B&B Tuesday Update 9/28/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/28/10


Written By Mary
Pictures By Juanita

In the Forrester living room, Stephanie asks Eric to come and sit beside her because she has something to tell him. Eric gets up and joins her on the sofa. Eric lets Stephanie know that she can say anything to him as he sighs. Stephanie lets Eric know that that was never a problem for her. Eric senses that this is different. Stephanie lets Eric know that once something has been said, it can never be taken back.

In Ridge’s office at Forrester Creations, Brooke sighs. Ridge asks Brooke what is going on and for her not to tell him “nothing.” Brooke laughs and tells him that it has been a long day. Ridge asks her if she is tired, but notices that Brooke’s mind is somewhere else. Brooke apologizes. Ridge tells Brooke that he is not complaining and then asks if there is anything he can do. Brooke thanks him for his help. Ridge asks Brooke to talk about what is bothering her. Brooke, as she hugs Ridge, remembers her conversation with Stephanie in which Brooke had found out that Stephanie had cancer. Brooke tells Ridge to just hold her. Ridge holds Brooke close.

Eric knows that Stephanie wants to tell him something, but Stephanie is afraid that she might regret it afterwards. Eric tells Stephanie that she has to tell him what is bothering her, and asks her if it is one of the kids. Stephanie lets him know that it is not one of the kids. Stephanie hesitates for just a moment and then tells him that tomorrow is her birthday and she wants to have a party there at the house. Eric tells Stephanie that he knows that it is her birthday, but he is surprised that she wants to have a party at the house. Stephanie also lets Eric know that she wants the family there. Ridge tells Stephanie that he had been talking about this to Ridge earlier. Eric reminds Stephanie that she had never wanted to make a fuss about her birthday. Stephanie assures him that she will do all the planning. Eric tells her “no” that she can decide what she wants and he will take care of everything. Eric asks her if she wants a sit-down dinner or a black tie event or even a string quartet. Stephanie assures him that she just wants something simple, just the kids and grandchildren. Eric agrees. Stephanie asks Eric if he remembers the first time that they had came to the house and Stephanie had fallen in love with it the moment that she had seen it just the same way as she had fallen in love with Eric. Eric tells Stephanie that that will teach her to make snap decisions. Eric and Stephanie reminisce about when they had moved into the house and how huge the house had seemed. Stephanie lets Eric know that back then she could see them growing old together in this house. Eric says, “yes” unless they realize that they can’t stand each other. Stephanie tells Eric not a chance of that happening. Stephanie tells Eric that she had accepted him in spite of all his faults. Stephanie and Eric hug. Brooke opens the door and sneaks in. From the foyer, Brooke sees Stephanie and Eric hugging. Brooke turns around and tries to sneak out, but Stephanie sees her. Stephanie calls out “Brooke.” Brooke apologizes for intruding and tells them that she is going to go. Eric tells Brooke that it is alright that he was just leaving anyway that he has a lot of plans to make and that Stephanie will not be disappointed. Eric gets his coat and leaves. Brooke looks at Stephanie and remarks to Stephanie that Eric doesn’t know that Stephanie has cancer. Stephanie hadn’t told Eric that she has cancer.

At Forrester Creations, all the Forrester family are gathered in Ridge’s office, sitting around the table, eating Chinese food. Thomas lets the family know that he is not saying that they are wrong. Thorne thinks that it is an interesting idea. Marcus lets the family know that it would be alright if they were selling guys’ underwear, but the bedroom line is for women. Steffy tells the men that that is why that they need male models for the photo shoot. Thomas tells them that Brooke had never let men in her ads. Ridge wants the subject off of men. Thorne reminds them that men are the reason why women buy lingerie. Steffy lets the men know that they are right, but women want to feel like a work of art. Steffy comes up with an idea in which they use a man to dress like an artist, who understands beautiful clothes and beautiful women. Thorne asks Ridge to be the artist. Ridge asks with his daughter. Steffy encourages Ridge to be the artist with the beautiful models because he has the face and the bod. Ridge assures him that he is no model, but C.E.O. of Forrester Creations. Marcus reminds Ridge that Brooke modeled when she was C.E.O. Ridge takes off his shirt to reveal his firm abs. Everyone begins to applaud. Marcus thinks that Ridge should be wearing the lingerie. Steffy tells everyone that Jackie M should be warned that Owen isn’t the only “hot” dad in town. Eric walks in and interrupts them and wants to know what is going on. No one wants to tell him what is going on.

Stephanie reminds Brooke that they have an agreement, and Brooke had promised that she would respect what Stephanie was going to do. Stephanie tells Brooke to leave since she has calls to make. Brooke thinks that Stephanie is going to tell Kristen and Felicia over the phone and feels that Kristen and Felicia would want to be here. Stephanie lets Brooke know that she will let her know when it is alright to talk to Ridge about her cancer, but until then. Brooke asks about the plans. Stephanie tells Brooke that she doesn’t have to explain her actions to Brooke. Brooke reminds Stephanie that they are her family and that they need to know. Stephanie states matter of factly that the family will know one way or the other so why does it matter when they find out. Brooke cannot believe that Stephanie had been here with Eric and hadn’t even told him. Brooke tells Stephanie that she has to talk about this. Stephanie tells Brooke that she doesn’t want to talk to her about this.

Eric tells the family that children have a way of keeping you humble. Thorne and Steffy laugh. Eric tells everyone that he has news. Thorne hopes that it is good news. Eric tells them that Stephanie’s birthday is tomorrow and Stephanie had asked for a party. Thorne feels that Eric is kidding about the party for Stephanie. Eric tells the family that he is making all the plans for the party, and that Stephanie wants all the family there at the house. Thorne gets a bad idea about Stephanie wanting a party. Thorne questions Eric if Stephanie is alright. Eric assures Thorne that Stephanie is fine. Eric lets the family know that this year had been an important one for Stephanie.

Stephanie, on the phone, orders a large birthday cake, but soon realizes that the bakery cannot fill her order. The bakery gives her a number of another bakery, who could possibly honor her request. Brooke demands to know who Stephanie is calling. Brooke grabs the paper out of Stephanie’s hand and sees that Stephanie is calling a catering company. Brooke wonders why Stephanie would be calling a catering company. Brooke finds out that Stephanie is planning a party and hopes that it is not for Stephanie’s funeral. Stephanie lets her know that it is for her birthday. Brooke begins to cry, but Stephanie orders Brooke not to give her those crocodile tears and orders Brooke not to make her last birthday party a pity party. Brooke orders Stephanie not to talk that way that with the right treatment that she could have months with her family. Brooke urges Stephanie to let someone else take care of this party and then offers to handle the party details for Stephanie. Brooke asks if Stephanie had made the follow up phone call with her doctor. Stephanie reminds her that she has Stage 4 cancer and she feels that it is a little late for a follow up call to the doctor. Brooke urges Stephanie to talk to her. Brooke lets Stephanie know that she is her sounding board and she is ready to listen. Stephanie orders Brooke to leave her alone. Brooke still persists in getting through to Stephanie about talking to her about her feelings about the cancer. Brooke lets Stephanie know what she would do in a situation like this. Stephanie tells Brooke to go and see Bridget and give her all of her attention. Stephanie lets Brooke know that she would rather be alone than with Brooke. Stephanie tells Brooke that she doesn’t believe that Brooke has a soft spot in her heart for her. Brooke lets Stephanie know that Eric cares about Stephanie and so does her children and Brooke cares about them. Stephanie orders Brooke to go. Stephanie wants the time alone to think about all this and what she is going to do about the cancer and telling her family. Brooke orders Stephanie to lash out and to get mad that this is happening to her. Brooke tells Stephanie that the odds are against her and she needs to fight. Stephanie lets Brooke know that there is one thing that she hasn’t been able to do and that is to get rid of Brooke.

Eric tells the family that Stephanie wants to have a dinner. Thorne wonders if it something formal, but Eric tells him, “no.” Ridge suggests a barbeque, but Eric is against the idea. The family tells Eric that he can count on them. Eric tells the family that he wants this party to be more than a party, but a celebration of Stephanie’s life. Eric tells the family that he wants this birthday party to be something that no one will ever forget.

Brooke realizes that the birthday party is for tomorrow. Brooke doesn’t know how she will get through it. Stephanie tells Brooke not to come if she can’t handle it. Brooke insists on being at the party. Brooke tells Stephanie that attitude and state of mind are the most important things to fight this disease. Stephanie tells Brooke that the cancer being in Stage 4 is also a factor in this discussion. Brooke orders Stephanie to listen to her. Stephanie orders Brooke to stop thinking about the weeks ahead that she doesn’t want to think about the weeks ahead. Stephanie tells Brooke that tomorrow is her birthday and that is what she wants to think about. Stephanie also tells Brooke that she wants to be happy with her family. Brooke realizes that Stephanie is very selfish and that she always has to be in control of the situation. Brooke accuses Stephanie of being selfish to the bitter end. Brooke points her finger at Stephanie and orders her to tell her family as Brooke leaves. Stephanie begins to cough.

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