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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 9/27/10


Written By Mary
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At the hospital, Stephanie mimics Dr. Lewis telling her that she has cancer. Dr. Lewis wishes she didn’t have to tell Stephanie that. Brooke reminds them that Stephanie isn’t sick, but that she just fell. Dr. Lewis tells Stephanie that Dr. Rabin wants her to have an M.R.I. Brooke asks who is Dr. Rabin. Dr. Lewis informs her that Dr. Rabin is the head oncologist. Dr. Lewis goes through the formality of asking if Stephanie has any body jewelry, piercing, etc. Brooke asks Dr. Lewis if she is looking for cancer. Stephanie asks Dr. Lewis if she has to be put through every machine at the hospital as she begins to cough. Dr. Lewis asks Stephanie how long she's had that cough. Stephanie reminds Dr. Lewis ever since she put the tube down Stephanie’s throat. Dr. Lewis also asks about Stephanie’s shortness of breath. Stephanie admits that she does get short winded going up stairs, but doesn’t everybody. Brooke tells Dr. Lewis that what she came in here telling Stephanie doesn’t seem justified. Stephanie fills Dr, Lewis in that she was sitting up in the bed, gasping for air and her sheets and pillows would be soaking wet. Dr. Lewis reminds Stephanie that the symptoms are subtle, but that it could be lung cancer.

In the offices of Forrester Creations, Eric tells Ridge that this just doesn’t seem right. Ridge thinks Eric walks in just like he owns the place. Eric notices that the office is different from when he had it. Ridge asks, “How so.” Eric tells Ridge it is shabbier. Eric reminds Ridge that Stephanie’s birthday is coming up before long. Ridge knows that her birthday is this week and he doesn’t need a reminder. Eric informs Ridge that he is making the rounds because he doesn’t want anyone to forget Stephanie’s birthday. Ridge asks is this the big, big birthday. Eric wonders what to buy a woman who hates getting older. Ridge tells him dinner and then suggests that Eric bring Stephanie over to his house for dinner. Eric cannot believe his ears and begins to make up excuses as to why Eric and Stephanie will not come over to Ridge and Brooke‘s. Ridge wonders why Eric and Stephanie have never been over to his house for dinner. Eric wonders why that is.

Brooke remarks that Stephanie doesn’t smoke and suggests that it was just scarring. Stephanie remembers that she had a gunshot wound a few years ago. Dr. Lewis tells Stephanie that something had shown up and that is why they did a bronchoscopy. Stephanie is surprised. Not wanting to accept that it is cancer, Brooke suggests that it could be a bug. Dr. Lewis tells Brooke that infection was one of her thoughts, but the chief surgical resident scoped Stephanie which showed no infection. The surgical resident also had the pathologist try a different stain and that’s when the problem showed up. Dr. Lewis tells Stephanie that 1 out of 4 new lung cancer diagnoses are in people who never smoked. Stephanie insists that she is never sick. Brooke confirms Stephanie’s statement.

Eric tells Ridge that he is going to head home before Stephanie thinks he is in some hotel room with a model. Ridge reminds him that models don’t do it in hotel rooms anymore, but in bars. Ridge tells Eric not to go home with Mojito on his breath. Eric tells him all right. Eric asks if Ridge is upset about what he said about Brooke and Stephanie. Ridge knows that Brooke and Stephanie don’t get along, but he doesn’t understand why it has to be a permanent condition like eczema. Ridge reminds Eric that Thomas feels that Brooke’s and Stephanie’s fighting can be solved.

Dr. Rabin comes to visit Stephanie in her hospital room. Dr. Rabin explains that Stephanie has a primary tumor which they call a non-small cell adenocarcinoma which is the less aggressive and more treatable class of lung cancer. Stephanie asks if she has more than one. Dr. Rabin confirms that he found some enlarged nodes and also found some metastatic tumors in the brain. Stephanie tells him that that doesn’t sound good. Dr. Rabin assures her that it is very serious. Stephanie asks him to define serious. Dr. Rabin tells her that the classification is Stage 4. Stephanie asks Dr. Rabin how many stages there are and Dr. Rabin tells her 4. Stephanie knows that it doesn’t get much worse than that. Dr. Rabin informs her that they haven’t talked about therapeutic options. Stephanie lets Dr. Rabin know that she doesn’t think that she wants to until she knows exactly what they are and how effective the options will be. Dr. Rabin tells Stephanie that every case is different. Stephanie wants to know her chances. Dr. Rabin informs her that for Stage 4 the survival rate in 5 years is not quite 10%. Dr. Rabin suggests that they take a tissue sample and see how it responds to vitro and chemo-therapeutic agents. Dr. Rabin also suggests surgery to remove part of the lung. Stephanie asks Dr. Rabin how long does she have. Dr. Rabin informs her that she has six to eight months with treatment. Brooke tells Dr’s Lewis and Rabin that she thinks that that is enough for now. Dr. Lewis tells Stephanie that they will talk tomorrow.

Brooke denies that it is as serious as it seems. Stephanie tells Brooke that she wants to go home. Brooke tells Stephanie of course she does. Brooke offers to help Stephanie, but Stephanie refuses. Brooke starts to apologize to Stephanie for accusing her of faking. Stephanie tells Brooke to splash some cold water on her face and then to take her home. Brooke asks Stephanie if she wants anything to be said to Ridge or Thorne. Stephanie orders Brooke not to say anything to anyone. Brooke tells Stephanie that she will respect that. Stephanie tells Brooke that she should have told her to leave the room. Brooke tells Stephanie that she would not have left. Stephanie mumbles that that is the story of her life.

Brooke walks into Forrester Creations and finds Ridge in his office. Brooke tells him to rise and shine. Ridge wants to know how long she was there. Brooke replies not for long. Ridge tells Brooke that Stephanie went home. Brooke lets him know that Stephanie stopped by the house. Ridge wants to know why. All Brooke will say is “no telling“. Brooke asks Ridge if they could stop by and get takeout for dinner, because she was busy and hasn’t fixed dinner for them. Ridge refuses by telling Brooke that he is swamped. Ridge feels optimistic that Stephanie stopped by to see Brooke. Ridge tells Brooke that Thomas is one of her biggest supporters. Ridge suggests that she and Stephanie start working on their relationship. Brooke tells Ridge that she doesn’t need for Stephanie to like her not even deep underneath. Brooke lets Ridge know that she is connected to Stephanie because of the family. Ridge feels that that is beautiful and wishes that Stephanie could hear it. Brooke informs him that Stephanie knows and if she doesn’t know, then she will.

Stephanie goes home. She stops by a mirror, fixes her hair, and then reapplies her lipstick before she goes into the living room where she looks at a pic of herself and Eric. Eric walks into the living room and tells Stephanie that he had to make his own martini. Stephanie asks him how was it. Eric informs her that it was terrible. Stephanie lets Eric know that he didn’t need her as much as he thought. Eric calls Stephanie a she-devil. Stephanie asks Eric for one of his martinis so she can share his pain. Stephanie looks around the room and tells Eric that no matter where she is, she will always be a part of this room. Eric tells Stephanie that it is his fault that he told Linda that the flowers were perfect. Stephanie tells Eric that she will never not be here. Stephanie and Eric clink their glasses.

Ridge apologizes for him being all work and no play. Brooke assures him that he is fine. Brooke asks if he ever wished that he could turn back the clock. Ridge assures her that every day he wished that he could be in Hawaii and have three more hours of sleep. Brooke tells him to go much further back. Brooke reminisces about the past when they were children. Ridge notices that something is worrying Brooke and asks her about it. Brooke wishes that she could go back to the beginning, to the beginning of her and Ridge. Brooke tells Ridge that she would be calmer and kinder. Ridge feels that Brooke is suffering from low blood sugar.

Eric and Stephanie sit down in the living room to dinner. Eric is disappointed because there aren’t any more beans. Stephanie lets him know she disposed of the beans. Eric notices that Stephanie hasn’t drunk any of her martini. Stephanie says isn’t too hungry. Stephanie begins to laugh and cough. Stephanie tells Eric to come and sit by her, because she has something to tell him.

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