B&B Friday Update 10/1/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/1/10


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

At the Forrester home, Brooke lies in bed, looking at a trashy magazine. Ridge walks in and gets into bed beside her. Brooke lets him know that she shouldn’t be reading this garbage, but she just couldn’t help herself. Ridge questions Brooke if that was Bridget on the phone. Brooke confirms that it was and Bridget seems to be doing fine. Ridge questions Brooke if Bridget had seen the pics in the magazine. Brooke reminds Ridge of what Stephanie says that scandal follows Brooke everywhere. Ridge asks when had Brooke ever listened to Stephanie. All Brooke will do is sigh. Ridge asks Brooke as to what is wrong. Brooke tells Ridge that she is keeping a secret for Stephanie. Ridge is surprised that Stephanie is confiding in Brooke. Brooke realizes that it is really weird. Ridge tells Brooke not to tell him what the secret is. Brooke can’t believe that Ridge doesn’t want her to tell him the secret. Ridge insists that Brooke not tell him what the secret is. Brooke doesn’t like keeping any secrets between them, but Ridge insists that he doesn’t want to know the secret. Ridge asks Brooke does she think that Stephanie will eventually tell him. Brooke answers, “yes.” Ridge pulls Brooke close.

At Stephanie and Eric’s, Stephanie stands by the window and thinks about what the doctor had told her that she had cancer. Eric walks in and sees Stephanie, standing by the window. Eric asks if she is ok.

At Bridget’s home, she puts Logan down for his nap when there is a knock on the door. Quietly, she opens the door and she is surprised to see that it is Rick. Bridget questions him as to what he is doing here. Rick tells her that he had bought her something that he was here to tell her about his progress with Jackie. Bridget begs Rick not to do this to her. Rick informs Bridget if Owen’s marriage doesn’t work out with Jackie, then Bridget will get to be with the father of her child. Rick asks Bridget does she have any idea of how long he had been alone that he had wasted time in relationships, and then Rick sees Jackie and everything changes for Rick. Rick lets Bridget know that he feels a spark with Jackie. Bridget tells Rick that both parties need to feel that spark. Rick tells her that he knows that. Bridget reminds Rick of him flying to the rescue of Taylor and Steffy when they had been in trouble. Bridget urges Rick to give this one a rest. Rick refuses to give up on Jackie, and Rick is going to make sure that Jackie knows it.

Eric asks Stephanie if something is wrong. Stephanie lies and tells him that she was just thinking about Bridget. Eric sighs. Stephanie is upset with this whole mess with Bridget and Jackie M. Eric reminds Stephanie that Bridget finally has the baby that she had wanted all these years, and then the press turns it into something ugly. Stephanie reminds Eric that she had talked to Jackie about this and had told her that this was going to be disastrous for her, but Jackie had refused to see it. Stephanie tells Eric that Jackie wants it all, and she can’t fault her for that. Stephanie tells Eric that she wishes that people would mind their own business. Eric asks Stephanie if she had had her coffee yet this morning. Stephanie tells him that she had turned over a new leaf. Eric tells her that he likes the change. Stephanie tells him that it is never too late to change.

Jackie walks into her office at Jackie M and finds Rick in her office. Jackie tells Rick that somebody in security is about to be fired. Rick orders her to stop it that it is not like she had banned him from the building. Jackie lets him know that she ought to ban him after his little statue stunt. Rick tells her not to act like that she is not thrilled to see him. Jackie tells Rick that if he is here to see Amber, she will have Amber paged. Rick lets Jackie know that he is here to see her and he loves what he is seeing.

Stephanie sits in a chair in the living room, going over her bucket list when she hears someone come in the door. Stephanie asks if Eric had forgotten his keys. Brooke tells her that she hadn’t walked here. Upon seeing Brooke, Stephanie lets her know that she is not in the mood. Brooke tells Stephanie that she remembered Stephanie’s doctor’s appointment and was there to take her to the doctor.

At Forrester Creations, Ridge and Thomas are in Ridge’s office, going over a layout. Ridge wonders why Thomas feels that there should be more up here. Thomas tells him because it comes so far up the neck and looks too gaudy. Eric walks in on the two and likes what he sees in his family working together. Ridge reminds him that there aren’t too many families with three generations working together. Eric tells Ridge that this is what he and Stephanie had always wanted. Thomas reminds them that this means for Brooke, too to be part of the company. Ridge assures him that it will happen. Thomas feels the sooner the better. Eric tells Ridge and Thomas that that is worth considering. Thomas knows that Stephanie would flip out if Brooke came back. Ridge assures him that that is changing that Stephanie is actually beginning to appreciate Brooke.

Stephanie tells Brooke that she doesn’t need a ride to the doctor. Brooke tells Stephanie that she will feel better if is she is there for the doctor’s appointment. Brooke lets Stephanie know that she needs her. Stephanie feels that Brooke wants to chaperone her to the doctor. Brooke hurries Stephanie to go to the doctor. Brooke picks up a scarf off the table, but Stephanie grabs it from her. Stephanie lets her know that she got that scarf from her mother so she doesn’t want Brooke to touch it. Brooke asks Stephanie wouldn’t she rather have her Mother than the scarf. Stephanie tells her not necessarily. Brooks sighs at Stephanie’s answer. Stephanie lets Brooke know that some things just aren’t possible. Brooke urges Stephanie to get to the doctor. Stephanie tells her that there is no rush. Brooke asks Stephanie if she changed the appointment time and then finds out that Stephanie cancelled the appointment altogether. They are interrupted by a phone call from Felicia. Stephanie lets Felicia know all about the birthday party and what a good time everyone had. Brooke picks up a pad off the table and begins to read: roller coaster, family yacht trip, etc. Stephanie notices what Brooke has in her hand and quickly gets off the phone. Stephanie grabs the pad out of Brooke’s hand, and demands to know what she is doing. Brooke asks Stephanie if this is what she thinks it is. All Stephanie will say is that the list is personal.

Jackie commends Rick for being a very good brother, and tells him that he should leave. Rick tells Jackie that it takes a lot to embarrass him that that is something that he and Jackie have in common. Rick asks Jackie if she knew that Owen was visiting Bridget today. Jackie retaliates and asks him if he ever heard that nobody likes a tattletale. Jackie asks Rick does he see her worrying about Owen visiting Bridget. Rick tells Jackie again that Owen was spending time with the mother of his child when he should have been with Jackie. Rick tells Jackie that she needs a man, who is totally devoted to her. Jackie reminds him that she has that with Owen. Rick tells her that she had had that with Owen. Rick tells Jackie that she can have everything again with him.

Owen tells Bridget that Logan is out like a light. Bridget tells him that he should have been here at 3:00 in the morning. Owen assures her next time. Owen asks Bridget what is she working on. Bridget tells him nothing really that she is just checking out some comments on the Jackie M. website. Owen suggests that Bridget lay off of this for awhile. Bridget gets another comment from a viewer which tells Bridget that everything is out in the open now, and Bridget and Owen belong together. Owen tells Bridget that he wished that people would focus on their own lives. Owen reminds Bridget that he has a very solid marriage. Bridget tells Owen that maybe this person has a point.

Rick lets Jackie know that she is not going to be Owen’s number one priority anymore. Jackie tells Owen so that she should throw caution to the wind and run off with Rick. Rick tells Jackie that that is the best idea that he heard all day, and he thought that she would never ask him to run off. Jackie scoffs at Rick’s comment.

Brooke lets Stephanie know that she knows what that is, that that is her bucket list. Stephanie orders Brooke to leave her things alone. Stephanie reminds Brooke that she has cancer and she has a right to do some of the things that she always wanted to do. Brooke remarks, “Hula lessons.” Stephanie remarks that this was supposed to be a private list. Brooke assures her that this is a bad idea. Stephanie tells Brooke that she may not be any good at it, but she could take a few hula lessons. Brooke orders Stephanie not to focus on the things on her list, but to focus on getting better. Brooke reminds Stephanie that she is a “fighter.” Stephanie tells Brooke that she is tired of fighting that she doesn’t want any surgery, no chemo and no radiation. Brooke assures Stephanie that she has to.

Bridget lets Owen know that spending time with him and Logan had given her a lot to think about. Owen reminds Bridget that he is married. Bridget tells Owen that she would never want to mess with that, but now everything is out in the open. Bridget tells Owen that she doesn’t like being the source of everyone’s gossip, and doesn’t like it for the baby. Owen assures Bridget that they will figure this out, that their family can work. Bridget tells Owen how lucky she is that Owen is the father of her baby.

Jackie confesses to Rick that she likes his spontaneity. Rick wonders where they are going, and mentions Paris. Jackie is surprised that Rick would mention Paris. Rick assures Jackie to think about it. Rick calls Jackie a “masterpiece.” Jackie orders him to stop it. Rick begins to laugh. Jackie tells Rick to keep talking. Rick and Jackie begin to make plans or so he thinks. Jackie tells Rick that he really knows how to make a girl feel special. Rick reminds Jackie about her talking about being spontaneous. Jackie tells Rick that she was admiring his spontaneity, and Jackie loves to be impulsive, but she is not going to Paris with Rick even for a day. Rick pulls a ring box out of his pocket and opens it to reveal an exquisite engagement ring. Rick asks Jackie to marry him. Jackie is surprised at the proposal.

Brooke cannot believe Stephanie’s feelings toward her cancer. Brooke refuses to let Stephanie just give up. Stephanie reminds Brooke that she is not calling the shots here. Brooke urges Stephanie not to do this for her family, not to do this to her. Stephanie tells Brooke that there is nothing in Brooke’s head, but air. Stephanie reminds Brooke that Brooke hates her. Stephanie tells Brooke that the day that Stephanie dies should be the happiest day of Brooke’s life. Brooke lets Stephanie know that she doesn’t want Stephanie to die. Stephanie cannot believe her ears. Stephanie lets Brooke know that she is not afraid of dying that her time is up. Brooke tells Stephanie know that she knows that Stephanie is afraid of the surgery, the chemo and the radiation. Brooke holds out her hand to Stephanie. Stephanie holds her hand behind her back. Brooke continues to hold out her hand to Stephanie. Stephanie, finally, puts her hand in Brooke’s.

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