B&B Friday Update 10/8/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/8/10


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

The camera shows the city of Los Angeles before it zooms in on Nick’s office at Jackie M. Bridget cannot believe that Nick is asking he to leave Jackie M. and that Amber will be taking over as head designer. Nick lets Bridget know that this is the only way that he can rid Jackie M. of the scandal that has rocked this company. Jackie and Owen cannot believe their ears. Bridget, with tears in her eyes pleads with Nick for her job, but Nick stands his ground and will not give in.

We see an aerial view of the roller coaster with Brooke and Stephanie on board. Stephanie laughs and has a good time while Brooke screams in horror.

The roller coaster once again goes round the loop and then heads back up to the top. Brooke begins to panic while Stephanie loses her scarf in the wind. Stephanie asks Brooke where her scarf went, but all Brooke is interested in is getting off the roller coaster in one piece.

Bridget pleads with Nick to let her keep her job, but Nick insists that Amber is the new face of Jackie M. Jackie and Owen cannot believe that Nick is letting Bridget go. Nick also lets Bridget know that he doesn’t want her baby in the building. Jackie tells Nick that they will go along with his plan, for now. Everyone agrees to leave Bridget alone with Nick so they can talk. Everyone begins to file out of the room. Bridget is alone with Nick.

Bridget apologizes to Nick for what happened in their marriage and for her son being Owen’s. Nick advises Bridget that she wanted this child, so she should go and spend time with her son. Bridget continues to cry over Nick’s rejection of her from Jackie M. Bridget, upon seeing how hurt Nick still is over her betrayal with Owen. Bridget leaves office and leaves door slightly ajar. Someone watches from outside the door.

Nick cries with his hands over his face. Nick pours himself a drink and sits down at desk. Amber walks up to the door, and leans against the door jam. Amber watches Nick, sitting at his desk and takes a drink of his whiskey.

Stephanie and Brooke, finally get off the roller coaster. Brooke is relieved, but Stephanie is happy. As Brooke manages to get her footing, Stephanie holds a man’s parrot. Brooke urges Stephanie to take care of herself. Stephanie stands at rail and watches a man going through the garbage for something to eat. Stephanie remembers when some men tried to hijack her for money. Brooke joins her. Stephanie notices a man with cotton candy and wants some. Stephanie begins to cough as Brooke urges her to go to hospital. Stephanie insists that she wants cotton candy. Brooke is surprised by Stephanie’s enthusiasm. Stephanie makes Brooke pay for cotton candy. Stephanie walks off.

Nick sits behind his desk when Amber joins him. Amber tries to comfort him over his decision. Nick lets Amber know that he had Bridget under the skin.

In Whip’s office, Whip notices how happy that Aggie is. Aggie lets Whip know that she is hopelessly in love with Nick. They hug.

Nick and Amber discuss his decision that he made Amber the new face of Jackie M. Amber lays her hands on either side of Nick’s face and kisses him. Nick is surprised. They exchange looks.

Stephanie looks over the railing at the waves. She notices a man and woman, on the beach, holding hands. Stephanie also notices a little boy playing in the sand. Stephanie notices a man selling corn dogs. Stephanie takes a walk on the beach and notices a girl, with a shopping cart full of different things. Stephanie notices that the girl has her scarf. Stephanie yells at the girl. Stephanie tells the girl that she has her scarf and wants it back. The girl points a broken bottle at Stephanie. Brooke looks for Stephanie and notices her with the girl. Brooke yells at Stephanie as the screen fades to black.

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