B&B Tuesday Update 9/21/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/21/10


Written By Mary
Pictures By Juanita

At Jackie M, everyone prepares for the fashion show. Amber assures Kayla that everything will be fine. Bridget joins them and tells them that everything looks fabulous. Jackie, upon seeing her fashion designers, remarks that there are her two genius designers. Amber reminds them that this is the biggest show since they had been here. Jackie laughs. Amber inquires if Nick will be here and Jackie tells her, “No” he will not be joining them. Whip instructs everyone that he wants a lot of energy out there on that runway. Whip turns to Owen and reminds him that today is all about Owen and Jackie. Whip tells Jackie and Owen that “mum” is the word when it comes to the baby. Jackie reminds them that this is a personal matter and shouldn’t have anything to do with Jackie M and the fashion show.

Brooke is on the phone in the living room of the Forrester home and tells Katie to call her when there is a knock on the door. Brooke is quite put out when she sees that it is Stephanie. Brooke remarks that this is all she needs today. The cell phone buzzes.

Bill sits behind his desk at Spencer Industries and mumbles to himself that that is his girl that she is the only woman, who constantly forgets her cell phone. There is a knock on the door and it is Katie. Katie exclaims how good it is to see him. Bill tells her to prove it by locking the door. Katie tells him maybe later since Liam is due any moment for his first day of work. Bill mumbles his son. Katie assures Bill that this will be a day that he will not forget.

Liam asks Hope how he looks. Hope lets him know that he is very much Bill Spencer’s son. Liam remarks that he was an intern and now he is an executive in training. Hope remarks that maybe next he will be Vice President. Liam doesn’t quite believe her. Hope assures him that nothing can go wrong today. Liam asks for a little of her confidence. Hope gives him a kiss and then asks him how it was. Liam turns his head off as if he is trying to decide how the kiss was. They both laugh as they kiss.

Stephanie asks to come in for a minute. Brooke doesn’t like the idea and wants to know what Stephanie wants. Brooke scoffs and Stephanie walks into the house.

Rick arrives at the fashion show. Bridget asks what he wants. Rick lets her know that he is here to support his sister. Bridget doesn’t believe him. Whip walks up and asks Bridget if she invited Rick. Bridget lets him know that she did not. Whip lets Rick know that he doesn’t want any trouble. Bridget asks Rick if he will cause trouble. Rick gets in Whip’s face and reminds him about a certain baby scandal. Whip reminds Rick that if this gets out that it could destroy Jackie.

Katie notices Bill being preoccupied and wonders if it has anything to do with Liam. There is a knock on the door and it is Liam. Liam asks if he is interrupting. Katie gets up to leave, but not before telling Bill and Liam to play nice. Liam sits down opposite Bill’s desk. Bill plays a video for Liam which welcomes him to Spencer Industries.

Bill and Liam discuss the history of Spencer Industries and how Liam will be part of that family. Liam knows that he will have to prove himself to his father. Bill mentions that Liam wouldn’t want him to give him a title just because he is his son. Liam tells Bill that he wants to work himself up. Bill starts to give Liam his first assignment, but not before he gives him a present of a sword. The sword represents what Bill stands for. Jarrett interrupts Bill and Liam and tells Bill that he is going to be covering the fashion show at Jackie M. Bill lets Jarrett know that he will also be accompanying Jarrett as well as Liam. Bill lets Liam know that he will experience his first breaking story.

Stephanie stands by the sofa just in case Brooke hits her again so that she can have a soft landing. Brooke denies hitting Stephanie but then tells Stephanie that she hit her because she interfered with her and Hope.

Aggie gives Whip his speech for the finale of the fashion show. Whip lets Aggie know that he loves her and thanks her for the speech.

Rick can’t help but notice how worried Jackie seems to be. Jackie is preoccupied that Nicky isn’t there. Rick tells Jackie that he cannot blame Nicky for not being there. Jackie feels that if she can forgive Owen and Bridget then Nicky should forgive them. Rick calls Jackie an amazing woman.

Bridget calls everyone to gather around her to give them their final instructions for the fashion show and a morale boost. The audience begins to cheer as the models make their way toward the runway.

Jackie thanks everyone for coming and promises not to disappoint. Jackie tells everyone to sit back and have their cameras ready as the models begin the fashion show.

Bill, Liam, and Jarrett arrive for the fashion show. Bill tells Liam to stand back and just watch. Liam asks Bill what is going on. Bill tells him a scandal in the making. Liam asks what scandal.

Brooke and Stephanie argue when Hope walks in. Hope kisses Brooke on the cheek and tells them that she has her two favorite people in the same room. Hope pays compliments to both Brooke and Stephanie as to how strong they are and that they need to work together to get along. Stephanie mouths the word “No.”

The fashion show concludes with Whip making his closing remarks about the new face of Jackie M Fashions as they carry Jackie out on a bed. Jackie gets up and walks down the runway. Jackie then walks back to a statue and kisses it. The statue comes to life and joins Jackie, Amber and Bridget. Whip tells everyone that the designs were created by Amber Moore and Bridget Forrester.

Bridget tells the audience how proud that they are of the collection and then asks for questions from the audience. Jarrett asks if this collection is a display of love and commitment or is it as false as Jackie’s and Owen’s marriage. Everyone gasps in unbelief.

Brooke lets Stephanie know that Hope is with her now. Stephanie reminds Brooke about the time that Hope landed on Stephanie’s doorstep. Stephanie lets Brooke know that it surprises her that Hope is so sweet and kind and that she would come from Brooke. Brooke tells Stephanie that it surprises her that her husband would come from Stephanie. Brooke says good-bye to Stephanie.

Jackie interrupts and refuses to answer any questions from Jarrett about her marriage. Whip informs Jarrett that they don’t discuss personal matters in public. Jackie lets Jarrett know that she and Owen are deeply in love. Jarrett tells the crowd that Bridget’s baby isn’t Nick’s but it is Owen’s.

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