B&B Monday Update 10/25/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/25/10


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

The camera shows an aerial view of Los Angeles before it centers in on Forrester Creations. Brooke, Thomas and Taylor are in Brooke’s office. Taylor asks Brooke what is wrong with her. Taylor orders Brooke not to ever put her hands on Thomas again.

The camera shows an aerial view of L.A. before it centers in on Jackie M. Whip, Nick and Aggie are in Nick’s office. Whip tells Nick that according to the focus groups that Jackie M. is recovering from the menage trois scandal. Whip tells Nick that they have another crisis on their hands. Nick tells Whip and Aggie that Amber isn’t working out like he had thought that she would. Aggie lets Nick know that the buzz on the street is that Amber Moore’s designs aren’t going to make it. Amber listens at the door. Amber looks at the design in her attache before she goes into office. Nick lets Amber know that she is late. Amber apologizes and tells him that she had had to find inspiration.

At Bikini Beach, Katie and Bill sit at a table, awaiting the arrival of Liam and Hope. Katie lets Bill know that this will be fun. Bill is less than enthused. Katie tries to offer Bill reassurance that Liam is his son and it will be nice getting to know him better. Katie looks around and sees Liam and Hope walk in. Katie remarks that there they are Liam and Hope.

Nick looks through Amber’s portfolio and doesn’t like anything he sees until he comes across one special design. Amber is surprised that he likes that certain design that she had stolen from Oliver attache’ case. Nick tells Amber that he wants more just like this one. Amber inquires if Nick is sure. Nick assures her that they are on the line and that they have to move on this now. Amber tells Nick that she has to move fast. Nick tells her to move fast. Amber lets Nick know that she is on it. Nick lets Whip, Aggie and Amber know that this whole line needs more spice, and that Amber has to come up with a name for her line. Amber tells Aggie, “Amber Moore’s line.” Aggie feels that it is boring. Nick comes up with a name for Amber’s line, “ Amber’s hotline.“ Whip chuckles.

Taylor asks Brooke if she had made herself clear about Brooke not touching her son. Brooke cannot believe her ears. Taylor orders Brooke not to ever put her hands on Thomas again. Thomas questions Taylor as to what she is doing. Taylor lets Thomas know that she is protecting him. Thomas lets Taylor know that she doesn’t need to protect him. Thomas tells Taylor that he and Brooke are two professionals that are currently working together. Thomas asks Taylor what is the problem. Taylor insists to Thomas that she doesn’t want Thomas working with Brooke. Thomas lets Taylor know that Ridge is trusting him to work with Brooke. Taylor lets Thomas know that he always tries to see the best in people, but he doesn’t know Brooke. Brooke begs Taylor to stop that she is being ridiculous. Taylor insists to Brooke that she doesn’t want her working this closely with her son. Thomas reminds Taylor that she had given 25% of the company over to Steffy. Taylor tells Thomas that she had explained that to him. Thomas lets Taylor know that he is not happy about it still yet, but it is time to let it go. Taylor reminds Brooke and Thomas, once again, that she is against them working together. Taylor orders Brooke not to drag her son down. Brooke scoffs as the door opens.

Bill tells the man to take it easy and not to let the umbrella poke his eye out. A woman laughs at the remark. Katie clears her throat as she asks how is work. Hope lets her know that work is great. Bill asks about the new premiere line that the Forrester’s have coming out. Hope tells him that they do and she is really excited about it. Hope assures him that this is the best collection yet.

Whip repeats, “Amber’s hotline.” Nick asks him what does he think. Whip tells him that the name has heat. Amber is surprised. Amber assures Nick that she can get him more if he really wants more. Nick tells the group that they have to get this campaign on its feet. Nick orders Amber to get back to work. Amber assures Nick that she is on it.

Amber cannot believe that she will have to steal more designs from Forrester Creations. Amber wonders how she will pull this off. A pic of Sally, on the wall, begins to talk to Amber. Amber asks Sal if that is her. Amber tells Sal that she is the best at this. Amber asks Sal what should she do now. Sally assures her that Amber is the swizzle stick that is gonna stir the drink. Sally assures Amber that they are going to pull this off. Amber promises to take on Forrester Creations old school style. Amber tells Sally that she misses her. Amber calls Oliver to meet her at Bikini Beach. Oliver lets Amber know that they had just been to Insomnia. Oliver tells Amber that he has a ton of work to do. Oliver, reluctantly, agrees to meet her. Amber tells Sally that she is going to make her proud. Sally winks at Amber.

Brooke thanks Thomas for coming to her defense when it came to his Mother. Thomas apologizes for the actions of his Mother. Brooke sighs. Thomas tells Brooke that she doesn’t know what Taylor is worried about. Brooke assures Thomas that Taylor is being protective. Thomas tells Brooke that he doesn’t need protection from Brooke. Thomas tells Brooke that he is lucky to have Brooke’s support. Thomas tells Brooke that he hopes that Taylor hadn’t scared her off. Brooke tells him, “no.” Thomas tells Brooke that she cannot bail on him. Brooke assures him that she would never do that. Brooke tells Thomas that she will talk to Ridge and set up a date to show Thomas’ designs. Thomas is thrilled. Brooke asks to see all of Thomas’ designs. Thomas shows Brooke his designs and she thinks that the designs are really good. Brooke asks Thomas to model his designs. Taylor listens at door. Thomas goes to try on one of his designs. Taylor continues to watch Brooke as she goes through some papers.

Aggie tells Nick that she hates to admit it, but Amber’s designs are really good, but they aren’t like anything she had ever done before. Nick assures Aggie that it had given them a whole new energy.

Liam assures Bill that Hope had been working really hard on these new designs. Hope looks up and sees Oliver walk in with Amber. Liam asks Hope if she is alright. Hope assures Liam that she is fine. Hope tells Liam that she doesn’t know what Oliver is doing with Amber.

At the bar, Oliver and Amber sit on a stool. Amber thanks Oliver for meeting her. Oliver tells Amber that it is pretty hard to tell her no. Amber giggles. The bartender recognizes Amber. Amber asks the bartender about his brother. Amber orders two kamikaze shots for herself and Oliver. Amber knows that Oliver is still hung up on Hope. Amber tells Oliver that this is where she could help him to get his mind off Hope.

Hope tells Liam that Oliver might want to see other girls, but why Amber. Liam assures Hope that maybe hanging out with Amber is good for Oliver. Amber and Oliver clink their glasses together.

Thomas comes out of the dressing room, modeling one of his suits. Thomas asks Brooke what does she think. Brooke lets him know that she is impressed. Brooke begins to look over the suit and tells Thomas the changes that needs to be made to make it look more European and more formfitting. Thomas lets Brooke know that she knows her stuff when it comes to material. Brooke kneels down and examines the pants leg as Taylor watches and listens from outside the door. Thomas thanks Brooke for her help. Brooke assures Thomas that he is on his way up just like Ridge had been at Thomas’ age. Brooke tells Thomas that he is suave and handsome. Brooke tells Thomas that he is just as handsome as his father was. Thomas chuckles. Brooke tells Thomas who wouldn’t be attracted to him. Thomas sighs. Brooke assures Thomas to be confident and to keep flashing that gorgeous smile of his. Thomas leaves to go to sewing room to have Ursula begin on the alterations. Brooke tells him great. Thomas chuckles as he leaves. Taylor barges in and wants to know what is wrong with Brooke. Taylor accuses Brooke of being a predator, and Taylor will not allow Brooke to prey on anyone else in her family.

Amber orders another shot of drinks. Oliver tells her, “no, thanks.” Amber begins to laugh and she tells Oliver that when she is with him she doesn’t care who else is around as Amber kisses Oliver.

Bill notices that Amber had gone in for the kill concerning Oliver.

Oliver and Amber chuckle as they look over at Hope. Oliver accuses Amber of trying to push Hope’s buttons. Amber tells Oliver that she likes messing with Hope. Amber tells Oliver that she had kissed him because she had wanted to and she wants to kiss him agin. Oliver tells Amber that he has to check in at work as he gets up and leaves.

Hope excuses herself from the table and goes to find Oliver. Hope questions Oliver about him being on a date with Amber.

Amber, coyingly, slides Oliver’s briefcase toward her. Opening it slightly, Amber sees more designs inside and knows that she had hit the jackpot. Amber mumbles to herself, “thank you, Ollie.”

Brooke urges Taylor to calm down while Taylor continues to hurl insults toward Brooke. Brooke tells Taylor that she had been trying to build Thomas’ self confidence. Taylor insists to Brooke that she is not going to allow Thomas to be Brooke’s next victim. Brooke accuses Taylor of being capable of pushing her son away by these kind of actions, and Taylor may not get him back.Taylor tells Brooke to steer clear of Thomas. Taylor accuses Brooke of not being able to stop when it came to Hope’s boyfriend. Brooke slaps Taylor for her remark. Taylor pulls back and leaves the office. Brooke gasps as to her actions.

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