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Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

This is a very special episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, and I hope that whoever reads this, will read it very carefully as it describes the plight of the people, who live on the street!!!

Susan Flannery welcomes everyone to the episode. Susan Flannery is in downtown L.A. which they refer to as “skid row.” The people that Susan Flannery talks to are not actors, they are real people, who make their home in this inspirational community.

The camera shows an aerial view of Los Angeles and the people, who live on the street. Dayzee asks Stephanie if she is ready to talk to some people. Stephanie asks if they will talk to her. Dayzee lets her know that some of them will, but not all of them. Stephanie lets Dayzee know that she doesn’t want to see pushy. Dayzee lets Stephanie know that most people will be glad that she had came out. Stephanie has a pain in her chest. Dayzee asks Stephanie if she is alright. Stephanie tells her that she doesn’t think that this cancer is through with her, and they had better hurry up. Dayzee chuckles. Stephanie wants to get moving real fast.

The camera shows an aerial view of Los Angeles before it centers on the Forrester home. Brooke opens the door and sees that it is Taylor. Brooke lets Taylor know that she is just the person that she wants to see. Taylor tells Brooke that that is gracious of her. Brooke asks Taylor in. Taylor asks as to where Stephanie is. Brooke lets Taylor know that Stephanie is not here. Taylor tells Brooke that she had thought that Stephanie had been discharged today. Brooke lets Taylor know that Stephanie is not available. Taylor, sarcastically, tells Brooke so Stephanie posted her at the door to inform family members of that fact. Brooke tells Taylor to cut to the chase and call her a sick, depraved predator. Taylor lets Brooke know that she doesn’t want to be slapped again. Taylor doesn’t know why Brooke is even here. Brooke lets Taylor know that if Stephanie were here, then she could see her, but Stephanie is not here. Taylor asks if Stephanie had been readmitted. Brooke tells Taylor that Stephanie is out. Taylor cannot believe her ears that Stephanie had just had part of her lung removed and, now, Brooke tells Taylor that Stephanie is out. Brooke asks Taylor if there could be complications. Taylor tells her, “yes.” Taylor lets Brooke know that Stephanie shouldn’t be around large groups of people. Brooke lets Taylor know that Stephanie had gone downtown with Dayzee again, and when Stephanie gets better, she wants to donate her time to the people of skid row so Dayzee had set up some interviews for Stephanie. Taylor asks if Brooke is serious. Brooke lets her know that she is very serious.

The camera shows the people on “skid row” and how they go through a day on the street. Dayzee introduces Stephanie to Kevin, who runs the shelter. Stephanie speaks to him and asks him how he is. Kevin thanks Stephanie for coming down and paying them a visit. Kevin lets Stephanie know that Dayzee is the flower of the asphalt. Stephanie chuckles, and tells Kevin that she already knew that. Dayzee tells Kevin that Stephanie wants to help, but she wants to meet and talk with some of the people first. Kevin tells them that that is good because everyone can make a difference. Dayzee remarks that people don’t realize that. Kevin tells the women that if people would just stop and understand, then they would see that these are real people with real stories. Stephanie tells them of course they are. Stephanie tells Kevin that she just wants to meet the people and talk with them. Kevin lets Stephanie know that some people are cool with sitting down and talking with her. Kevin tells them to let them get started. Dayzee chuckles.

Taylor cannot believe that Brooke would just allow Stephanie to run off with Dayzee again after Stephanie’s surgery. Brooke tells Taylor that Dayzee is an apprentice at the mission and she knows everyone there so they will be safe. Taylor asks as to where they are. Brooke tells Taylor that there are 50,000 people in Los Angeles county who are homeless on any given night. Taylor tells Brooke that she admires Stephanie’s ambition to help these people, but she just doesn’t think that this is the right time, and she needs to be thinking about herself. Brooke lets Taylor know that that is what Stephanie is doing and this is what she needs and it is better than medicine. Brooke asks Taylor when you think about it what would a week look like in Stephanie’s life. Taylor figures that this does bring up the question of each one’s mortality. Brooke lets Taylor know that Stephanie had met a lot of interesting people that she wouldn’t have come across in normal everyday life, people who are struggling and trying to get back on their feet. Brooke lets Taylor know, also that Stephanie is like them, a kindred spirit.

The camera shows the homeless people on the street. Kevin tells Stephanie that the people may seem shy at first, but they will give Stephanie an earful. Stephanie thinks that this is great. The little group met up with Reverend Thomas, whom Kevin introduces Stephanie to. Kevin tells Reverend Thomas that Stephanie would like to talk to him. Reverend Thomas tells Stephanie that it is good meeting her. Stephanie asks if they can sit and talk a minute. Reverend Thomas agrees. Stephanie lets the little group know that this is such a wonderful and unusual experience fro her. Stephanie asks what does he think is the main reason why people end up being homeless. Reverend Thomas tells Stephanie that it is not necessarily drugs or alcohol that will cause a person to be homeless, but it is a very complicated issue. Reverend Thomas tells her that most people he had talked to had been abused, physically and sexually as children and that had put them on a different sort of path that ended up as homelessness.

Stephanie talks to one woman, who was there because of a divorce, and she had suffered her third nervous breakdown. Stephanie listens, intently, as the woman tells her that she had gotten involved with an abusive man, who had locked her in a closet at the Frontier. The woman tells her of another man whom she had met that had actually put chains on the door. The woman tells Stephanie that she is okay now cause she had met, but her words trail off before she finishes. Stephanie asks what group had helped her. The woman tells Stephanie that she had looked within herself and had started loving herself and had developed self-love and self-worth. The woman also tells Stephanie that the mission had provided a safe haven for her.

Stephanie talks to a man, who had been took away from his parents and ended up in a foster home. When he was 18, he had gone back home and his Mother had told him that he couldn’t’ stay there so he didn’t have nowhere else to go. The man also tells her that it had really hurt and he had cried, but he tried to get an apartment, was working two jobs, but it was hard. Stephanie tells him that she admires his perseverance.

Taylor lets Brooke know that she is impressed by her sensitivity and her insight into something that the medical field had underplayed. Taylor tells Brooke that a person’s human spirit and its drive to overcome adversity is what is responsible for a person’s healing. Brooke lets Taylor know that Stephanie had chosen life and treatment because of Dayzee. Taylor feels that this is a very special group of people. Brooke tells Taylor from what she had seen they are.

Stephanie asks if the majority of the people, who live on the streets are here because of the economy. The man tells her that the people are lost with no direction, no guidance, no belief and no faith that there is nothing solid or concurrent that, his words trail off and Stephanie finishes his words for him that they have nothing to grasp onto. The man also explains that there are people,who are just sick of the rat race and had just ran away. The man tells Stephanie that he helps people in multiple ways by telling them that drugs aren’t good for them, and he just tries to give them hope. Stephanie asks the man if he had ever used drugs. The man denies ever using drugs. Stephanie thinks that this is great. The man tells Stephanie that substance abuse had hurt him because he didn’t have a Mother or Father. Stephanie realizes that where drugs or alcohol are involved, you are alone. Stephanie is amazed as to how people here give back to the homeless community. Stephanie wonders how since we live in this country that we can’t take care of everyone here that some people slip through the cracks. The man lets Stephanie know that he had began to look at this community through different glasses. The man lets Stephanie also know that when you are homeless doesn’t men you are hopeless or helpless. Stephanie thanks Kevin and tells him bye.

Stephanie thanks Reverend Thomas and asks him when homeless people come here to the church does he minister to them, as does his congregation. Reverend Thomas tells Stephanie that their motto is “all are welcome.” Stephanie wonders what they would do without him. Reverend Thomas tells Stephanie that the community is hard to envision without the church. Reverend Thomas lets Stephanie know that everyone loves the church. Stephanie thanks Reverend Thomas for taking the time. Reverend Thomas thanks Stephanie.

A man tells Stephanie that this is a real community with long term residents, who does things to create more community.

A woman tells Stephanie about her organization called “Garments of Praise” where she finds the gifts, talents and abilities within others and bring them out to provide a platform for them. The woman also has a Women’s Empowerment Organization because she believes that education is empowerment. Stephanie agrees.

Stephanie asks a man how had he become aware of “skid row.” the man lets her know that he had became aware of “skid row” through the media and he has a negative imagery of “skid row.” The man also explains that everything about his past had prepared him for “skid row.” The man also lets Stephanie know that he is a cancer survivor. Stephanie is surprised. The man explains that his was Hodgkin’s disease and that he had had chemotherapy. The man also tells Stephanie that his cancer had came back, but he is clean now with a 10 year window. Stephanie congratulates him. The man thanks her. The man tells Stephanie of a book he had written about a dog and a cat, who get together. The man also tells Stephanie of an association that he had organized called, “Old Jesus Service that deals mostly with kids. Stephanie congratulates him on his work. The man thanks her. Stephanie tells the man that it is nice to meet him and learn so many things from him.

Stephanie sits on a bench and just looks around at the homeless people. Stephanie remembers her talk with Dayzee in which she had asked Dayzee to teach her and to show her everything.

Stephanie talks to one more man, who she wishes good luck. The man tells Stephanie not to ever stop dreaming. Stephanie knows if you stop dreaming then you can’t live. The man tells Stephanie that he will shoot for the stars. The man tells Stephanie to speak up.

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