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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 7/8/10


Written By Suzanne
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Ridge keeps trying to find out from Brooke why she wants to leave the company. They are at home, and he still has his shirt off. Brooke lies that it's because Steffy got the company back for him. Ridge thinks that Stephanie and Steffy have been pressuring her. He takes her in his arms. She feels his muscles and remarks to herself that she knows him so well, so it's so bizarre that "that happened". He doesn't know what she means but keeps asking her about it. She just tells him that without her around, there will be peace and no more drama. He keeps trying to talk her into staying. She asks him to just accept that she needs to do that. He wonders where his wife is because she is letting other people walk all over her. She protests that she is sick of the fighting and needs time to breathe. Her time at Forrester is over. He holds her tenderly as she whispers to him that he should just let her go.

Ridge still thinks there's more to the story. She begs him not to ask her any more and to support her decision. He apologizes, figuring that she's just been under a lot of stress. He pledges to support her, even though he'll miss her at Forrester. Brooke tearfully thanks him and they hug again. He praises her for always putting her family first.

Hope is shocked that Oliver wants her to go to college in Boston. He keeps trying to talk her into it. He hugs her to comfort her. She is very confused and wonders if she was wrong about him. He tells her that he loves her, but he doesn't want to hold her back. She asks if he doesn't want to be with her. He insists that he does. She suddenly guesses that maybe he is trying to protect her from Steffy. He doesn't exactly correct what she's saying but just says that he doesn't want to see her hurt. He doesn't want her to think that Steffy is running her off, so he thinks that she should look at it like running towards her future. He shows her that he bought two tickets to Boston, so he could help her get settled in. He goes on and on about how great it will be for her. She is more concerned about them living apart. He assures her that his love for her will not change just because they're apart. He hugs her and lets her know that everything will be okay. Hope muses that she will need more time to think about it and will need to talk to her parents. She worries that it will hit her mom hard.

Nick is on his boat, making knots in a rope. Jackie arrives and makes a joke about being at the end of your rope. He tells her that his marriage is over, so he's dealing with it and moving on. He thinks that she will be doing the same thing, very soon. She came there to see how Nick is doing but tells him that she has no intention of divorcing Owen. She knows that he is in pain, but she and Owen have worked it out. Nick keeps trying to get her to understand that Owen will leave her for Bridget. Jackie keeps arguing with him about Owen. She is shocked to hear that he urged Bridget to go for it with Owen. He makes a speech about how, even though Jackie thinks Owen is her great love, she is just Owen's first love. He keeps arguing about Owen and Bridget's connection and how it will draw them together. She realizes that he's in pain, but she takes him to task for putting down her and Owen's relationship. She storms off the boat, angry at what he said.

Owen is exercising at home, with weights, no shirt, sweating a lot, and with earphones in. Bridget walks out to the stairs, sees him, smiles, and walks downstairs. She says that she used to be able to do 20 or more reps without breaking a sweat. He stops, so she tells him that he doesn't have to stop (she seems to be enjoying watching him) They agree that exercise is important when you're pregnant. She admits that she's doing everything she's supposed to be doing, like avoiding stress. She wants to look ahead, which is why she came down, to ask Jackie for advice. They talk a little about the baby. Owen offers to look at the baby catalog with her if she's not uncomfortable about being alone with him. They look at the catalog. He gets some drinks for them. Owen thinks there are some awesome things in the catalog, but he doesn't know what they're all for. She figures most first-time dad are that way. He asks if she wants a boy or girl. Bridget replies that she wants Jack to have a little sister. He looks away, so she apologizes because it's so weird. She thought she would be doing this with Nick. He figures she means that she's stuck with him, but she quickly assures him that's not what she meant. She just has a lot to figure out. He asks if that includes figuring out her real feelings for him. He wonders how she will tell people about his being the real father. She has only told Brooke so far. She hasn't had the nerve yet to tell the rest of the family. He gives her moral support and a pep talk. She talks about how a woman puts her baby before everything else. He assures her that the baby will make it and that he won't let her believe anything else. They hug.

Thomas goes into Steffy's office and mentions something about the "Hope for the Future" campaign. She tells him that there is no hope for the future. He gives her a wary look and wonders what she means. He remarks that "no hope for the future" is a depressing thought and asks what's going on. Steffy doesn't want to give him details, but she shares that the last two Logans will soon be gone. He looks suspicious.

Steffy phones Ridge, so he tells her that he's with Brokoe and it's not a good time. She wonders what's going on. Ridge first makes sure it's okay with Brooke, then he tells Steffy that Brooke has decided to leave Forrester. Ridge gets another call on another phone, from Thorne, so he tells Steffy that he has to take it. She asks to speak with Brooke, so he gives her the phone. Ridge goes into the room to speak with Thorne. Steffy thanks Brooke and says that she can make her announcement tomorrow in Ridge's office. She reminds her that Hope has to be out of the company, too. She apologizes to Brooke and starts to tell her that this will be good for her and her dad, but Brooke hangs up on her. Brooke tearfully looks at the photo of her and Ridge on the table and holds it close to her chest.

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