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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/29/10


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Susan Flannery welcomes everyone to the second part of a two-part episode in which Stephanie Forrester visits the Union Rescue Mission in Los Angeles. The people are not actors, but rather guests of this extraordinary home for those in need of help.

We see a view of the streets of “Skid Row.” Dayzee and Stephanie walk down the street. Dayzee tells Stephanie know that she had gotten quite an earful today. Stephanie knows that she certainly has. Dayzee tells Stephanie that this is the world’s greatest recovery center. Dayzee reminds Stephanie that she had thought that she was crazy for wanting to work here and Stephanie also thought that Dayzee was on crack. Stephanie tells Dayzee well, “shame on me” and Stephanie shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions. Dayzee lets Stephanie know that this is her home and her work. Stephanie asks what her official title is. Dayzee tells Stephanie to come on in, because that they are waiting for her.

We see an aerial view of Los Angeles before zooming in on the Forrester home. Brooke is in the bedroom and picks up a pic of the family and looks at it. Brooke remembers when her and Stephanie had gone for the ride on the roller coaster. Pam comes in, carrying a plate. Pam asks as to where Stephanie is. Brooke lets her know that she is not here. Pam asks if Stephanie is back in the hospital, but Brooke tells her that Stephanie is downtown. Pam is surprised. Brooke lets her know that Stephanie is with Dayzee. Pam thinks that Brooke is joking. Brooke wishes that she were. Pam reminds Brooke that Stephanie had just gotten out of the hospital. Brooke tells her that she knows. Pam asks Brooke how could she let her do that. Brooke lets Pam know that there was no changing Stephanie’s mind. Brooke reminds Pam that Stephanie slipped out without them knowing. Pam asks if Stephanie is at the mission where Dayzee is an apprentice. Brooke lets her know that it is the new phase of homelessness. Pam assures Brooke that those missions can use all the help that they can get.

Dayzee introduces Stephanie to Kitty. Stephanie asks Kitty to call her Stephanie. Kitty welcomes Stephanie to the mission. Kitty offers to give Stephanie a tour of the mission. Stephanie asks to see everything that they can show her. Kitty asks Dayzee to lead the way.

Pam finds out that Dayzee is giving Stephanie a grand tour of the place. Brooke lets Pam know that the mission is very close to Dayzee’s heart. Brooke fills Pam in that Dayzee and her Mother had been in the mission until her Mother had passed away, and, now Dayzee is devoting her life to helping other people. Pam assures Brooke that Dayzee could be anything she wanted to be. Brooke tells Pam that Dayzee is an amazing kid. Brooke reminds Pam that it had taken Dayzee very little effort to talk Stephanie into getting treatment. Brooke tells Pam that Stephanie wants to donate her time and energy to this work for years to come. Pam likes the idea of Stephanie having years to come. Brooke tells Pam that Stephanie has a purpose in life now.

Outside of the mission, Stephanie and Dayzee meet with Anthony. Anthony tells Stephanie that it is nice to meet her, and then asks how she is doing. Stephanie inquires as to how long Anthony have been here. Anthony tells her two and a half years, and that he served in Iraq. Anthony lets them know that he joined the military when he was 17 and loved every minute of it. Anthony was injured in the war and afterwards he was ashamed to go home and couldn’t face his family, so he had ended up on the streets. Stephanie asks why he couldn’t go home and Anthony tells her because he was ashamed so he ended up on the streets. Anthony tells Stephanie that he is studying criminal justice. Stephanie thinks that that is great. Anthony vows to take everything that he did and help young people not to make the same mistakes that he made. Stephanie tells Anthony that he is a brave young man.

Brooke calls Stephanie and begs her to come home, but Stephanie refuses by telling them that she has something she has to do. Brooke tells her to be careful. Stephanie assures her that she will. Brooke tells Pam what Stephanie tells her. Brooke decides to go and find Stephanie and bring her home. Pam sighs as Brooke leaves.

Stephanie is introduced to the Reyes family. The man tells Stephanie that he had been the operations manager for a large grocery chain, but the store wasn’t making its numbers so they had let everybody go. The man tells Stephanie that he posted a thousand resumes and had a few call backs, but nothing that could take care of his family. The man feels optimistic that something good will come his way soon.

Walking through the halls of the rescue mission, the homeless are going through their daily routines. Stephanie walks into the living area which is full of plenty of bunk beds. Stephanie sits down on the bottom bunk of a bed and talks to a woman. Stephanie asks if the woman takes care of other kids, too for the other moms. The woman tells Stephanie that they all kind of support each other, and they lend a hand to other moms when they need help. The woman tells Stephanie about her own daughter, who is so angry because she is homeless.

Stephanie talks to a man, who passed by here thousands of times but had never thought that he would be here in this same situation. The man tells Stephanie that this mission provides a person with everything needed to survive. Stephanie thinks that it must be very comforting to him that he can have all his kids with him here. The man tells her that it is. The baby begins to babble.

Stephanie and Dayzee walk down the hall and finally walk up to a door. Dayzee knocks on the door. Dayzee introduces Stephanie to the Goodes. The woman lets Stephanie know that they have been homeless since last December when the man lost his job. The woman lets Stephanie know that what she used to take for granted, she doesn’t anymore. Stephanie knows that this is a very devastating situation. The woman tells Stephanie that this situation brings you closer together. It makes you rely on each other. Stephanie tells her that tough times usually do. The man agrees. The woman tells Stephanie that it is good to have someone to rely on.

Stephanie talks to a woman who tells her that she is blessed. The woman introduces herself as Carolyn Jones. She has been in the mission for a year and four months. She had a 4-bedroom home, but then became an apprentice. Carolyn tells Stephanie that she is a single mother to three sons. All her sons have high ambitions. One son wants to be a doctor, one wants to be a police officer, and one wants to be a basketball player. Stephanie is impressed by their dreams. Carolyn tells Stephanie that she is a proud mother. Stephanie thanks her for talking to her.

In the dining area where they are beginning to feed the people, the choir starts to sing with everyone else joining.

Brooke walks into the building and is approached by a guard. Brooke asks about Stephanie. The guard takes Brooke to where she can find Stephanie. Brooke walks down the hall and is surprised when she sees Stephanie, helping the other women to serve the food. Brooke motions for Stephanie to join her, but Stephanie shakes her head, “no.” Stephanie keeps helping serve the food to the homeless when she looks down the line and to her surprise sees Brooke helping. The choir begins to sing, “Lean On Me.” Everyone joins in and sings along. Stephanie and Brooke finish serving the food. Brooke and Stephanie hug while the choir continues to sing, “Lean On Me.” Stephanie remembers when she and Brooke had rode the roller coaster. All the homeless people in the center are shown.

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