B&B Tuesday Update 10/12/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/12/10


Written By Mary
Pictures By Juanita


At Forrester Creations, Brooke and Ridge are in his office. Ridge sits on the desk with his arms around Brooke. Ridge asks Brooke if he'd told her how glad he is to have her back. Brooke giggles and tells him that she's thrilled. Ridge questions Brooke if she is also happy to be back. Brooke replies that she is thrilled to be back. Ridge notices that there is one thing that is bothering her and he thinks that he knows what it is. Ridge notices that Brooke is worried about Stephanie.

In the Forrester living room, Stephanie sits on the sofa and looks through her portfolio. She realizes that she hasn’t amended this since R.J. was born. Stephanie realizes that she also has to take care of the stock. Stephanie remembers her conversation with Dr. Lewis in which she was told about the symptoms of lung cancer. Stephanie remembers Brooke asking about the symptoms. Stephanie relives that Dr. Lewis told her that she has Stage 4 lung cancer. Stephanie also remembers that Brooke told her that this is real and orders her to tell her family.

In his office at Jackie M., Whip, sits on the edge of his desk with his arms around Taylor. Taylor asks him if he wants to get caught as he tries to unbutton her blouse. Whip holds Taylor close and asks when is her next appointment. Taylor is afraid that someone could be watching outside the window. Whip tells Taylor that he doesn’t care. Taylor confesses that she does have a break. Whip thinks that that is perfect. Whip tries to unbutton Taylor’s blouse, but she stops him. Taylor turns Whip down from making love in his office by telling him that they will pick this up when they get home. Whip begins to whine. Taylor promises that they will keep the shades open when they make love. Whip finally consents to do as Taylor. Whip lets Taylor know that Nick fired his entire family, and that Jackie M. is going with Amber’s line. Taylor asks Whip if the thinks that Amber can handle it. Whip, sighs, as he tells Taylor that Amber was brought in as backup for Bridget. Whip feels that Amber has it all worked out, but it is just going to be an awkward change. Taylor lets Whip know that that is his forte of taking a difficult situation and turning it into a huge triumph. Whip wonders who the triumph will be for. Taylor asks if Whip has a problem with Amber and if something else is going on. Whip replies isn’t there always.

Stephanie coughs as she remembers the conversation in which Brooke asked her about her family’s needs. Stephanie remembers a conversation with Eric in which they had discussed the children, grandchildren and the business. The front door opens and it is Eric. Stephanie asks him how the meeting was. Eric tells her well, thank goodness, it is over and he can finally get back to work. Eric asks Stephanie if she wants to come with him, and she declines the invitation by telling him that he can manage without her.

Brooke scoffs as she asks Ridge why would she be worried about Stephanie. Ridge notices that Brooke is a little apprehensive about her first day back at work. Brooke asks if Stephanie is there. Ridge lets Brooke know that it doesn’t matter that Brooke heard what Stephanie said about her returning to the company. Brooke reminds Ridge that Stephanie is a fighter. Ridge lets Brooke know that Stephanie is putting less focus on the business and more on herself and her family. Ridge mentions about the party and the slide and the fact that Stephanie is planning a family vacation and shared the plans with Brooke. Ridge asks if that is the big secret that she has been keeping for Stephanie. Brooke reminds Ridge that she agreed to keep a secret for Stephanie, but she thinks that Ridge needs to know. Brooke lets Ridge know that she never wanted to keep Stephanie’s secret. Ridge reminds Brooke that she gave Stephanie her word. Brooke reveals to Ridge that yesterday she went with Stephanie to Pacific Park and they had rode a roller coaster and ate junk food. Ridge is surprised. Brooke also tells Ridge about Stephanie losing her scarf. Ridge begins to laugh. Brooke demands to know what is so funny. Ridge tells Brooke that she and Stephanie were playing hooky at Santa Monica Pier. Brooke tells Ridge that he needs to know why Stephanie is acting this way. Ridge reminds Brooke that she gave Stephanie her word to keep a secret for her and Stephanie is counting in her to keep that secret. Ridge tells Brooke not to betray Stephanie’s trust.

Eric hears Stephanie coughing and remarks that it's getting worse. He gets Stephanie some water. Stephanie tells Eric that it is just the Santa Ana winds and dust. Eric orders Stephanie to have the cough looked into. Stephanie assures him that she will and for him not to worry. Eric ask what is going on with Stephanie. Eric mentions that Stephanie is so upbeat lately. Stephanie tells Eric that she wants her family to know that she is happy. Stephanie tells Eric that she is upset about losing her mother’s scarf. Eric asks her where she lost the scarf. Stephanie tells Eric that a druggie has it. Eric asks why was Stephanie at the pier. Stephanie tells him that she was hungry for lobster. There is a knock on the door. Stephanie opens the door and it is Dr. Lewis. Dr. Lewis reprimands Stephanie for not answering her phone and says she left countless messages for her. Stephanie introduces Dr Lewis to Eric. Eric remarks that he didn’t know doctors made house calls.

Brooke awaits Taylor in her office. Taylor asks what Brooke is doing here. Brooke lets her know that she needs to talk to her, but she needs to know that what she tells her will not leave this room. Taylor agrees that it would be doctor-patient confidentiality. Brooke asks Taylor where she can sign up for her help.

Dr. Lewis reprimands Stephanie for telling Eric that she is working on another benefit for the hospital. Dr. Lewis wants to reschedule Stephanie’s appointment, but she refuses to have any treatments. Dr. Lewis reminds Stephanie that her cancer is progressing and without treatment she will die. Stephanie lets Dr. Lewis know that she will die sooner than later. Dr. Lewis asks Stephanie to come into her office and discuss options, but Stephanie refuses. Dr. Lewis hopes that Stephanie will change her mind. Stephanie tells her that she doesn’t want to burden her family with her cancer. Stephanie hopes that Dr. Lewis can see things from her point of view. Stephanie coughs as the doctor leaves.

Eric arrives at his office. Ridge asks what happened to him. Eric lets Ridge know that he stopped by the house to pick up Stephanie, but she refused to come with him. Eric remembers Stephanie’s reaction to being told about Brooke coming back to work. Ridge tells Eric that Stephanie finally turned the corner and this could be the start of something positive.

Taylor comes back into the office and tells Brooke to have a seat. Brooke begins to tell Taylor that she has a friend with Stage 4 lung cancer who will not tell her family and that her friend confided in her. After listening for a few moments, Taylor realizes that Brooke is talking about Stephanie and that Stephanie has Stage 4 lung cancer and has sworn Brooke to secrecy. Taylor puts her hands over her face as she begins to cry for Stephanie. Taylor begins to ask Brooke when Stephanie found out. Brooke says it was right before Stephanie’s birthday. Taylor tells Brooke that Stephanie is depressed and that she hasn’t the will to fight because there is no fight left in her.

Ridge tells Eric that Stephanie is having fun. Ridge lets Eric know that Stephanie and Brooke went down to the Santa Monica Pier. Eric is surprised that Brooke was with Stephanie. Ridge assumes that they were working on some project together. Eric begins to ask Ridge what kind of project they could be working on together. Ridge tells Eric that Brooke wanted to tell him, but he doesn’t want Brooke to betray Stephanie’s confidence.

Stephanie is interrupted by Brooke. Stephanie calls her the plague because Brooke is always with her. Brooke asks her if she feels bad. Stephanie orders Brooke to go. Brooke asks her if she's been coughing. Stephanie demands to know if Brooke sent Dr. Lewis over there. Brooke is surprised that Dr. Lewis was there and Stephanie sent her away. Brooke asks if Eric know sand Stephanie tells her “No” he doesn’t and don’t sound so hopeful. Brooke assures Stephanie that the truth is gonna come out sooner or later. Stephanie asks Brooke what she's done and then compares Brooke to a cat on a hot tin roof. Stephanie demands to know if Brooke told Ridge. Brooke assures Stephanie that she hasn’t. Stephanie wants to know who Brooke has told. Taylor walks out of the shadows and reveals that Brooke told her. Taylor walks over, hugs Stephanie, and tells her that she is so sorry that she has cancer.

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