B&B Wednesday Update 10/6/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/6/10


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

On the balcony of Ridge’s office, Liam and Hope kiss. Hope is thrilled that Bill is trusting Liam with this interview with Steffy Forrester about her new product line. Liam lets Hope know that he has a lot to live up to where Bill Spencer is concerned. Hope reminds Liam that Bill is legendary in fashion publications. Liam remarks so he shouldn’t let Bill down during his interview with Steffy. Hope assures Liam that he won’t let Bill down. Hope advises Liam to keep his guard up because Steffy will try to hit on him. All Liam will do is chuckle.

At Forrester Creations, in her office, Steffy looks into a mirror and adjusts her blouse. Marcus looks at her and asks if she is getting ready for her close up. Steffy asks Marcus had he heard about her interview with Liam. Marcus assures her, “who hadn’t heard about the interview. Steffy asks Marcus should she keep her hair up or leave it down.

Ridge and Thomas talk business in his office at Forrester Creations. Thomas lets Ridge know that it is all set up on the East Coast and he will be calling Chicago tomorrow. Ridge asks Thomas about Atlanta. Thomas assures him front row of the next show. Ridge reminds Thomas that Brooke had said that they always schedule after the show. Thomas lets Ridge know that Brooke wouldn’t be waiting around for a call back from an assistant. Ridge assures him whatever works. Brooke listens to their conversation.

Marcus asks Steffy if Liam had gotten the assignment for the interview. Steffy assures Marcus that while Liam is in her office, he is not Hope’s boyfriend, he is Bill Spencer’s son. Steffy reminds Marcus that Liam will be doing the article for “Eye on Fashion.” Marcus gives Steffy an odd look. Steffy orders Marcus not to give her that look that this could be a great thing for the bedroom line, and if Liam is smart then it could be a great thing for Liam, himself.

Hope and Liam sit at a table on the balcony. Hope tells him that she had gotten him some pens as she hands a bunch of pens to Liam. Liam, reluctantly, thanks her. Liam tells Hope that he had actually thought about using a laptop for the interview. Liam feels that it would make Hope and Steffy feel uncomfortable. Hope laughs, and remarks that she doubted that Steffy would ever feel uncomfortable around a guy. Hope assures Liam that it is fine that she trusts him to be alone with Steffy. Liam assures Hope that he is a trustworthy guy and she could just look at his face to know that. Liam assures Hope that he doesn’t lie. Hope advises Liam to just be careful.

Ridge sees Brooke and speaks to her. Ridge lets Brooke know that he was just talking about her. Brooke lets him know that she had heard. Brooke thanks Thomas for missing her around the office. Ridge asks Brooke if she is ready to come back to Forrester Creations.

Marcus joins Hope on the patio. Marcus tells her that he had been looking for her downstairs. Hope asks him why did he think that she would be hanging around Steffy’s office. Marcus asks him had she heard about the interview. Hope lets Marcus know that Liam is very excited about doing the interview. Hope asks had Marcus seen Steffy. Marcus lets Hope know that Steffy was getting ready for the interview, prancing around in her lingerie. Hope assures Marcus that Steffy would never say or do anything to bring shame on Forrester Creations. Hope lets Marcus also know that if the interview goes well, then it could be big success for her bedroom line. Marcus reminds Hope that it could he a huge success for Steffy, too.

Liam arrives at Steffy’s office. Liam looks around office and is quite embarrassed when he sees a poster of Steffy wearing a bikini. Steffy assures Liam to not be shy and to take a seat. Steffy sits down opposite Liam which makes him even more nervous. Liam lets Steffy know that he has a few questions prepared. Steffy assures Liam to relax. Liam chuckles. Steffy lets Liam know that she doesn’t bite. Liam apologizes and tells Steffy that he is just trying to be professional. Steffy encourages Liam to loosen up. Liam chuckles. Steffy tells Liam to ask her anything that he wants to know. Liam makes notes in his notebook. Steffy takes the notebook from him and lays it aside. Steffy tells Liam to forget about his Dad and everything else that it is just her and him and for him to ask her anything he wants to know. Liam tells Steffy to tell him about her underwear line. Steffy gets up and moves and sits down on the desk. Liam is quite embarrassed.

Ridge lets Brooke know that he had been thinking about this for awhile. Brooke is hesitant about the timing of him asking her to come back to work. Brooke assures Ridge that Stephanie and Steffy won’t feel the same way. Thomas lets Brooke know that Stephanie hadn’t been around much lately. Ridge lets Thomas know that Stephanie will know when Brooke comes back to work, but he wants to talk to Stephanie and Steffy first. Thomas lets Ridge know that there is no way that Steffy is letting Brooke back in the company. Ridge lets Thomas know that the only way this will work is for him to set some ground rules when it comes to Steffy. Thomas mimics, “be nice to Brooke.” Ridge tells Thomas that everyone in the office has to treat each other with respect. Ridge tells Brooke that he doesn’t want her walking back into a war zone. Ridge asks Brooke to come back. Brooke lets Ridge know that there is no place she would rather be. Thomas tells Brooke to start now. Brooke mentions that she had heard from Madison that Steffy had gotten a huge spread in “Eye on Fashion.” Brooke feels that Steffy is on the right track. Thomas welcomes Brooke back. Ridge and Brooke kiss.

Marcus lets Hope know that this interview isn’t just a one shot deal. Marcus tells Hope that Steffy and Liam will be spending a lot of time together. Hope lets Marcus know that she trusts Liam. Marcus reminds Hope that she cannot be with Liam all the time. Hope tells Marcus know that when she isn’t with Liam, she is not far out of his mind.

Liam apologizes for calling it “underwear” and not “lingerie”. Steffy realizes that Liam wants to keep this businesslike. Liam wants to introduce their readers to one of the industry’s most dynamic young executives. Liam wants the readers to know that Steffy is just not modeling the lingerie line. Liam tells Steffy that he wants to see this line through her eyes. Steffy tells him that that is a good start. Liam lets Steffy know that he knows that this was Brooke’s line. Steffy tells Liam that Brooke is a master of self promotion. Liam asks how does Steffy take on a line that belonged to Brooke. Liam asks Steffy how does she take a line and make it her own. Steffy lets Liam know that if she is modeling the lingerie then it has to be “classy.” Liam writes down her words as a quote. Steffy gets up and changes her bikini into a “teddy.” Steffy tells Liam that if he wants this interview to focus on the bedroom line then he has to know what he is talking about. Liam chuckles as Steffy walks out, wearing a “teddy.”

Thomas lets Ridge and Brooke know that sparks are gonna fly, no matter what, but they don’t need to turn the office into a battlefield. Thomas wishes that Stephanie and Steffy would stop fighting them and support their decisions. Brooke likes Thomas’ way of thinking. Brooke tells the men that they need to bring the people together.

Steffy reminds Liam that she had promised Bill Spencer an exclusive. Liam asks if that “teddy” is from the collection. Steffy tells him that it is and it is hot off the sewing machine. Liam tells Steffy that it looks great. Steffy asks Liam to touch the lingerie, but he refuses. Steffy tells Liam that the lingerie is “luxurious.” Steffy tells Liam that he doesn’t have to take her word for it. Liam feels uncomfortable and tells Steffy that this is good for now. Liam pays Steffy a lot of compliments, but reminds her that he and Hope are dating, and that he is committed to Hope. Steffy tells Liam that he can leave if he is nervous. Liam tells Steffy that this was a good preliminary interview and they will have to do it again. Steffy tells Liam to let her know when he wants to finish the interview. Liam leaves as Steffy goes behind the screen to change. Steffy, hearing the door open and close, thinks that it is Liam, who had come back. Steffy remarks that Liam had come back and tells him to lock the door. Steffy tells him to sit down at desk and she will give him an exclusive that few men get to see. Steffy puts on some music and begins to dance around the room. Steffy tells Liam that he is missing a show. Hope turns around in her chair and reveal’s herself to Steffy. Hope lets Steffy know that she doesn’t know when to quit. Hope blast Steffy for going after Oliver and now she is going after Liam. Steffy knows that Hope thinks of her as a “tramp.” Hope lets Steffy know that she is not threatened by her. Steffy lets Hope know that by the end of this interview Liam will be wanting to spend time with Steffy.

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