B&B Thursday Update 10/7/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/7/10


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

At the Forrester home, Stephanie sits on the sofa when the maid brings her a mimosa to which she's added a splash of orange liqueur and a few raspberry ice cubes. Stephanie chuckles as she takes a sip of the drink. Stephanie tells the maid that no one makes mimosas like her. There is a knock on the door and the maid goes to answer. Brooke visits and is glad to see that Stephanie is relaxing. Stephanie lets Brooke know that if she is here to badger her, then for Brooke to save her breath. Stephanie tells Brooke that she is going to enjoy her mimosa and working on her bucket list. Stephanie lets Brooke know that you are in the grave a long time so you need to enjoy your time here while you have the chance. Stephanie holds up her glass and says, “Cheers.”

The camera scans the city of Los Angeles and finally settles on Owen and Jackie’s condo. Bridget tells Jackie that she cannot believe that Rick had proposed to Jackie. Jackie just chuckles. Owen lets the women know that Rick is out of control. Jackie lets Owen know that there will be no next time that Jackie is deeply committed to her marriage, and nothing is going to change that fact. Jackie is also committed to Owen, Bridget and the baby. Jackie assures Owen and Bridget that this foursome will endure.

At Jackie M. Nick and Aggie are in his office discussing their lovemaking from the other night. Aggie tells Nick that she didn’t think that it could get any better than that. They kiss. Nick lets Aggie know that he has been kissing girls since he was 9 years old, and he knows how it’s done by now. Nick picks out some names for his kisses such as toe-curling, goose-bumpy, etc. Aggie lets Nick know that she only wants what they have right now. Amber walks in and watches Aggie and Nick, kissing. Amber apologizes and tells them that she should have knocked. Aggie asks Amber how is her favorite gal pal. Nick asks Aggie since when is she and Amber gal pals. Aggie lets Nick know that they have hung out a little. Amber gives Nick a brown manila envelope. Nick replies that he guesses that that envelope is for him. Nick takes envelope and walks behind desk. Aggie wonders what is going on. Aggie knows that Nick has some big plans. Aggie notices Nick’s look and tells him that she is leaving, but she will get it out of him as to what is going on. Aggie tells Nick that she loves him. Amber is surprised that the “L’ word was mentioned. Nick tells Amber that he loves everybody. Nick tells Amber that he wants to move on this before everything gets more out of control.

Brooke tells Stephanie that she should be drinking something more substantial than mimosas. Stephanie remarks that Brooke should be minding her own business. Brooke tells Stephanie that she has some very good news -- she is returning to Forrester. Stephanie isn’t really listening but is still going over her bucket list. Brooke asks if Stephanie is listening to her. Stephanie tells Brooke that she is thinking about her money. Stephanie lets Brooke know that they set up trust funds for the children and grandchildren a long time ago. Stephanie catches herself and wonders why she is discussing this with Brooke. Brooke doesn’t want Stephanie discussing anything with her. Brooke just wants Stephanie to rest and concentrate on fighting this disease. Stephanie pounds chair arm and orders Brooke to stop that Brooke gets her so upset. Stephanie remarks that she is through asking “why” that she is ready to celebrate, that she wants to have some fun. All Brooke does is sigh.

In Whip’s office, he hugs Aggie and tells her that he is happy for her. Aggie thanks him. Whip tells Aggie that he is glad that she got her life back. Aggie laughs. Aggie asks Whip does he know about this ad campaign that Nick and Amber are working on. Whip assures her that it is probably not even a go. Aggie begs Whip to let her in on what is going on.

Nick assures Amber that he should have done something before now, because he saw where all this was headed with Jackie and Bridget and Owen and now Rick is getting involved. Amber remarks, “Rick”. Amber wants to know what Rick has to do with this. Nick lets Amber know that Rick proposed to Jackie. Amber cannot believe her ears that Rick would propose to Jackie. Nick tells Amber that Rick says he has feelings for Jackie.

Brooke surprises Stephanie by telling her that she had almost told Ridge about the cancer, but had changed her mind before she could go through with it. Stephanie is relieved when Brooke tells her that she hadn’t told Ridge about the cancer. Brooke tells Stephanie that Ridge would be a great support system for her. Stephanie tells Brooke, definitely not to tell anyone about the cancer. Stephanie tells Brooke that she has a rendezvous at Santa Monica pier that she is going to ride the roller coaster. Brooke is surprised. Brooke asks Stephanie wasn’t’ going down the slide in her living room thrilling enough so she has to go and ride the roller coaster. Stephanie tells Brooke that sliding down the roller coaster was super- duper, but she was going to ride the roller coaster. Brooke tries to change Stephanie’s mind, but Stephanie refuse to hear any of it. Stephanie tells Brooke that she is going to enjoy every last minute of her life. Stephanie walks past Brooke and tells her out of her way or she will knock her down. Stephanie flips the scarf at Brooke as she goes out the door. Brooke goes after her. Stephanie gets a call from Charlie. Brooke refuses to let Stephanie do this. Stephanie tells Brooke to just try and stop her. Stephanie tells Charlie that she wants the helicopter.

Amber realizes that Rick has been too busy romancing Jackie to return her calls. Amber realizes that she should move on, too. Nick calls Jackie and tells her that he is in his office and he needs to see her, Bridget and Owen. Amber asks Nick if he is sure that he wants to do this. Nick tells Amber that he is sure.

Stephanie and Brooke arrive at Pacific Park. Stephanie tells Brooke to go have coffee that they have her cell phone number. A young girl asks Stephanie to borrow $10. Brooke urges Stephanie to wait, but she forges on to ride the roller coaster. Stephanie orders Brooke to come on. Brooke scoffs as they head for the roller coaster.

Whip tells Aggie that this is stuff he needs to hear. Aggie chuckles. Jackie arrives and tells Whip and Aggie that she hopes that they haven’t kept them waiting. Owen inquires as to where is Nick. Amber assures them that Nick will be right back. Nick walks in and tells the group that Jackie M needs to move on and that is what they are going to do right now.

Brooke tries to talk Stephanie out of riding roller coaster, but Stephanie insists on riding. Stephanie and Brooke get on roller coaster and the man puts the safety bars across their middle section. Brooke begins to panic. Stephanie remarks that this is gonna be great. Brooke tries to get off, but there is no way. The roller coaster begins to move up the tracks. Brooke begins to panic more. As they near the top, Stephanie tells Brooke here we go. Stephanie laughs and holds up her arms as they go down the other side. All the riders on the roller coaster begin to scream in excitement.

Jackie lets Nick know that she is happy that he had a change of heart. Nick asks Jackie to leave Owen and Bridget because he wants Jackie here with him at Jackie M. Nick makes it clear that he wants Jackie to leave Owen and Bridget. Jackie refuses to do as Nick asks. When Jackie refuses to do as Nick asks, Nick tells them that he has no other alternative that Amber will be the new lead designer and face of Jackie M. Bridget is surprised that Amber will be taking over for her. Nick lets Bridget know that he has no choice. Bridget pleads her case to Nick that he won’t replace her. Nick shows the group a video of Bridget when she first became the face of Jackie M. Bridget tries to talk Nick out of replacing her, but to no avail. Nick tells Bridget that Amber will be the new face of Jackie M., since he has no other choice.

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