B&B Thursday Update 9/23/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 9/23/10


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

At Jackie M. Owen tells Jackie that they will get through this. Jackie assures Owen that they will. Jackie tells him that they will not allow Bill Spencer to ruin their lives or the baby’s life in a scandal. Owen lets her know that it had taken all that he had to keep from jumping right down into the crowd and hitting Bill in the nose.

At Forrester’s, Ridge commends Thomas on the work that he did considering that this was Brooke’s project when she was here. Thomas thanks him for the compliment, but tells him that his Uncle Thorne helped him to put it all together. Thomas also tells Ridge that he could have used Brooke’s help. Ridge tells Thomas that they will just have to muddle through without Brooke for a little while at least. A doorbell chimes.

At the Forrester house, Brooke is home alone when Stephanie comes to visit. Brooke sighs as she opens the door. Stephanie tells Brooke that she would like to speak to her. Brooke lets her know that her day was going so well until Stephanie showed up. Stephanie asks if she can come in and just walks right into the house. Brooke accuses Stephanie of missing her. Stephanie, sarcastically, tells Brooke that if she did miss her, then she would have invited her back to the company. Brooke, just as sarcastic, tells Stephanie that she will hold her breath. Stephanie advises her not to do that. Stephanie, sitting down on the sofa, tells Brooke to make her leave of absence permanent.

Thomas tells Ridge that everything that they do at Forrester involves Brooke. Thomas tells Ridge that Brooke is a tremendous asset to the company. Ridge lets Thomas know that Stephanie would never admit that. Thomas tells Ridge that Brooke belongs here at Forrester. Ridge assures Thomas that this is only temporary. Thomas heaves a sigh. Ridge assures him that as soon as the bad publicity dies down, Brooke is coming back. Thomas tells Ridge that Stephanie and Steffy will fight Ridge on that.

Brooke can’t believe that Stephanie is asking her to leave Forrester permanently. Stephanie tells Brooke to enjoy herself and spend quality time with her family and her younger son. Brooke assures Stephanie that she knows what is best for her family. Stephanie accuses Brooke of spreading herself a little thin when it came to Rick and Bridget. Brooke asks her what that means. Stephanie tells Brooke to focus all her attention on her younger son by going to all of his games, etc. Brooke assures Stephanie that she hadn’t been given an opportunity, but it had been literally shoved down her throat. Brooke refuses to accept this good will routine of Stephanie’s.

Jackie sighs. Owen lets her know that the lights are out, the press is gone, and his goddess can relax now. Jackie tells Owen that the villagers had certainly turned on her thanks to Bill Spencer. Owen assures her that he is here to help her through this and that they are here together. Jackie assures him that no one is tearing them apart. Owen mumbles to Jackie (Venus) that she is beautiful and her powers are overwhelming. Jackie mumbles “Oh, yes.” Owen tells Jackie that he wants to kiss her and to touch her. A man interrupts and tells Owen that he needs to see him for a moment. Owen tells Jackie that he will be right back and not to move from where she is lying with a towel over her eyes. Jackie tells him not to make her wait too long. The man tells Owen that John Pierre is on the phone and is asking for a comment. Owen tells the man that he will think of something to tell him as they leave out. Rick, sneaking down from his podium, kneels down beside Jackie. Jackie, upon feeling Rick’s lips on her arm, mumbles that her statue has returned. Jackie tells him not to say a word. Jackie tells Rick where to start kissing her and where she wants the kisses to go. Jackie comments on her statue’s soft lips. Jackie tells Rick to heal her with his kisses. Jackie tells him that Venus loves to be worshipped and for him not to rush with his kisses. Jackie (Venus) tells Rick that Venus likes it very slow. Jackie tells him that she is in heaven as Rick begins to kiss her arms. Rick hears footsteps and suddenly goes back to his podium as a statue. Owen comes back and asks her where were they. Jackie tells him to continue to follow her commands. Owen agrees.

Thomas cannot understand where all the bad blood comes from between Stephanie and Brooke. Ridge tells him that it is very complicated. Thomas doesn’t understand what the history is, but tells Ridge that they don’t seem to work through the trouble that had happened ten years ago because Stephanie will not let go of the resentment. Ridge tells Thomas that he had been dealing with this resentment for most of his adult life and he doesn’t see Stephanie going easy on Brooke anytime soon.

Brooke tells Stephanie to just give it up. Brooke refuses to leave the company for good. Brooke assures Stephanie that this is only temporary and the press is gonna get tired of this scandal and move on to something else. Stephanie doesn’t understand what is in Thomas’ head that he would support Brooke and her family. Stephanie tells Brooke that Thomas is more like his father. Stephanie and Brooke both know that Hope and Thomas both want them to make peace between them. Stephanie and Brooke both don’t see that it is possible to make peace because too much has transpired between them down through the years. Both Stephanie and Brooke decide to avoid any future conflict. Brooke asks Stephanie why is she so interested in fighting with her.

Jackie gives Owen further instructions on where to kiss her. The telephone begins to ring. Jackie states that there are no phones in her kingdom. Jackie orders Owen to leave the phone. Owen gives in and answers the phone. Owen tells Jackie to stay put. Jackie begs Owen not to leave her. Jackie begs for her Adonis’ kisses. Once again, Rick sneaks down and takes up where Owen had left off. Jackie begs for Adonis’ kisses.

Thomas tells Ridge that Stephanie did plenty of manipulating herself. Ridge lets Thomas know that he doesn’t have to remind him. Thomas reminds Ridge that Stephanie faked a heart attack in order to get Ridge and his wife back together.

When Stephanie claims that she doesn’t enjoy these conflicts, Brooke finds that hard to believe. Brooke reminds Stephanie of the tribute that Stephanie paid to her a few years ago at Forrester Creations. Stephanie tells her that it was a monetary relapse on her part. Stephanie doesn’t deny the contributions that Brooke made as she begins to cough. Brooke lets Stephanie know that she is not all bad. Stephanie tells Brooke that every time that she tried to trust her, Brooke made one of her mistakes. Brooke tells Stephanie that she refuses to squabble with Stephanie for the rest of their lives.

Jackie accuses her Adonis of being coy when he won’t kiss her. Jackie begs for his kiss, but first she wants to look into the eyes of her Adonis as she takes the towel from her eyes and sees that it is indeed Rick, who had been kissing her. Jackie is mortified to see that Rick had been all the time. Owen walks in and finds Rick with Jackie. Owen demands to know what Rick is doing here. Jackie tells Owen that Rick is on a mission to help Bridget. Jackie tells Owen that Rick believes that Owen belongs with Bridget and Logan. Jackie tells Owen that Rick wants Owen to be with Bridget and Logan, and Rick wants Jackie. Rick interrupts and tells Owen that he is attracted to Bridget and Rick, on the other hand, is attracted to Jackie. Jackie owns up that this isn’t the first time that Rick has expressed an interest in her that he arranged for caviar and champagne at the loft. Owen demands to know why he wasn’t told. Owen orders Rick out of there. Rick refuses to leave and orders Owen to leave. Owen cannot believe his ears. Rick tells Owen that he might as well as leave because Rick is going to end up with Jackie anyway. Rick and Owen begin to chase each other around the room. Jackie steps in between them and keeps them from killing each other over her.

When Stephanie claims that she has all the men in the family on her side, Brooke coughs. Stephanie assures Brooke that she will always see her for what she is. Brooke is through trying to make peace with her, so Stephanie accuses her of having no morals and that she will never change as she coughs. After Brooke pushes her on the shoulder, Stephanie falls to the floor. Brooke is on the stairs when she hears the commotion. Brooke hurries back to see Stephanie lying on the floor. Brooke accuses Stephanie of just faking and orders her to get up and leave. Brooke walks off and leaves Stephanie lying on the floor.

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