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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/14/10


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

An aerial view of Los Angeles is shown as Stephanie rides the tram higher and higher. Stephanie remembers a conversation in which she told Brooke how funny life is. Stephanie tells her that you are born, you live a physical existence and then you die and what have we done during our lives. Stephanie wonders why people can’t just be happy and help to ease other people’s lives. Brooke assures her that she has. Stephanie apologizes to Brooke for all the trouble that she caused her. Brooke just chuckles. Brooke urges Stephanie to let her take her to the hospital because she is getting worse. Stephanie looks around and sees Dayzee with her scarf. Stephanie assures Brooke that she is going to get her scarf back.

At the hospital, Taylor meets with Dr. Lewis in her office. Taylor divulges to Dr. Lewis that she knows that Stephanie is her patient and she refuses to believe that Stephanie is as far gone as her mother was when she came to see Dr. Lewis. Dr. Lewis lets Taylor know that if Stephanie were her patient then she couldn’t discuss her condition with Taylor. Taylor tells Dr. Lewis that Stephanie already told her that she has Stage 4 lung cancer, and that she is refusing treatment. Taylor knows that Stephanie doesn’t want anyone to know because she doesn’t want anyone to tell her to fight the disease. Taylor asks Dr. Lewis for her help in finding out more about lung cancer and what can be done about it. Taylor lets Dr. Lewis know that she doesn’t want to lose Stephanie.

Stephanie points out to Brooke that Dayzee is right down there, and she has her scarf. Brooke tells Stephanie that she doesn’t know that. Stephanie tells Brooke that Dayzee probably sells a lot of stolen things. Stephanie tells Brooke she just wants the scarf. Brooke yells for Stephanie as she goes after Dayzee. Stephanie remembers when she saw Dayzee with the scarf and asked Brooke for money to give to Dayzee for it, but the girl ran off with the scarf. Stephanie assures Brooke that the scarf is hers and she just wants it back.

Stephanie coughs as she tells Brooke that Dayzee couldn’t have gotten far. Brooke tells Stephanie that if she wants to look for Dayzee then they will do it in the car. Stephanie reluctantly agrees. Brooke asks Stephanie to sit down on a park bench until she goes to get the car. Stephanie begins to cough again. Brooke orders Stephanie not to move. Stephanie wonders where would she go. Brooke assures her that she will be right back. Stephanie begins to cough. A woman yells, “Hey, hey, “ as Stephanie coughs.

At the hospital, Pam asks an orderly where the pharmacy is. The man tells her the pharmacy is down the hall and to the left. Pam thanks the man for the info. Dr. Lewis’ office door opens as a technician delivers some X-rays to the doctor. Dr. Lewis asks the technician if these are the scan and X-ray. The technician assures her that they are for Mrs. Stephanie Forrester. Dr. Lewis thanks him as Pam listens. Dr. Lewis puts the X-ray up on the screen as Pam listens from outside the door. Taylor remarks that it is far worse than she thought. Dr. Lewis tells Taylor that the statistics aren’t good. Taylor tells Dr. Lewis that refusing treatment may be a rational choice as she begins to sniffle. Taylor asks Dr. Lewis what the oncologist says. Dr. Lewis replies that he wants to do a genetic makeup, but Stephanie refuses to come into Dr. Lewis’ office. Taylor assures Dr. Lewis that Stephanie will not listen to her and she won’t ask any questions. Taylor asks what Stephanie’s survival rate is. Dr. Lewis lets her know that Stephanie’s 5-year survival rate is less than 5%. Pam walks in the door and remarks that her sister is dying.

Stephanie walks down the street and up to a fence. A woman walks up and asks Stephanie if she knows her. Stephanie denies that the woman knows her. The woman asks if Stephanie lives down here and again Stephanie tells her, “No,” that she doesn’t know her. The woman insists that she knows Stephanie and that she never forgets a face. Stephanie remembers being in this neighborhood and asking someone for help when she ran out of gas. She also remembers a man demanding money from Stephanie. Stephanie mumbles to herself that the woman can’t be down here still yet after all these years.

Brooke comes back to where she left Stephanie and finds her gone. A man is standing nearby. Brooke interrupts the man who is singing a song. The man asks what can he do for Brooke. Brooke asks the man about Stephanie after describing her to him. The man lets Brooke know that Stephanie was there, but she is gone now. Brooke asks if he saw where she went. The man tells her that he is sorry, but he didn’t seen in which direction Stephanie went. Brooke notices some CDs that the man is selling and tells him that she saw someone else selling those. Brooke tells the man that she saw a young woman selling those and then tells him that the girl was in her 20’s. The man tells Brooke that he has a lot of friends. Tires begin to squeal.

Stephanie walks down the alley, looking all around at the many people who are homeless. She looks up at a window and again remembers more things about life on the street. In the distance, Stephanie sees Dayzee who has stopped. Stephanie walks up behind Dayzee and says, “Gotcha.” Dayzee lets Stephanie know that she is not invisible. Stephanie begins to cough incessantly. Dayzee gasps.

At the hospital, in Dr. Lewis’ office, Pam, Taylor and the doctor are all seated. Pam lets Taylor and Dr. Lewis know that she doesn’t understand. Taylor tells Pam that Stephanie is clinically depressed, and she just doesn’t know it. Pam assures Taylor that Stephanie is not depressed and she's never been happier. Taylor explains that that is because Stephanie feels that she is running out of time. Taylor asks Dr. Lewis how much time she has. Dr. Lewis comments that it is hard to speculate without knowing how she will respond to the treatments. Pam wonders when they will know that. Taylor lets Pam know that Stephanie doesn’t want any treatments. Dr. Lewis explains that Stephanie wasn’t sick when she was diagnosed with lung cancer, but being treated for lung cancer means that Stephanie is sick. Taylor confesses that Stephanie is feeling sick now. Pam sighs. Taylor tells them that she doesn’t want to change her mind about the treatments. Taylor begins to sniffle. Pam remarks that Stephanie must think that none of them is worth living for.

Brooke begins to panic as to where Stephanie is. Stephanie calls Brooke and tells her not to worry about her, that she will get home. Brooke calls, “Stephanie,” as the phone disconnects. Brooke scoffs. The man remarks to Brooke that it looks as if her friend was found. Brooke lets him know that Stephanie will not tell her where she is. The man assures Brooke that everyone goes missing every now and then. The man tells Brooke to have a nice day. Brooke tells the man that Stephanie is really ill. The man offers his condolences but tells her that the law can’t help her. A police officer tells the man that he cannot sell to the public without a vendor’s license. The man denies that he was selling anything. The officer tells the man that he had been in this spot long enough. Brooke defends the man and tells the officer that he wasn’t bothering anybody. The man asks Brooke if she still wants to know about his friend. Brooke replies that she does. The man picks up his things and they leave.

Dayzee accuses Stephanie of being crazy. Dayzee shows Stephanie under a tent, which is where she sleeps for now. Stephanie tells Dayzee that she is one of those people, who thinks that she is entitled to whatever her sticky little fingers touch as she begins to cough. Dayzee notices that Stephanie doesn’t look well and suggests she sit down before she falls down. Stephanie assures Dayzee that she is fine but continues to cough incessantly. Stephanie tells Dayzee that she isn’t so tough without her bottle. Dayzee tells Stephanie to call for back-up and so will she and see who will get there first. Stephanie begins to feel really sick. Dayzee offers her a drink, but Stephanie refuses it. Dayzee asks Stephanie if she is okay. Stephanie tells her that she just needs a moment.

Pam asks if the tumor in Stephanie’s brain could be affecting how she is acting. Dr. Lewis tells her that Stephanie’s refusing treatment is more emotional than cognitive. Taylor lets them know that Stephanie discussed this with none of them, but she feels that she is used up, and that her work on earth is finished. Pam tells them that life isn’t a project that you take on and then decide basis. Dr. Lewis tells Taylor and Pam that no one is in control of dying. Taylor lets Pam and Dr. Lewis know that the only person that Stephanie is letting in is Brooke.

The man and Brooke eat lunch together. Brooke eats hurriedly in order to find Stephanie. Brooke tells the man that she wants to find the girl who is selling his CDs. The man wants to know why. Brooke explains that Stephanie is with the girl. The man tells Brooke that the people on the street don’t rat each other out. Brooke lets the man know that her friend is very ill. The man assures Brooke not to worry about Stephanie.

Stephanie accuses the girl of stealing things to sell them. Dayzee denies the accusation. Stephanie lets Dayzee know that she just wants the scarf. Dayzee tells Stephanie that she threw it away. Stephanie tells Dayzee that it blew away. Stephanie offers her diamonds to sell in exchange for the scarf, but Dayzee refuses. As two women begin to argue, Dayzee runs off. Stephanie pulls the scarf off the box and finds a baby inside.

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