B&B Monday Update 7/5/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/5/10


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Suzanne

At work, Brooke tries to explain to Ridge that she thought "it" was him, but it was really Oliver. He somehow misunderstands that she means bringing the rap group to the party. Ridge admits that it was him, not Oliver, that got Daddy Yankee there. He wanted it to be a secret from Hope. Brooke tries again to tell Ridge the truth. She tells him how much she loves him, and that makes him worry about what she's leading up to.

Oliver stops Steffy from running out of the office and telling everyone about what happened between him and Brooke. He argues with her about it, but she still insists on telling Ridge what happened. He begs her to work something out. She thinks about it and figures that there might be a way for her to keep her mouth shut. She says Brooke has to leave the company. Then she says that Hope has to leave, too, and go to college back in Boston. This upsets Oliver. She tells him that her third condition is that he be her boyfriend and give them a chance together. He stammers that he can't do that. Steffy works on him and says that she needs an answer right now.

Oliver interrupts Brooke just as she is about to tell Ridge the truth. They exchange a confused look over Ridge's shoulder first. Ridge leaves them alone after giving Brooke a kiss. Oliver tells her that he got Steffy to agree to shut up. Brooke hugs him gratefully. He then tells her about Steffy's conditions.

Rick and Hope chat as she gets ready for her photo shoot, applying her makeup. He confides that he is worried about Bridget. Neither of them know why Bridget and Nick are having problems. The photographer, Brio, arrives. They all wonder where Oliver is. He takes photos of Hope. Rick tells Hope that she is doing well. She wonders why Oliver didn't show up.

Steffy arrives and watches them for a while. She then makes her presence known and says she wants to speak with Hope alone. Rick doesn't think it's a good idea, but Hope tells him that it's okay. Rick warns her to be nice as he leaves. Steffy notices that Rick took her place. She is not happy about it. She warns Hope that all of this stuff she loves so much is about to end.

Brooke is aghast when she learns about Steffy's conditions, especially Hope leaving and Oliver dating Steffy. Oliver assures her that it's ridiculous. He would never fall for her. He doesn't think that they should give in to Steffy's conditions, but Brooke does. She thinks Hope will be destroyed otherwise.

At Jackie M., Whip tells Bridget that he can tell that she and Nick are having problems. He offers his help. She admits there are problems, but she is not sure if she can talk to Nick or not. She phones Nick, but he ignores her call (he is smoking cigars and downing shots on his boat). She thanks Whip for letting her stay in his loft. He assures her that she won't be there long. Bridget decides to go see Nick in person and find out where they stand.

Bridget goes to Nick's boat. She is annoyed that he is smoking again. He acts very coldly to her. She is upset when she finds a petition to dissolve their marriage (with his ring on top of it). She begs him to let her try to make this up to him. She breaks down sobbing as she tells him how much she loves him and asks what she can do.

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