B&B Monday Update 10/11/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/11/10


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

On the beach at Pacific Park, Stephanie tries to coax the girl into giving her back her scarf. The girl refuses by clinching the scarf tightly in his hand and holding a broken bottle on Stephanie. Brooke sees what is going on and yells for Stephanie.

At Forrester Creations, the Forresters meet in Ridge’s office. Ridge announces that he knows they wonder why they were called there, so he will get right to it. Thorne asks if they should they wait for Stephanie. Ridge lets them know that they will fill Stephanie in later. Ridge thinks that it is best to tell them first. Ridge informs the family that Brooke is coming back to work at Forrester. Steffy can’t believe her ears and raises opposition. Hope asks Ridge if he is serious. Eric considers it great news. Steffy asks if Ridge talked to Stephanie. Thomas tells Steffy he doesn’t have to. Steffy reminds Ridge that she and Stephanie are shareholders. Ridge tells Steffy that he had made a decision and it was not open to discussion.

In his office at Jackie M., Whip lets Aggie know that he is going to have to put out the press release sooner or later about all the changes that are going to be taking place around Jackie M., that Owen, Jackie, and Bridget are out, and Amber’s new line is in. Aggie lets Whip know that she doesn’t envy him his task and there is a lot of damage control to do. Whip tells Aggie that he knew that Nick wanted to move forward with Amber’s line. Aggie knows that it wasn’t easy for Nick to make this decision. Whip also knows that Nick is going through a whole lot right now and that he needs a shoulder to lean on. Aggie offers Nick hers to lean on. Aggie lets Whip know that things are really good between her and Nick. Whip feels that Nick may have overreacted by his decision. Aggie assures Whip that something had to change. Aggie also tells Whip that Jackie M. lost tons of money since the scandal broke. Whip tells Aggie scandal or not, that Jackie M. lost three major assets.

In his office, Nick and Amber exchange stares. Nick draws away and tells Amber that she cannot kiss him like that. Amber is embarrassed by her actions and tells Nick that she loves Aggie to pieces and she would never want to hurt her. Nick is confused as to how to answer Amber. Amber claims that she was just caught up in the moment. Nick agrees that it has been a crazy day. Amber realizes that she should have just hugged Nick. Nick agrees that hugs are good. Amber agrees and tells Nick that next time, it will be just a handshake.

Eric walks over to the bar and is glad that the vermouth is there. Ridge asks why. Eric tells Ridge that Stephanie is going to need a martini when she hears the news. Steffy lets them know that Stephanie is going to flip her lid. Hope wonders if it is really that terrible that Brooke is coming back. Thorne knows for Stephanie it will be.

Stephanie urges the girl to put down the bottle. Stephanie offers the girl money for the scarf. Stephanie yells for Brooke to give her some money. Brooke urges Stephanie to forget about the scarf and for them to leave. The girl runs off with the scarf. Stephanie is upset with Brooke over losing the scarf.

Aggie tries to get Whip to see that Nick is doing what is good for all of them. Aggie insists that she has complete confidence in Nick. Whip realizes that Aggie is in love with Nick. Aggie confesses that she is crazy about Nick. Aggie also confesses that without Bridget around, she will have Nick all to herself.

Amber giggles as she tells Nick that she is so embarrassed by her actions. Nick tells her not to worry about it. Amber reminds Nick that he hadn’t pushed her off or tried to stop her and he seemed to enjoy the kiss. Nick tells Amber that he was caught off guard. Amber apologizes and thanks Nick for having her own line. Amber thanks Nick for having confidence in her. Nick lets Amber know that he trusts her and never would have given her this line if he didn’t believe in her. Amber assures Nick that her kissing him will never happen again.

Stephanie begins to cough. Brooke points out that Stephanie didnít say a word to her in the car. Stephanie is angry over her mother’s scarf. Brooke reminds Stephanie that she could have been killed. Stephanie suggests that Brooke has a death wish. Brooke doesn’t think that that is funny. Stephanie accuses Brooke of not having a sense of humor. Brooke orders Stephanie to get treatment for her cancer and tell her family or she will. Stephanie tells Brooke that if she tells the family, that she will take her with her. Brooke reminds Stephanie that she just spent the day with her. Stephanie orders Brooke to get a hold of herself. Stephanie thinks that Brooke looks like death warmed over. Stephanie orders Brooke to fix her hair and not say a word when they get in Ridge’s office.

Stephanie joins the family in Ridge’s office. Thorne lets Stephanie know that they were waiting for her. Steffy asks about Stephanie’s hair. Stephanie lies and tells them that she drove the car with the windows down as she chuckles. Eric asks Stephanie if she wants a drink. Stephanie replies, ’okay.” Ridge lets Stephanie know that he has news for her. Brooke arrives with her hair freshly combed and apologizes for being late. Ridge tells Stephanie that Brooke is coming back to the company. All Stephanie can say is, “okay.” Everyone is surprised by Stephanie’s attitude. Brooke chuckles. Stephanie asks what else is on the agenda. Ridge is surprised by Stephanie’s response. Stephanie lets the family know that she has more important things to think about. Ridge tells Steffy that the P.R. position opened up at International and it is Steffy’s if she wants it. Steffy is thrilled and hugs Ridge. Steffy thanks Ridge for having trust in her. Everyone congratulates Steffy and Brooke. Stephanie tells everyone that she has news of her own. Stephanie lets them know that she has planned a family vacation on a yacht. Everyone is happy and begins to laugh. Ridge asks is this the big secret that Brooke was keeping for Stephanie. Brooke mumbles, “What.” Brooke and Stephanie exchange looks and then Brooke goes along that this is the secret. Brooke’s phone begins to vibrate. Brooke takes out her phone and pulls out the cotton candy stick. Ridge asks what that is and Brooke lies and tells him, “Nothing.” Ridge tells Stephanie that he is glad that she is not fighting him on this decision. Stephanie lets Ridge know that she knows how important it is to him to have his wife back. Everyone welcomes Brooke back. Stephanie makes a motion across her lips for Brooke to keep her lips zipped.

Aggie visits Nick in his office and knows it has been a rough day. Nick chuckles as he tells Aggie that it just got better. Aggie knows that it wasn’t easy for him to fire his mother. Nick assures Aggie that it had to be done. Aggie reminds Nick that he gave Jackie her choice.

Amber is in office when Whip comes to visit her. Whip hasn’t had a chance to talk to Amber since the big news. Amber laughs. Whip lets Amber know that there are going to be big changes at Jackie M. Whip tells Amber that all the changes seemed to benefit her. Whip also tells Amber that he had seen her in Nick’s office. Whip reminds Amber that Nick has a girlfriend. Amber feels that she doesn’t have to be reminded of that. Whip tells Amber that she was getting really cozy with Nick earlier. Whip advises Amber to be careful when it comes to Nick because he doesn’t want anything to jeopardize Aggie’s happiness and he isn’t going to let Amber do anything to hurt Aggie.

Aggie urges Nick not to be hard on himself because he did the right thing. Nick thanks Aggie for her support. Nick realizes that Aggie has been good to him. Aggie promises to be there for Nick, and they are in this together. Aggie promises to be right by Nick’s side no matter what. Nick and Aggie kiss as Amber watches outside the door .

In the gym, Thomas and Steffy are working out. Hope arrives and thanks Thomas for his support of Brooke getting her job back.

Steffy reminds Eric that Stephanie had put a slide in the living room, and she feels that that was crazy. Ridge tells them that Stephanie is changing. Thorne is surprised that Stephanie is planning a family vacation when she has always hated vacations. Thorne likes his new mother.

Brooke meets up with Stephanie and asks her where she has been. Stephanie lets Brooke know that she was hiding. Brooke threatens to tell the family the truth. Brooke is tired of going along with Stephanie’s secret. Stephanie asks Brooke to leave her alone. Stephanie determines that she is not going to die without her mother’s red scarf.

At the beach, the girl puts the scarf around his neck and squats down on the ground.

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