B&B Tuesday Update 10/5/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/5/10


Written By Mary
Pictures By Juanita

At Spencer Publications, Bill sits behind his desk when the intercom buzzes. Bill’s secretary tells him that he has a visitor. Bill tells his secretary to send the woman in. Steffy opens the door and comes in. Bill tells Steffy that he woke up that morning, thinking that it was just going to be another boring day, but now here is Steffy. Steffy tells Bill that she hopes that it is a pleasant surprise. Bill tells her that it all depends on why she is here. Steffy lets him know that she has a proposition for him, and she hopes that he will get a kick out of it.

In Ridge’s office at Forrester Creations, Liam tells Hope that he could kiss her all day. Hope and Liam chuckles. Hope knows that it is a risky move kissing her in her father’s office. Liam assures her that he knows, but he had to risk it. Liam is glad that Ridge hadn’t walked in. Hope tells Liam that Ridge is out of the building today that she is using his office to do some promo stuff. Hope also lets Liam know that she is trying to avoid the photo studio. Hope is glad that Liam had dropped by today that it had made her day. Hope giggles.

Steffy lets Bill know that she is worried about his product. Bill, sarcastically, asks Steffy is she. Bill tells Steffy that he is moved by her concern, but his product is flourishing. Steffy reveals to Bill that it may be flourishing now, but it won’t last because all Bill is selling gossip and scandal. Steffy tells Bill that he needs to be focusing on style and upcoming trends. Bill apologizes and then tells her how rude she is. Bill also lets her know that she is putting him to sleep.

Hope asks Liam what does he think about her layout. Liam looks at photos and tells her how gorgeous she is. Liam picks out his favorite pic which is also Hope’s favorite. Hope lets him know that great minds think alike. Liam tells Hope that he didn’t have to go, but he has to get back to the office. Hope asks Liam if he is still doing all the grunt work. Liam tells her that he is glorified gofer. Hope assures Liam that they are still finding their footing with each other, but just hang in there, and it will get better. Hope chuckles and groans when Liam tells her that he really has to go. Hope asks Liam as to where the necklace is that Bill had given him. Liam pulls the necklace out of his pocket. Hope tells Liam that he should wear the necklace with pride. Hope helps Liam to put the necklace on. Hope tells him to be careful with the necklace that it could get him into trouble.

Bill tells Steffy to let him hear what she has to say. Steffy lets bill know that advertising budgets are really tight, and Forrester has all these new lines, and Forrester Creations are ready to premiere them. Steffy tells Bill that they need the kind of coverage that Spencer Publications can offer. Bill lets Steffy know that he doesn’t give discounts. Steffy lets him know that she is willing to pay full price. Bill asks what is the catch. Steffy tells Bill that in exchange for buying a ton of advertising space, she wants a 10-page spread in “Eye on Fashion.” Steffy tells Bill she also wants the cover. Steffy tells Bill that if he does as she asks, she will give him an exclusive, in depth interview. Bill wants to know with whom? Steffy tells him with her. Steffy lays out the rules that he can ask her whatever he wants to ask, and as an added bonus he will get to work with her.

Oliver comes to visit Hope in Ridge’s office. Oliver hopes that she is not busy that he needs to talk to her. Hope tells him, “sure.” Oliver lets Hope know that he had been thinking about this a lot, and he just has to say it. Oliver tells Hope that he misses her a lot, and that she is all he thinks about. Oliver lets Hope know that they had been so great together. Oliver admits that he had messed up, but his life is not the same without her. Oliver lets Hope know that he wants her back. Hope tells Oliver that she is sorry. Oliver tells Hope that he is down in the studio every day looking at pics of her, but he never gets to see Hope. Oliver admits that he messed up, but she has to forgive him, and to give him another chance.

Steffy lets Bill know that she had taken over the bedroom line. Bill lets Steffy know that he had heard that, that Steffy is in and Brooke is out. Steffy lets him know that it is a new era for Forrester. Bill asks her if the new line is as good as Brooke’s was. Steffy laughs and tells him even better. Bill questions her if she will be wearing the lingerie on the cover. Steffy confirms that she will. Bill reminds Steffy of the terms. Steffy confirms that he will get an exclusive, and they seal the deal. Bill notices that Steffy also drives a hard bargain. Bill tells Steffy that they have a deal. Steffy tells Bill that she wants Liam to do the interview. Bill is surprised that she wants Liam to do the interview. Bill asks if she will be wearing the lingerie during the interview. Steffy confirms that she will. Bill lets Steffy know that Liam is dating Hope. Steffy tells him that she does know. Bill realizes that Steffy has an ulterior motive in wanting Liam to do the interview. Bill lets Steffy know that Liam is a little goofy. Steffy thinks Liam is charming. Bill tells Steffy that she may be the thing to bring out the man in Liam. Liam interrupts them. Bill introduces Liam to Steffy. Steffy tells Liam that she and his father had been making some business deals. Liam questions her as to more scandals. Bill assures him that these are legitimate fashion news. Liam remarks, “right on.” Bill tells Liam that he is going to play a big part in it.

Hope lets Oliver know that she cares a lot about him, and that they had had something beautiful between them, but that is all it can ever be. Oliver tells her not to say that. Oliver assures her that they can get beyond their past trouble. Hope tells Oliver that her feelings had changed since what had happened between him and her Mother. Oliver shows Hope the necklace and tells her that this is their symbol and it represents all the good times that they had had together. Hope tells Oliver that that necklace represents a very dark time in her life, and she doesn’t want to see that necklace again. Hope lets Oliver know that it is over between them, and he has to let her go.

Liam cannot believe that Bill is really going to let him do the interview with Steffy and feels that this is awesome. Liam lets them know how grateful he is. Liam thanks Bill for the opportunity. Bill tells Liam that this interview is no tired, run of the mill interview that this is the launch of Steffy’s lingerie line, and it is a big opportunity for Liam. Liam assures him that he will do his very best. Steffy assures Liam that he will have a blast, that her lingerie line is not boring at all. Liam tells Bill and Steffy that he has someone to go see, and he leaves. Steffy tells Bill that odd are he is going to see Hope. Steffy realizes that Hope may have a problem with Liam doing the interview. Bill assures her that it is strictly business. Steffy assures him that it is strictly business. Steffy assures bill that he is going to like her designs. Bill cautions Steffy to take it easy on Liam. Steffy tells Bill that Liam is in good hands.

Liam comes back to Forrester Creations to let her know about the interview with Steffy about her new product line. Hope hopes that this means that this is hope for the future. Liam disappoints her by telling her that this is only the bedroom line, but they have a 10-page exclusive for “Eye on Fashion,” and Bill wants Liam to do the whole thing. Hope thinks that it is amazing and congratulates him.

Oliver comes to visit Steffy. Steffy asks him what is up. Oliver notices that Steffy looks happy. Steffy tells him about her meeting with Bill Spencer. Oliver tells Steffy that he had talked to Hope again, but she doesn’t want anything to do with him and that it is really over between them because she is hung up on Liam. Oliver lets Steffy know what a mess he is over Hope. Oliver questions Steffy as to how he can change this around. Oliver tells Steffy that she must have some kind of brilliant idea for him to get Hope back. Oliver tells Steffy that Hope is perfect for him. Steffy tells him that maybe Hope doesn’t think that he is perfect for her. Oliver lets Steffy know that he doesn’t need to hear this now. Steffy lets Oliver know that maybe it is time that he let her go. Oliver asks Steffy to help him to get Hope back. Oliver suggests that Steffy go after Liam. Steffy tries to persuade Oliver not to set himself up like this. Oliver insists that he is not giving up.

Liam tells Hope that she doesn’t’ have anything to worry about. Hope tells him that she is not worried. Liam sees that this doesn’t make Hope happy him doing the interview with Steffy. Hope tells Liam that she knows that Steffy is interested in him. Liam lets Hope know that he is not interested in Steffy. Liam lets Hope know that if she doesn’t want him to do interview, he won’t. Hope tells Liam to do interview. Hope lets Liam know that she trusts him completely. Liam lets Hope know that she is the girl that he wants.

Oliver looks at necklace and remembers happier times with Hope.

Steffy looks at a garment from her bedroom and assures Oliver that Hope will not be with Liam for long.

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