B&B Wednesday Update 9/22/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/22/10


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

The camera scans the city of Los Angeles before it finally zooms in on Jackie M. Enterprises. The room is in chaos at Jarrett’s question to Jackie if Owen is the father of Bridget’s baby. Jackie really doesn’t know how to answer the question. Jarrett demands an answer. Jarrett tells her that a simple yes or no will do. The crowd goes wild with everyone talking at once.

At the Forrester home, Hope comes downstairs and finds Stephanie gone. Brooke sighs when Hope asks her if Stephanie has left. Hope reminds Brooke that she and Stephanie have a lot in common. Brooke thinks that is a frightening thought. Hope assures her that it is true nonetheless. Brooke fears that she and Stephanie will never see eye to eye.

At the Forrester’s, Stephanie and her family are having a family meeting about whether or not Brooke and Hope should be part of the family business again. Stephanie lets them know that Hope is so young and naïve unlike her mother. Ridge says that Stephanie has a point. Stephanie points out to everyone that she and Brooke are strong-willed women. Thomas reminds Stephanie that she and Brooke are both loyal to the Forrester family. Steffy reminds the family that Brooke slept with her daughter’s boyfriend. Thomas denies the claim and tells them that it was a case of mistaken identity. Taylor asks Thomas if he knows what happened. Thomas admits that Brooke made some mistakes. Stephanie confesses that Brooke has done some things for the company but she created this scandal and that is why she is gone from Forrester now. Thomas asks Stephanie when another scandal breaks out that doesn't involve Brooke, would she take her back? Although Steffy accuses him of being naive, Thomas states matter-of-factly that Brooke and Hope belong at Forrester for the sake of family unity.

Hope tells Brooke that she is trying to get past her differences with Steffy, and Brooke should do the same with Stephanie. Brooke reminds Hope that she and Stephanie have a long history. Brooke refuses to talk about this anymore and turns the conversation toward Liam. Brooke asks Hope if she saw Liam this morning. Hope says she has, but then notices Brooke’s concern toward her seeing Liam. Brooke points out that Liam is the son of Bill Spencer and that Bill may have an impact on Liam. Hope tells her that Liam may have an impact on Bill. Brooke doesn’t think that that will happen. Hope tells Brooke that Liam was going with Bill to the Jackie M. preview for a breaking story. Brooke wonders what story.

Jarrett questions Jackie once again about Bridget’s baby being Owen’s. Bill interrupts the questioning and tells the audience that this exciting event which was interesting has turned even more interesting. Bill tells them that they have a breaking story on their hands. Whip intervenes and calls Bill’s actions inappropriate and rude. Bill looks at Jackie and tells her that she is looking “hot.” Bill accuses Jackie and her cohorts of misleading the public. Jackie lets them know that she and Owen are exactly what they portray themselves to be. Bill is glad to hear that. A woman asks Jackie if Owen is the father of Bridget’s baby. Liam wants to leave but Bill tells him that the story hadn’t broken yet.

Jackie makes brief comments about her and Owen and then confesses that she, Owen, and Bridget do share a child. The crowd goes wild at the news. Bill is well pleased with himself for getting the real story.

Ridge likes how Thomas has taken up for Brooke and the family. Stephanie is against Thomas's support of Brooke. Thomas accuses Stephanie of being obsessed with trying to hurt Brooke all down through the years. Stephanie tells Thomas that Brooke and her family caused nothing but trouble for them, and she cannot forgive her.

Bill walks off the elevator into his waiting room. Hillary starts to give him a message, but Bill tells her “not now, and to hold all his calls.” Liam awaits Bill’s return in his office. Bill comes in and immediately pours himself a drink. Liam reprimands Bill for his treatment of Bridget since Bridget is Bill’s wife's niece. Bill claims that he tried to squelch the story, but he has shareholders to answer to. Liam accuses Bill of creating the scandal. Bill denies accusations and tells Liam that their job is hard nosed reporting. Bill, sitting at his desk, tells Liam that everyone calls him “Dollar Bill Spencer,” because he makes the company a lot of money. Bill tells Liam that the shareholders love him and someday they will love Liam also. Bill reminds Liam that if Jackie hadn’t wanted her name in the headlines, then she shouldn’t have gotten into trouble. Bill holds up his glass and says, “Cheers.”

Whip reminds Bridget that this is all conjecture until they see it in print. Bridget calls tonight a disaster. Jackie exclaims that the show was fabulous. Aggie reminds them about the international reporters and what they will report. Owen tells them that they needed exposure, but not like this. Jackie tries to brush this catastrophe aside by telling them that they aren’t living in the 19th century and this will blow over. Whip, worried, tells everyone that their image has suffered a direct hit. Jackie tells them that their image is her, Owen and their marriage. Bridget tells them that they should give Jackie and Owen some time alone. They all leave, reluctantly.

Thomas, Steffy, and Stephanie continue to argue about Brooke. Thomas realizes that he isn’t getting through to the family and storms out. Brooke and Hope stand in the doorway and listen to their fight. Brooke lays her hand on Thomas’ arm as he passes them. Stephanie turns around and sees Brooke and Hope standing in the doorway.

Owen tries his best to console Jackie after the fiasco of that night. Owen lets her know that she is not Superwoman. Owen hugs Jackie as they sit on the floor.

Ridge tells everyone that he is proud of his son, but everyone else doesn’t feel about Thomas the same way. Steffy asks Ridge if he is really serious about Thomas. Steffy feels that Thomas is misled. Ridge calls Thomas a leader. Stephanie doesn’t believe that. Brooke asks to come back to company but Stephanie answers “absolutely, not.” Ridge with Brooke standing by his side tells Stephanie that Brooke will be coming back.

Liam and Bill still argue over what Bill has done to Jackie. Bill points out that part of their business is based on scandals which make headlines, and that Liam is part of this now. Bill tells Liam that if he wants to be part of a do-gooder company then he is welcome to leave, but scandalous stories makes money and that is the Spencer way, the American way, "God to bless America."

Owen is sorry for the trouble that he caused Jackie by having a one-night stand with Bridget. Owen promises that he doesn’t want to ever lose Jackie. A statue stands far in the distance. Rick opens his eyes and mumbles that Owen will lose Jackie to him.

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