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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/6/10


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In her office, Oliver objects when Brooke says they have to go along with Steffy's blackmail conditions (Brooke leaves Forrester, Hope is sent away, and Oliver dates Steffy).  He thinks they should stand up to Steffy. He also knows that Hope will not forget about him just because she goes away.  Brooke agrees that Hope feels things deeply but points out that if things are meant to be, between Hope and Oliver, that they have to see how that goes later on. For now, they have to give in to Steffy.  Oliver still wants to tell Ridge and Hope the truth, but Brooke thinks that would be a disaster. 

Meanwhile, at the photo shoot, Steffy warns Hope that bad things are going to happen to her. Hope is not sure what she means. She thinks she is talking about the Hope for the Future fashion line, so she points out that Ridge is behind it.  Steffy gets annoyed that she calls him "Dad" and says that Hope is disrespecting her every time she calls him that. She points at a photo of Phoebe on the wall and says that this is her sister, not Hope, and that Hope is the sister of the man who was driving the car the night she was killed. Hope looks stunned.  She can't believe Steffy is bringing all that up and reminds her that it was an accident. Steffy doesn't blame Rick any more. Hope thought they were friends. Steffy wishes they could be.  She doesn't know why Hope couldn't have just gone off and had her own life, along with her mother and aunts, instead of hanging on theirs (meaning the Forresters).  Hope is perplexed at Steffy's attitude. Steffy says that Hope shouldn't even exist, but then she apologizes for how that sounds. She reminds her about how she came into the world. Hope defends Brooke, saying that she was a different person then.  Steffy rants and raves some more about having to share her family's company with them. Hope says she's sorry, and Steffy says that she is, too.  Steffy leaves with some photos while Hope watches her, upset.

Steffy goes to see Brooke and Oliver to get an answer about her ultimatum.  Brooke wants to sit down and talk, but Steffy refuses.  Brooke tells her that she's fine with quitting the company, but she doesn't want to send Hope away.  Steffy points out that it will be good for Hope to go away and be on her own, and grow up, instead of staying here with the boy she first kissed.  Brooke is astonished that Steffy doesn't care that Oliver doesn't want to her Hope. Steffy doesn't want him to hurt her, either. She just wants him to convince her to go to the college back east.  Oliver makes sure that Steffy agrees that she will keep quiet.  Brooke wonders why they should believe that she won't tell what happened down the road, anyway. Steffy points out indignantly that she is not the least trustworthy person in the room.  Oliver says that he believes Steffy.   Brooke wonders if someone else, like Steffy's friend, might have seen them and spilled the beans.  Steffy waves that idea away and then goes off ranting again about Brooke and her behavior.  She still blames her for her parents' splitting up.  Brooke is indignant that Steffy blames her for all of her problems.  Steffy points out that Brooke had a hand in many of her life's miseries.  Brooke reminds her that she's hurting Hope, too.  Steffy doesn't want to hurt Hope and things this could work out best for her.  She promises never to tell anyone else in the family and asks them to take this deal.

Meanwhile, Hope gets a phone call from Eastern Valley University in Boston, giving her one last chance at the scholarship she turned down.  Hope admits that she would love it there, but she doesn't want to leave L.A. right now.  Rick comes in and chats with Hope about the call.  They joke about the college wanting her so badly.  Rick gets a text message, finding out that Amber is back in town. They joke around some more. When Rick mentions Steffy, Hope says that she feels sorry for her. He scoffs and wonders why as Hope looks at the photo of Phoebe on the wall.

In the bathtub with Owen, Jackie tries to think of what she can do to help Nick and Bridget.  He scrubs her back as she muses that she used to spend her whole life on Nick, before Owen showed her that she could have her own life.  She knows that she will do anything to keep her life.  He kisses her on the cheek.

Bridget pleads with Nick not to divorce her. She reminds him that she has forgiven him many times and says that he owes her.  He can't disagree with her but says that all he knows is that he can't raise another man's child.  Bridget begs him to get past his anger and remember how much they wanted a child. Nick can't see a future with her and the baby. He thinks she should be with Owen. Bridget protests that she and Owen don't want or love each other, and that Owen loves Jackie. Nick doesn't think that will last.  He chuckles that everyone said the same thing about them, so they should just prove them right.  Nick insists that Bridget sign the papers.  She protests but gives in, sobbing. She puts her wedding ring down on the table next to her.  Nick tells her to take care of herself and the baby, and to do what the doctor tells her.

Bridget goes to see Owen and Jackie, saying she didn't know where else to go.  They just got out of the bath, so he is only wearing a towel, and Jackie has on a robe.  Owen is surprised to hear that Nick had papers drawn up so soon. Bridget tells him that Nick just likes to push on to the next thing. Jackie is not surprised.  Bridget is very uncertain, not knowing what her future will be now. Jackie suggests she move in Whip's old place, and offers to go pack up her things for her. Bridget doesn't want to impose on her any more, but Jackie shushes her.  She reminds her that Owen also wanted to be a father, and she didn't, so Bridget is helping them out.  She thinks they are all about to become much closer.

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