B&B Wednesday Update 7/7/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/7/10


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Suzanne

At Forrester Creations, Steffy waits to hear from Oliver and Brooke about whether they are going to take her deal or not. They argue about it some more, just like the past two days. (Enough already!) After Hope, the last remaining Logan, is gone, Steffy plans to take the company into a golden age, filled with class and integrity. Brooke gets into Steffy's face and tells her off. She tells Steffy to leave her daughter alone. Steffy says she won't compromise on this but asks her not to make her out to be some cruel person. Brooke retorts that she IS being cruel, using this horrible mistake to her advantage. Steffy is just fighting for her family. She makes a little speech about it. When Brooke brings up the fact Hope has done nothing to her, only tried to be a sister to her, Steffy again says that Phoebe was her only sister, and that she's dead thanks to Brooke's son. Brooke looks at her curiously. Steffy lists more history and explains how she feels so tired of wondering what her life would have been like without the Logans. She declares that she can't risk Brooke damaging her family or company's reputation any more than she already has. After a short pause, Brooke, with tears in her eyes, looks at Oliver and then back at Steffy. She suddenly says that she can't do this. She can't force her daughter to leave. She has to own what she did. Oliver disagrees now. He thinks that Brooke should protect Hope and their relationship. Hope has to leave.

Steffy needs an answer. Brooke asks Steffy, with a lump in her throat, if she has any idea what this is doing to her. Steffy says nothing, so Brooke replies, "Never mind. I know you don't care." Oliver tells Steffy that he's only doing this for Hope. Brooke thanks him for his huge sacrifice. Steffy assures them that it's not the end of the world. It might work out, and she will still keep the secret. Steffy says that they only have until tomorrow to make it happen. They object but have no choice. Oliver says that he will talk to Hope. Brooke agrees to talk to Ridge about leaving the company.

Aggie helps Hope with grocery shopping so that she can prepare a nice dinner for Oliver to thank him for the great graduation party. Aggie chuckles when she hears that Hope will be watching his favorite movies with him, saying that she really is a good girlfriend. Aggie makes jokes about the junk she finds in Oliver's fridge. Hope is very happy that she is so lucky to have so much, including the world's greatest boyfriend. They talk about the dinner, and then about Hope's college scholarship. Hope tells her that she won't leave Oliver or her life, and Aggie tells her that Oliver will be happy to hear that. They hug, and Hope tells Aggie that she is looking forward to this special night. Aggie leaves.

Later, Hope surprises Oliver at his place when he comes home. She kisses him and tells him that she thought they'd have a special evening. He says that it sounds great. Hope chats with Oliver, but he is very tense. She talks about how great his sister is and how they could be really good friends. She is glad that he has gotten close with her mom. He doesn't say much, so she can tell that he's stressed. She tells him about the college recruiter from Boston calling her. Oliver observes that it sounds like a great opportunity. Hope is not interested in it. She loves her job with Forrester, and she has him. She is more interested in their cozy evening. She plans for them to watch movies, then make sundaes, then walk on the beach. Oliver tells Hope that he thinks that she should accept the school's offer. She looks taken aback.

Ridge gets undressed and flashes back to Brooke preparing to tell him some bad news. Stephanie visits and asks if he knows where Steffy is. He says that she's probably still at work. Stephanie closes the door and tells him that Steffy said there was something going on with Brooke. She wants to talk to him about it. Ridge, still shirtless, looks uncomfortable, like he's bracing himself for trouble. He tells Stephanie to leave his wife alone. She wonders what is going on. Ridge admits something is going on with Brooke, but he thinks that she and Steffy are the cause. Stephanie looks shocked. They argue. Ridge accuses Stephanie of recruiting Steffy in her campaign against Brooke. He is just trying to keep peace between Steffy and Hope. Stephanie informs him that Steffy has had a lifetime to form her own opinions. He points out that if she really cared about what he wanted, she would help him keep the peace. He wonders what happened to her declaration of peace with Brooke. Stephanie is worried that Brooke is reverting back to her usual self. Ridge has had it and jumps up, opens the door, and tells her goodbye. Stephanie leaves, reluctantly.

Ridge looks at Brooke's photo and tells her that whatever's going on, they'll work it out. He looks thoughtful and lights candles.

Stephanie walks in on the end of the meeting with Steffy, Oliver, and Brooke. there is silence. She wonders if she interrupted something. After Brooke and Oliver leave, Steffy gives an assistant some instructions on a dress design. Stephanie asks what was going on with Brooke and Oliver. Steffy tells her that they are finally going to be free of the Logans. Stephanie is surprised to hear it. Steffy tells her that both Brooke and Hope are leaving the company. Stephanie realizes that she won't tell her details. She is happy to hear that Brooke is going to pay the price for once.

Brooke admires the romantic setting that Ridge made for her. He kisses her and asks her what it was she wanted to tell him earlier. She doesn't say anything. He wonders why she seems so worried. He asks if it has to do with Steffy and his mother. He tells her that he told Stephanie to back off. He knows she's been tense ever since the party. Brooke admits that it made her do a lot of thinking. He wonders if he did something, so she quickly assures him that it was not him. He asks what's been bothering her so much. Brooke tells him that she's leaving the company and that it's for the best. He is shocked and says it's ridiculous. He points out that now he's in charge, and they have the best years of their lives ahead of them...he is clearly flummoxed. She tells him that she can't take the tension and fighting any more. When he wants to blame Steffy or his mother, she says it's her doing. He keeps pushing her about why she's doing it. He begs her to tell him the truth.

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