about all of the drinking they did before. She asks him some more questions about his work. He is surprised that she wants to hear about his work, especially the computer programs. He tells her about it after she tells him how sexy it is. She asks if she can borrow a sweatshirt and blanket because she has a sudden chill. She tells him not to bring wool because she's allergic to it. He agrees to see what he can find for her. After he walks out, she goes through his bag and finds his touch-screen computer. She tries to get in, but there is a password. He comes back and wonders why she is on his computer. She looks up innocently at him.

Nick drops by to visit Stephanie. She is pleasantly surprised. He brings her flowers, so she realizes that he has found out about her being sick. He gives her a kiss. She tells him how she's doing, and they talk about how much she has to live for. She puts his flowers on the table as she tells him about her new passion. When she mentions being in Skid Row, Nick is shocked and doesn't think she should be in such a sketchy area. She retorts that no one should be there, but people have to live there on the street. She tells him about the people she met, especially Dayzee. Nick jokes with her that if she is so involved in these social issues that she won't be keeping her eye on Forrester. She laughs, but it hurts. Nick misses having her at Jackie O. She agrees that they had a great time. She wonders if it's hard on him, having Jackie and Bridget out of the company. He agrees that it's hard not having his mom in the company, but he praises Amber's work. He smiles and says that he's going to give her a run for her money. They have some tea. She can't believe that he is putting so much stock in Amber. He goes on and on about their new Hot Line. Stephanie thinks that the Hope for the Future line will be hard to beat, but he thinks they can do it. Nick tells her to call him if she needs anything, and she thanks him for coming by. He has faith that she'll beat her cancer.

At Forrester, Eric does some measurements on some models and makes comments about what changes to make. Dayzee is about to walk in when she sees that he's busy, so she backs out. Eric sees her and tells her to come in, and the models leave. Eric thanks her profusely for what she did to open Stephanie's eyes. She demurs, but he keeps thanking her. He wants to show her around, so he starts by showing her some sketches. She is impressed that he drew them. She admires them but comments that they are not very practical. He laughs and agrees that is likely true. She wonders how much people pay for them, and he jokes that they probably pay too much. He tells her about the fashion business. He is confident about their new line and that it will be a big hit for them. Dayzee is a bit overwhelmed by how glamorous it is. Marcus walks in with some fabric samples from Thorne. When he sees Dayzee, he is clearly taken aback and apologizes for interrupting. Marcus figures that she must be the pretty intern that everyone is talking about. She smiles and tells Eric that she likes him already. Eric introduces them, and they shake hands. She jokes about seeing the resemblance between them, and they laugh. Eric explains that Marcus is his ex-wife's son, so he adopted him. They tell her the short version of the story and joke around some more. Eric asks Marcus to take Dayzee on a tour of the building while he does something with the fabric.  Marcus is very happy to do it.  Eric smiles as he watches them walk out.

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