B&B Wednesday Update 10/13/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/13/10


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

The camera shows an aerial view of seagulls over Santa Monica pier. The camera finally zooms in on the Forrester home. Taylor hugs Stephanie to let her know how sorry that she is that Stephanie has cancer. Stephanie gives Brooke an angry look.

An aerial view of Beverly Hills is shown before it zooms in on Forrester Creations. Liam and Hope are on the balcony outside of Ridge’s office. Liam holds Hope in his arms and kisses her. They discuss Liam doing the article on Steffy’s new collection. Liam lets Hope know that he has to get back to work before Bill wonders where he is. Liam and Hope kiss good-bye.

An aerial view of Los Angeles before it zooms in on Spencer Publications. Bill is behind his desk when Liam comes in to join him. Bill has a piece of paper in his hand which he shows to Liam. Bill is upset over the article that Liam is doing on Steffy and her new lingerie collection. Bill sits down behind desk as Liam looks at papers. Liam assures Bill that this is just the preliminary article. Bill lets Liam know that what the public wants is an article about s-e-x. Liam assures bill that he will get the exclusive as long as Bill keeps him on this story. Liam picks up his things and leaves the office as Bill lifts his hands up in the air as if in desperation over Liam being so naïve over things that the public wants to see in print.

Brooke and Taylor are extremely upset over Stephanie’s cancer and the fact that Stephanie will not get treatment. Stephanie lets them both know that she does not want treatment, that she wants to live her life to the fullest. Taylor refuses to let her best friend die without even trying to fight the disease.

The camera shows Steffy’s home with Steffy holding some bras in her hands. Liam and a photographer come in. Liam requests that Steffy put on glasses to show her businesslike side for the camera and for the public. Steffy goes behind desk and puts on glasses as she poses in different ways for the camera. Liam watches Steffy pose for the pictures and is impressed at to what he is seeing.

An aerial view of Beverly Hills before it centers once again on Forrester Creations. Oliver works out on exercise equipment. Hope joins him. Oliver lets Hope know that he misses her and he wants her back. Hope lets Oliver know that she is with Liam now. Oliver still insists that he will get her back. Oliver gets up and leaves Hope alone, sitting on the exercise equipment.

The photographer finishes the pics of Steffy. Steffy takes off the glasses and comes around the desk to join Liam. Steffy sits down on the edge of the desk. Liam asks Steffy if she wants to change clothes, but she tells him that she will keep on what she has on as she smoothes out the nightie. Liam and Steffy discuss the article and if Bill is satisfied with it. Steffy asks Liam if he had told Bill that this had been just the first interview. Liam confirms that he had told Bill that.

Stephanie and Taylor hold hands as Taylor lets Stephanie know that she doesn’t want Stephanie to die. Stephanie kisses Taylor on the cheek as she begins to cough. Stephanie goes and sits down on sofa as Taylor joins her. Taylor and Brooke try to convince Stephanie to fight for her life, but Stephanie again refuses. Stephanie tells Taylor and Brooke that she is going to take a ride. Taylor and Brooke insists on going with her. Stephanie mumbles to herself that that is all she needs is for them two to be following her wherever she goes.

Steffy sits on the edge of the desk and Liam is in front of her when Hope comes in and interrupts them. Hope asks if they are through. Steffy confirms that they are. Steffy lets Hope and Liam know about her new job at International. Hope is thrilled that Steffy will finally be out of her hair and away from Liam. Oliver listens at the partially closed door at what is being said between Hope, Liam and Steffy. Oliver mumbles something to himself without Hope, Liam and Steffy hearing.

Stephanie looks at the sign “Angels Flight”. Both Taylor and Brooke urge Stephanie not to go, but Stephanie insists on riding the tram to the sky.. Stephanie boards the tram and starts upward. Brooke remembers happier times with Stephanie. Taylor also remembers happier times with Stephanie as Stephanie goes higher and higher.

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