B&B Thursday Update 9/30/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 9/30/10


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

The camera scans the city of Los Angeles and the heavy flow of traffic on the highway. The camera zooms in on Stephanie and Eric’s house. Stephanie makes a speech where she says “No" to her children and grandchildren all of their lives, but she is going to stop doing that. Brooke and Stephanie exchange looks. Brooke just waits for Stephanie to tell her children about her cancer.

At Jackie M. Nick and Aggie are in his office. Nick takes hold of Aggie’s shoulders and turns her toward the mirror for her to look at herself. Nick pushes back Aggie’s hair so that he can see her face. Aggie turns to face Nick and their eyes meet. Nick and Aggie both laugh when she begins to strike poses like Owen did at the Preview. Nick laughs like he hasn’t done it in quite a while. They hug. Aggie sits down on the edge on Nick’s desk.

Stephanie reminds her children and grandchildren of the times when they asked for a slide in the living room, but she had always said “No.” Stephanie tells them no more saying “no” to them. Everyone in the room begins to laugh all except Brooke, who is upset with Stephanie over not telling them about the cancer. There is a knock on the door and Stephanie tells them to hurriedly get the door. Everyone is thrilled when they see that it is a gigantic slide. The slide is quickly assembled with everyone rushes upstairs to slide down. There is laughter from everyone, all except Brooke. Ridge, Pam and Marcus all take their turns in sliding down. Brooke, with tears in her eyes, watches to how happy Stephanie is.

After everyone has had a turn, they begin to chant for Stephanie to slide down. Everyone applauds when she does. Eric and Stephanie hug when she reaches the bottom. Brooke continues to watch Stephanie with happiness, but still with a little regret that she will not tell her family about her cancer.

Nick and Aggie discuss Bridget and the pain that she is suffering over Bill exposing the fact that her son is really Owen’s. Nick feels guilty that he hasn’t been here for Bridget. Nick and Aggie share intimate looks. Nick starts to leave but stops and locks the door. Nick comes back, takes Aggie in his arms, and kisses her.

Everyone takes a turn at sliding down the slide. Brooke continues to watch. Stephanie tells everyone that it is time for dinner.

Nick and Aggie lie in bed together after making love. Aggie lets Nick know that there is nowhere she would rather be than right here with him and no one she would rather be with than him, but she had never dreamed that he would want her.

As everyone leaves the living room, Brooke takes hold of Stephanie’s arm and stops her. Brooke urges Stephanie to tell her family about her cancer. Stephanie orders Brooke to stay out of it and let her handle this in her own way. Stephanie accuses Brooke of being involved in every phase of Stephanie’s life, her home, her business and now, she cannot even have cancer without Brooke there.

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