B&B Wednesday Update 9/29/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/29/10


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

The camera zooms over the city of Los Angeles and finally centers in on Brooke and Ridge’s home. Brooke is in the bedroom, getting ready to go to Stephanie’s birthday party. Ridge comes into the bedroom and begins to kiss Brooke. Brooke lets him know that at this rate that they will never get to Stephanie’s party. Ridge tells her if this is her way of stalling then Ridge wasn’t going to complain. Brooke tells him that she is not stalling and that they really should go to the party. Ridge and Brooke kiss while sitting on the bed. Ridge senses that Brooke is anxious to get over to Stephanie’s. Brooke tells Ridge that he should spend as much time as possible with his Mother. Ridge tells Brooke that Stephanie is a very special woman, but she does have her faults. Brooke tells him not to talk like that because without her, he wouldn’t be here. Ridge and Brooke kiss.

In the Forrester’s living room, Stephanie talks to a waitress and tells her to go right into the living room when the telephone rings. Hope asks Stephanie if this is the birthday girl. Stephanie confirms that it is and then hopes that Hope is coming to her birthday party. Hope confirms that she is, but then asks if she can bring a guest. Stephanie tells her, “of course.” Hope lets her know that it is Liam Cooper. Stephanie is surprised. Hope tells her that it is Stephanie’s party and if she says, “no” then Hope will understand because after all he is Bill Spencer’s son. Stephanie assures Hope that if it will make her happy to bring him, then Hope can bring him. Hope asks her if she is sure. Stephanie lets her know that she is tired of saying “No.”

Hope sighs as she hangs up the phone. Liam sneaks in and walks up behind Hope. Liam puts his arms around Hope’s waist. Hope tells him, “hello” as she giggles. Liam tells Hope before she says anything that he owes her an apology.

The camera shows the interstate and the heavy flow of traffic before it zooms in on Jackie M. Aggie tells Oliver that she is confused. Aggie tells him that she thought that he and Hope were finally working things out. Oliver assures her that they will; they are just headed in different directions right now. Aggie asks him what he means. Oliver tells Aggie that Hope is seeing someone else. Nick, on the phone, tells the person that he doesn’t know how they had gotten this number, but they had better lose it. Nick remarks that the reporters are unbelievable. Nick tells Oliver that he should be glad over this Jackie M. fiasco that it takes the pressure off Oliver and Hope. Oliver tells Nick that he and Hope had broken up. Oliver tells Nick to blame that on a Spencer.

Liam tells Hope that he is sorry what Bill had done to Bridget was so cold, and if Liam had known what Bill had been up to, then he would never have gone to that promotion thing with Bill. Hope assures him that she knows. Liam is surprised by Hope’s reaction. Hope tells Liam that she had seen Bill Spencer in action. Liam questions Hope as to why his Dad does the things he does. Hope assures him that Liam will figure him out. Hope also tells Liam that she has confidence in him. Hope tells him that she wants him to come somewhere with her tonight. Liam wonders where. Hope tells him to Stephanie’s birthday party.

Nick is surprised that Oliver and Hope had broken up. Oliver tells Nick that Hope had forgiven him, but she hadn’t forgotten. Aggie tells Oliver that Hope doesn’t seem like the kind of girl, who would fall for a meaningless distraction that Liam is. Nick asks does this distraction have a name. Owen tells them that it is Liam Cooper. Aggie asks if that is the I.T. guy. Oliver confirms that it is. Aggie feels that this doesn’t make sense that Liam is the one, who had started this whole mess. Aggie wonders what Hope is thinking. Oliver tells Aggie that Hope is all about forgiving and moving on.

Liam is surprised to be invited to Stephanie’s birthday party. Hope confirms that it is tonight at Stephanie’s house. Hope assures him that the party will really be fun. Liam feels that it will be fun like a firing squad. Liam is against the idea of going to the party with all of Hope’s family present. Hope assures Liam that Stephanie had said that it was o.k. that he came. Liam is surprised that Hope had talked to Stephanie about him attending the party. Liam tells Hope that he doesn’t want to make trouble for her. Hope asks him doesn’t he want to go with her. Liam tells Hope that, “yes, he does want to be with her.” Liam questions if Hope is sure that she wants him to come with her. Hope assures him that she does. Liam tells Hope that he isn’t sure that her parents will be alright with the idea. Hope tells Liam that no one holds him responsible for the fiasco at Jackie M. Preview which was caused by Bill Spencer. Liam tells Hope that he feels guilty because he works for Bill. Liam begins to laugh and Hope notices. Liam, reluctantly, agrees. Liam holds his arm out like he has a dagger in his hand, and he remarks that he is forging into battle with a beautiful damsel at his side. Liam tells Hope that he will slay any dragon. Hope thanks him for going with her.

Stephanie excuses herself to answer the phone. Stephanie tells Brooke to tell her that she is not coming. Brooke assures Stephanie that she will be there unless Stephanie had called it off. Stephanie tells Brooke that she hadn’t. Brooke wonders if a party is a good idea. Stephanie reminds her that it is Stephanie’s birthday. Brooke asks if Stephanie had told anyone yet about the cancer. Stephanie confirms that she had not, and she orders Brooke to keep her mouth shut.

Aggie hopes that Oliver is not giving up. Oliver asks her if she is kidding. Nick asks Oliver how Hope feels about him. Oliver tells Nick that this is a strategic retreat that Hope is dating Liam. Oliver knows that Hope loves him, but is just not ready to be with him yet. Aggie advises Oliver not to wait too long. Oliver tells Aggie and Nick that Hope cannot end up with the bad boy. Nick questions Oliver as what does “bad” mean? Oliver asks if Nick considers Bill Spencer dangerous. Nick wants to know what Bill Spencer has to do with this. Oliver tells Nick that Bill is Liam’s dad, and you don’t see Bill splashing that news all over the headlines. Nick calls Bill a “hypocrite.”

Whip arrives for the party. Stephanie tells him that she is glad that he could come.

Hope tells Liam that the house doesn’t look like a castle. Liam tells her to him it does. Hope laughs as Liam sighs. Stephanie welcomes Hope as Hope wishes her, “Happy Birthday.” Stephanie asks what is Liam doing here. Hope reminds Stephanie that she had said that it was okay that Hope had brought Liam. Stephanie assures hope that she is just teasing. Stephanie welcomes them both and tells them to relax that there is plenty of food, and for them to indulge themselves. Hope and Liam thanks her.

Thomas notices Hope with Liam and remarks that no one said that they could bring dates. Marcus asks who invited Liam to the party. Thorne urges Thomas and Marcus to cut Liam some slack that he is a good kid.

Eric and Pam greet Hope and Liam. Hope asks Pam as to how she is. Hope introduces Liam to Pam. Liam apologizes to Eric as to what Bill had done to his daughter that he had had no idea what Bill Spencer had had planned. Pam changes the subject and tells Hope and Liam that Stephanie had never thrown a birthday party for herself before. Eric assures them that Stephanie had thrown parties for other people. Pam remarks that Stephanie should have hired her as the caterer.

Brooke wants to call Bridget again. Ridge assures Brooke that Bridget is fine. Brooke accuses Bridget of hiding out from attending the party. Stephanie walks up to join them. Brooke and Stephanie exchange looks. Ridge wishes Stephanie a “Happy Birthday.” Stephanie thanks him. Ridge asks about Kristen and Felicia. Stephanie tells them that Kristen and Felicia are unable to attend. Ridge remarks that maybe next year. Stephanie urges Ridge to get a drink. Ridge leaves Stephanie and Brooke alone. Brooke sighs as she looks at Stephanie. Stephanie tells Brooke that that is an order that she just wants to see smiling faces at her party.

Oliver tells Nick and Aggie that Hope has a lot of voices in her head telling her that things between them won’t work, but the voices cannot drown out what she feels in her heart. Oliver insists that he and Hope love each other. Nick tells Oliver to do something to remind Hope of their love. Oliver tells Nick that he had tried. Nick urges Oliver to be careful. Aggie advises Oliver to go easy and that is the way to show Hope that he cares. Aggie asks how can she help him. Aggie tells Oliver to keep telling himself to hang in there and he has to trust that. Aggie also tells him that if it is meant to be, then it will happen. Oliver and Aggie hug.

Stephanie stands on the balcony overlooking the living room in her house. Brooke joins her. Stephanie tells Brooke that she is trying to figure the distance from the balcony to the floor. Brooke asks her not to tell her that she is thinking what she thinks that Stephanie is thinking. Stephanie orders Brooke to stop and go back downstairs and to act normal and to stop looking at her with those dewy eyes. Stephanie reminds her that if they play nice that people will suspect. Stephanie reminds Brooke that for her nothing has changed. Brooke tells Stephanie that she has cancer. Brooke tells Stephanie that until she tells her family about the cancer that all she is going to get from Brooke is sympathy. Stephanie asks Brooke, who had appointed her hall monitor.

Nick tells Aggie that you have to hand it to Oliver for hanging in there. Aggie feels that Oliver is being unrealistic. Aggie asks Nick was it alright to encourage Oliver. Nick tells her that it was exactly what Oliver had needed right now. Nick urges Aggie to look in the mirror. Aggie thinks that Nick is strange. Nick tells Aggie to remember who she used to be when they had first met and who she is now. Aggie realizes that things are changing between them as their eyes meet.

Brooke re-joins Ridge. Ridge confronts Brooke that she had been gone for quite awhile. Brooke lets him know that she had been talking to Stephanie. Ridge tells Brooke that she is incredible.

Stephanie asks if they are on their way and confirms that that is the right address. Taylor joins Stephanie that they have a problem. Pam tells Stephanie the problem is Liam Cooper. Taylor asks Stephanie if she had told Hope that she could bring Liam to the party. Stephanie confirms that she had. Taylor and Pam both want to know why. Stephanie explains to them that it had seemed important to Hope. Pam scoffs at the news. Taylor tells Stephanie that she should have known that it would have caused some tension. Stephanie assures them that it won’t be for her. Pam reminds Stephanie that Liam is the reason why the Forrester’s have been surrounded by paparazzi for a month. Stephanie assures them that everyone has moved on. Taylor accuses Stephanie of holding a grudge. Stephanie tells them that it is her birthday and the only thing she wants to hold is a martini as she takes a drink of the martini and walks away. Stephanie tells everyone could she have their attention.

Whip wonders what is going on. Stephanie thanks everyone for coming. Stephanie tells the family that her birthday wish for the year is for everyone to find joy and happiness in things exactly as they are. Stephanie tells the family that she has something to tell them and the time has come that they need to know. Stephanie’s and Brooke’s eyes meet across the crowded room.

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