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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/26/10


Written By Mary
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge and Brooke stand in their bedroom with their arms around each other. Ridge lets Brooke know that it is just the two of them in this big old house. Brooke says, “mm, but definitely has something else on her mind. Ridge asks Brooke if she has something on her mind. Brooke is reluctant to tell him what had happened between her and Taylor. Brooke lies and tells him that she doesn’t have anything on her mind. Ridge tells Brooke that he can tell that something is on her mind, and then asks her again what is on her mind. Brooke remembers her conversation with Taylor in which she had told her that she was Ridge’s wife. Taylor reminds Brooke that that fact hadn’t stopped her when she had seduced Hope’s boyfriend. Brooke remembers slapping Taylor. Ridge tells Brooke not to hold anything back from telling him what is going on. Brooke sighs. Ridge reminds Brooke that he will get it out of her, no matter what because he always does.

At Bikini Beach, Bill, Katie and Liam sit at a table. Bill remarks that he doesn’t know what Hope and Oliver’s conversation is about, but he thinks that Liam may want to go out there and make sure that Oliver isn’t crossing the line with Hope. Liam laughs and asks Bill if he wants him to get in Oliver’s face. Bill suggests that Liam set Oliver straight.

Outside on the patio, Hope tells Oliver that it isn’t any of her business, but, and her words trail off without finishing her sentence. Oliver asks Hope if she thinks that he should steer clear of Amber. Hope reminds Oliver that Amber is trouble. Oliver tells Hope that he doesn’t think that Liam is good for Hope either. Hope asks him as to why not. Oliver reminds her that Liam is Bill Spencer’s son, who is a major jerk, and Liam may become just like Bill. Hope scoffs at Oliver’s comment. Oliver tells Hope that he doesn’t want that for her.

Amber sits at the bar and sighs. She mumbles to herself, pay dirt. Amber knows that Nick wants more designs, and he is going to get more hot designs as she looks at the designs inside of Oliver’s case. Amber smiles and chuckles.

Bill inquires of Liam if he is going out there. Liam lets him know that he isn’t going out there to intrude because he trusts Hope. Bill tells Liam that it has nothing to do with Hope, it is about Oliver crossing the line with Hope. Liam lets bill know that he isn’t going all Neanderthal on Oliver. Bill tells Liam that that is good to know. Liam tells Bill that he appreciates, but then his words trail off without finishing his sentence. Bill reminds Liam that he is sitting here and he doesn’t know what that conversation is about. Bill urges Liam to set Oliver set if he is being disrespectful with Hope. Liam assures Bill that Hope can take care of herself, that if Oliver becomes out of line that Hope will set him straight. Bill sighs.

Oliver apologizes for his remark. Hope assures him that it is okay. Oliver inquires if it is okay. Hope reminds Oliver that just because they aren’t together anymore, doesn’t mean that she doesn’t care about him. Oliver reminds her that she is dating someone else. Hope tells Oliver that she is, but she doesn’t want to lose Oliver as a friend. Oliver tells Hope that he doesn’t want to be her friend, but her boyfriend. Hope asks Oliver about his feelings for Amber. Oliver lets Hope know that Amber is sexy and fun to be with, but. Oliver tells Hope not to worry about him.

At the bar, Amber asks Brendan for another round of kamikazes. Brendan tells her absolutely. Amber changes her mind and tells Brendan to make them doubles.

Ridge asks Brooke what had happened to his Logan. Ridge tells Brooke that he had come home after a long, hard day and is wanting to relax. Brooke asks if she had done something. Brooke tells Ridge that she had done something, and then her words trail off. Ridge asks what had happened. Brooke lets Ridge know that she had slapped Taylor. Ridge asks Brooke had she done it accidentally. Brooke tells him that Taylor had had it coming. Brooke lets Ridge know that Taylor had been watching her and Thomas together. Taylor had told her to get her filthy hands off of her son. Brooke goes on to explain things to Ridge about what her and Thomas had been doing.

A woman gives Hope sound advice that no one gets between her and her man. Hope laughs.

Bill still tries to persuade Liam to go and take care of business. Liam refuses to interfere. Liam asks Bill to just drop it. Hope comes back and sits down beside Liam. Liam tells Hope that Bill had wanted him to go out there and give Oliver a peace of his mind. Hope reminds Bill that even if Oliver had tried something that she would have told him that she was with Liam now.

Oliver rejoins Amber at the bar. Oliver apologizes to Amber for leaving her like that. Amber asks how had it gone with Hope as she hands Oliver a drink. Amber and Oliver look over at Bill, Katie, Liam and Hope.

Bill asks Liam to train with him doing some M.M.A. Hope says, “hmm.” Liam asks Mixed Martial Arts. Bill explains that it builds stamina and endurance. Bill also explains that Liam needs to know how to defend himself. Liam assures him that he can do that. Katie suggests that they take a family trip together. Liam asks him what does he have in mind. Bill suggests motorcross racing in Mexico. Hope feels that that sounds dangerous. Katie suggests that they keep it a little closer to home.

Amber and Oliver have drinks together. Amber laughs as Oliver swallows them down one after the other.

Bill suggests paintballing. Katie feels that that will be fun. Hope ignores them and keeps her eyes on Amber and Oliver. Bill notices Hope and asks her as to what is going on that she seems distracted.

Amber and Oliver laughs as they gulp down drinks. Amber asks Oliver again as to what he and Hope had talked about. Oliver refuses to answer Amber’s question. Amber asks if Hope had said that she was trouble. Amber chuckles. Oliver suggests that they get out of there. Amber suggests that he let her drive. Amber reminds Oliver not to forget his bag.

Ridge questions Brooke if Taylor had really said that Brooke was trying to seduce Thomas. Brooke tells him in so many words that Taylor had accused her of seducing Thomas. Ridge tells Brooke that this situation is getting out of control as he gets the phone, and starts to dial a number. Brooke asks him as to who he is caliing. Ridge lets Brooke know that he is calling Taylor so that Brooke can apologize to Taylor for slapping her. Brooke demands that Ridge give her the phone.

Bill handles a business call, and tells the man to just get it done. Bill asks Katie, Liam and Hope as to where were they. Hope lets them know that she is worried that Amber is going to take advantage of Oliver. Bill wants to know as to what the problem is. Bill assures Hope that Oliver needs to get his mind off her. Hope gives Bill a peace of her mind about Liam, motorcross racing and karate training. She gets up from the table and walks out. Liam follows her.

Amber and Oliver arrive home. Oliver, immediately, retrieves two bottles of Tequila from the kitchen. They sit down on the sofa as Oliver pours them drinks in shot glasses. Amber chuckles when she sees that Oliver is a little tipsy. Oliver wants to hear all about Amber’s life story. Amber and Oliver begin to kiss as they lie back on the sofa.

Brooke cannot believe that Ridge wants her to apologize to Taylor. Ridge gets Taylor on the phone and, then turns it on the speaker. Ridge holds the phone close to Brooke so that she will apologize to Taylor. Reluctantly, Brooke apologizes to Taylor for slapping her. Taylor asks Ridge to keep an eye on Brooke. Brooke and Taylor tell each other good-bye. Brooke tells Taylor to have a good evening. Brooke remarks that she knows that she will as she steps closer to Ridge.

Amber stops Oliver from making love to her. Oliver passes out on the sofa. Amber picks up his attache case and takes pics of his designs. Amber places the case back on the table, right before covering Oliver up. Amber kisses him on the cheek before she heads for the door. Amber stops at the door and looks back at Oliver, asleep on the sofa.

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