B&B Friday Update 10/15/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/15/10


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Stephanie sits on a stool in the tent which is occupied by Dayzee and to Stephanie’s surprise, a baby. Stephanie is in awe to find a baby covered up with her scarf. Stephanie looks to see exactly where Dayzee went. Stephanie looks again at the baby lying in the box.

We see an aerial view of the Farmer’s Market and all the homeless people, going about their day’s activities. Brooke and Anthony walk as they discuss how life is on the street.

Stephanie picks up the baby and holds it close as she watches for Dayzee to come back from wherever she went in a hurry.

We see an aerial view of the hospital before it zeroes in on Dr. Lewis’ office. Pam and Taylor argue over Stephanie’s condition and why she only confided in Brooke. Pam is more than a little upset that Stephanie refuses to fight the disease.

Stephanie holds the baby in her arms as Dayzee comes back. Dayzee demands that Stephanie give her the baby. Dayzee takes the baby and puts it back in the box that she has for it to lie in. Stephanie has her scarf over her shoulder. Stephanie lets Dayzee know that this is no place for a baby while Dayzee is out stealing. Dayzee explains that the baby isn’t hers, but it is a friend’s baby, who is in rehab. Stephanie cannot believe her ears. Dayzee assures Stephanie that they will be fine.

We see an aerial view of the alley in which Anthony and Brooke walk down. Brooke lets Anthony know that Stephanie is with Dayzee. Anthony doesn’t really want to let Brooke know where Dayzee is. Anthony doesn’t like anyone to talk trash about Dayzee. Anthony tells Brooke that “crazy” people are his specialty, and he will lead Brooke to where Stephanie is.

In Dr. Lewis’ office, Taylor tries to comfort Pam over Stephanie’s condition. Pam doesn’t want to accept that Stephanie is giving up without a fight. Pam urges Taylor to try to convince Stephanie to accept treatment before it is too late.

Anthony sits down on sidewalk to rub his feet which are aching from walking so much. Brooke squats down beside him. Anthony begins to explain to Brooke about how his father would nail his foot to the floor to keep him from following him.

Stephanie looks at a homeless boy and a homeless woman surrounded by a barbed wire fence. Stephanie folds up the scarf and offers it back to Dayzee, but she refuses to accept it. Dayzee tries to explain how life is on the street. Dayzee gets up to check on a homeless man. Stephanie watches her.

Brooke asks Anthony what keeps him going. Anthony tells her that there are days in which he would give his good kidney to have a chair to sit down in. Anthony and Brooke stop at an intersection. Anthony sees Brooke’s pain over not being able to find Stephanie. Anthony asks Brooke if he can trust her. Brooke assures him that he can. Anthony takes off a jacket and hands it to Brooke and tells her to put it on. Anthony also tells Brooke to hide her purse before they start down the street.

Stephanie calls Dayzee a druggie. Dayzee denies being one. Stephanie tells Dayzee that she needs to be more like her, to be young again and to have a baby. Stephanie offers to buy the baby a crib. Dayzee sits on the ground and tells Stephanie that some people are given the White House while others only have life on the street. Dayzee also explains that some people are so far down that they cannot get up. Stephanie reveals to Dayzee that she has Stage 4 lung cancer. Dayzee is speechless. Stephanie lets Dayzee know that she had made promises long ago, but life had gotten in the way of her keeping those promises. Dayzee lets Stephanie know that she doesn’t need a baby that she needs to go to get treatment.

Anthony and Brooke arrive at Central City East. Brooke asks where is this place. Anthony lets Brooke know that this is where that Dayzee works her magic. Brooke begins to walk down the street, looking for Stephanie. Brooke sees the plight of all the homeless people.

Stephanie is in the tent, with the baby in her arms as she a plaque on the wall from Mother Teresa which reads that when you can‘t feed 100 people to at least feed one. Stephanie wonders what she had done with her life. She wonders what is her burden as she picks up a book and reads some of it, but closes it back up and puts it away. Stephanie picks up the baby and holds the baby close as she looks around at all the homeless people.

The homeless people are shown roaming around the streets. A song is being sung, “Lean On Me.” Brooke is overjoyed when she finally finds Stephanie. They hug. Stephanie tells Brooke that she is right and she will go to the doctor who will know what to do. Stephanie holds the baby close as Dayzee arrives and sees Stephanie with Brooke. Stephanie introduces Brooke to Dayzee. Stephanie lets Brooke know that everything is okay and she is going to get treatment. Brooke is overjoyed. Stephanie, Brooke, and Dayzee walk down the street. Stephanie lets the scarf go and it blows away in the wind. Brooke remarks that her scarf is gone. Stephanie tells Brooke that someone else needs the scarf more now. We see an aerial view of the scarf flying away in the breeze.

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