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At the Forrester home, Brooke scoffs as she comes downstairs and finds Stephanie still lying on the floor. Brooke reminds Stephanie that she pulled this same thing on her a couple of months ago. Brooke asks Stephanie if she expects her to buy this lame story again. Stephanie begins to wheeze as she begins to wake up. Brooke, sarcastically, tells her that sleeping beauty awakens. Stephanie asks if the paramedics are coming. Brooke feels that that is very funny. Brooke tells Stephanie that what she needs is a good acting coach. Brooke also tells Stephanie that her performances get lamer with every passing day. Stephanie accuses Brooke of pushing her again. Brooke tells Stephanie that she is faking again. Stephanie states that if she has another concussion it will be all Brooke’s fault. Brooke tells Stephanie that nothing can kill her. Stephanie coughs again as Brooke calls the paramedics.

At Forrester Creations, Ridge and Thomas are looking at the computer screen and reading the article about the truth coming out about Bridget’s baby being Owen’s. Thomas groans as he tells Ridge that he really feels for Bridget.

Bridget sighs as she says “Hi” to Amber. Amber asks Bridget if she is okay. Bridget tells Amber that she is now as she takes the baby in her arms and starts to talk to the baby. Bridget thanks God that he doesn’t know anything about what is going on. Amber feels sorry for Jackie that she is stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Rick cautions Owen that he better hope that his face doesn’t freeze like that. Jackie scoffs at Rick’s remark. Owen warns Rick that he had better hope that he has a face when Owen gets through with it. Jackie orders them to stop the arguing and fighting over her. Jackie tells them that this is no way to act in front of the goddess of love. Owen reminds Jackie that Rick had just made a play for his wife behind his back. Owen wants to know how Jackie wants him to react. Jackie denies that anything had happened between her and Rick and that her heart belongs to Owen. Rick tells Owen that he doesn’t usually try to come between a man and his wife, but Owen now shares a child with Bridget and he knows where things are headed. Jackie feels that Rick feels that it is just a matter of time before Owen and Bridget give in to their attraction for each other and Rick will be standing by to lavish love on his lady Venus. Owen and Rick begin to fight. Jackie tries her best to separate them.

Ridge tells Thomas that he needs to tell Brooke what happened. Thomas asks who would know that another scandal would push Brooke and Oliver right out of the spotlight. Ridge tells Thomas that he never would have thought that it would have happened to Brooke’s other daughter.

Bridget, holding her baby, asks if she is going to see a smile. Logan begins to fuss. Bridget thanks Amber for being with Logan while she dealt with the press. Amber lets her know that it was no problem. Amber tells Bridget that Jarrett has a soft spot for the Forresters. Amber asks Bridget if the press had given her a hard time. Bridget asks her what does she think. Amber offers to give Bridget a ride home.

Jackie orders Owen to put that down. Rick remarks “really.” Jackie orders Owen to give it to her. Owen reminds Jackie that Rick is trying to come between them. Rick orders Owen to stop and listen to him for a second. Rick reminds Owen that he put his wife in an impossible situation. Owen tells Rick that he is not going to abandon his wife for Bridget. Rick tells Owen that he may not feel that way now, but later on he will feel a pull to start a family with Bridget and the baby. Jackie scoffs at Rick’s words. Rick tells Owen that he has something going for him that he will never have.

Stephanie accuses Brooke of pushing her when she fell. Brooke denies the accusation. Brooke lets them know that she pushed past Stephanie and she had fallen. The paramedic asks how long Stephanie was unconscious. Brooke asks how long was she pretending to be unconscious. Stephanie tells the paramedic that it was just a minute or so. Brooke tries to inform the paramedics that Stephanie tried this a few months ago. The paramedic tells Brooke that he alerted the hospital, and Dr. Lewis is on standby. Stephanie remarks that's her favorite doctor. Brooke sarcastically tells the paramedic that she will alert theater critics to be ready for Act Two of the continuing saga of “Blame Brooke.”

At the hospital. a woman asks Stephanie how she is feeling and if they can get her anything. Brooke asks if Dr. Lewis will be much longer. Dr. Lewis comes in and tells Brooke that she was reviewing Stephanie’s C.T. scan. Stephanie asks if they missed something.

Amber asks Bridget if she is upset with Rick about something. Logan begins to cry. Bridget takes Logan from Amber and tries to soothe his cries. Bridget finds out from Amber that she spoke to Brooke about her. Bridget asks what was said. Amber replies that it was concerning Rick’s love life. Amber hopes that she and Rick can put things together again, but he hasn’t returned her phone calls. Bridget tells Amber that Rick’s love life is exactly that, his love life. Bridget hopes that if someone catches Rick’s eye, he will look the other way. Bridget tells Amber that Rick is interested in mature women.

Jackie tells Owen and Rick to play nice. Jackie tells the men that she cannot have a discussion with them while they are looking like Greek gods. Jackie tells them to go and take a shower and then come back. Jackie holds up a mannequin head and asks if she is this much trouble.

Ridge tells Brooke to call him when she gets this message. Thomas tells Ridge that there is never a dull moment in the continuing saga between the Forresters and the Logans. Ridge reminds Thomas that this has been going on from the beginning and the feuding still continues. Ridge tells Thomas that there are strong personalities on both sides. Thomas lets Ridge know that that is exactly the problem and that it is getting old. Ridge tells him that he wants things to be different as well. Ridge tells Thomas that he appreciates him siding with his wife.

Dr. Lewis assures Stephanie that they did not miss anything on her C.T. scan, but this is the second time that she has fallen in as many months. Stephanie informs Dr. Lewis that she was pushed. Brooke tells Stephanie that Dr. Lewis doesn’t believe that for a moment. Dr. Lewis asks Stephanie if she lost consciousness for a few moments. Stephanie confesses that she had. Dr. Lewis asks if Stephanie felt lightheaded before she fell. Stephanie corrects her and tells her again that she was pushed. Dr. Lewis tells her that there is no indication of head trauma. Dr. Lewis asks her about her shortness of breath. Stephanie confesses that she has it. Dr. Lewis orders a second C.T. scan.

Jackie lets Owen and Rick know that they have a situation here. Owen denies that. Rick tells Owen that someone has to wine and dine Jackie while Owen is preoccupied with Bridget. Owen tells Rick that Jackie knows that there will be times when both Bridget and Owen will have to be there for Logan, and Jackie completely understands. Bridget walks in on Owen, Rick, and Jackie. Bridget asks Rick what is he doing.

Ridge tells Thomas that he worries about Stephanie too. Thomas lets Ridge know that no one is invincible. Ridge tells Thomas that Stephanie would give her life for her family. Thomas lets Ridge know that he hadn’t always understood why and what had driven Stephanie to protect them. Ridge asks what if something happened that would change everything between Stephanie and Brooke.

Stephanie thanks the doctor. Brooke questions as to what has taken so long. Stephanie asks for some water. Brooke wonders why Stephanie is subjecting herself to all these tests when they both know she is fine. Stephanie tells Brooke to go home. Brooke orders Stephanie to admit it that she is not really sick. All Stephanie does is sigh. Brooke lets Stephanie know that Ridge is not going to be happy about this. Stephanie asks if Brooke called Ridge and Eric. Brooke admits that she would if something were wrong, but Stephanie is perfectly fine. Stephanie begins to cough.

Rick tells Bridget that she should have seen the look on her face. Bridget finds out that Rick painted himself up as a statue and tried to kiss Jackie. Bridget asks Rick what is wrong with him. Jackie tells Bridget not to worry about it. Bridget tells everyone that she doesn’t need her brother’s help. Rick orders Bridget to stop it. Amber interrupts them by bringing in Logan. Amber, in handing the baby to Owen, tells him that Logan wanted his daddy. Owen takes Logan into his arms.

Ridge suggests that if Stephanie and Brooke were stranded on a deserted island, they may make amends and learn to depend on each other for survival. The machines are beeping.

Stephanie coughs which awakens her. Looking around, Stephanie notices Brooke, sitting in a chair at the foot of the bed. Brooke tells her that she wouldn’t leave Stephanie in her time of need. Stephanie accuses Brooke of wanting to cut her throat if she had the chance. Brooke tells Stephanie that she is the most remarkable woman that she has ever known. Stephanie wonders why all the compliments. Stephanie wonders if Brooke knows something about her condition that she doesn’t know. Dr. Lewis comes in with the results of her C.T. scan. and asks Stephanie to stay with them for a few more days. Stephanie objects as usual. Dr. Lewis tells Stephanie that she has cancer. Both Stephanie and Brooke cannot believe their ears.

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