B&B Tuesday Update 5/25/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/25/10


Written By Suzanne
Pictures By Lark

Owen and Jackie sit at home, both at their respective computers. He is staring off into space. Jackie notices that he is distracted. He prepares to tell her something. He tells her about running into Bridget the night that Aggie lost the baby. He tells her that he had sex with her. He feels very bad about it and did not intend to cheat on her. He confides that it has been eating away at him, and he wanted to tell her, but he didn't want to hurt her. She smiles but of course is not surprised. She asks why he's telling her now. She guesses that he knows that Bridget's baby is his. Owen tells her that he just found out yesterday. She tells him that she begged her not to say anything and confesses that she's known for a few weeks. He is shocked. She yells at him for what he did, and he is still upset that didn't tell him. He wonders if she thought he would leave her, but she just says that his finding out would have made it seem real. He insists that it is real and is his baby. He chastises her for not telling him about it, so she counters that he should have told her about sleeping with Bridget. She pleads that she didn't want to lose him. He tells her that he and Bridget were not in their right minds when they had sex. She asks if it meant anything, and he agrees that it didn't. The baby changes everything, but he tells her that he loves Jackie no matter what. However, he refuses to say that it was all a mistake since the baby was created. Jackie looks worried. He thinks that their being together was fate. He wishes he could change things or that it was Nick's baby. She begs him not to tell Nick the truth, at least until they know for sure. They argue about it. She thinks that this could rip two marriages apart, but he insists that they don't have to let it do that. He grabs her shoulders and insists that he only wants her. She nods that she understands. He apologizes more and begs her to believe him. She wants to, and he wonders if she ever can forgive him. She tells him that she already has, and they hug. He thanks her profusely, and they kiss.

Justin is with Bill, Katie, and Donna. He says that he has the proposed settlement agreement (for Donna and Eric's divorce). Donna looks upset. Bill tells her that she's asking for half of Eric's share of Forrester Creations, which is only a small part of his total worth. Justin tells her that she's entitled to half under California's community property laws. Bill says that Eric owes it to her, and she has to fight for it (um, no, the law is on her side so she doesn't have to fight, LOL!). Bill hands her the document and tells her to use it as leverage. Donna asks if Bill would want to buy her half of Forrester if she gets it from Eric. He says this is about her and her family. If she decides in the future to sell her shares, he would be happy to do that. Katie assures her that this is not about Bill wanting back into the company. He tells Donna that if she does this, she takes back power that the Forresters took from them and brings honor and respect back to the Logan name (Just like Brooke did when she got her share of Forrester? I don't think so). Bill, Katie and Justin keep working on Donna, including bringing up Stephen's fragile mental state. Mostly they just want her to take revenge. She finally agrees and signs the papers.

Stephen sits at Insomnia Cafe drinking coffee and looking in bad shape. He flashes back to Pam's mean tricks on Donna (even though he wasn't there). His coffee burns him, so he puts it down abruptly. Pam walks in, saying she thought she might find him there, still with the mean and angry look in his eye. He tells her plainly that he gets that way when he thinks of what she and Stephanie did to Donna and her mom. Pam begs him quietly not to make another scene. He insists that he has to step up as a father and be strong for his girls. She sits down, asking if they can talk. She tells him that he's wrong about Stephanie. He disagrees, saying Stephanie is evil, cruel and destructive. She laughs that it's almost biblical how the Forresters and Logans hate each other. He tells her that because of Stephanie, his wife is dead. She touches his hand and tells him that she's really sorry for what happened to Beth. He looks at her hand, and she takes it back. She says it's not fair to blame Stephanie for it. She tells him how Stephanie has looked after her all their lives and has never let her down, so if she is attacked, she has to look after her. He tells her that he knows what she and Stephanie did to his wife and daughters, and it has to stop now. He is determined to be the one to stop it. She looks at him grimly. Pam points out that both of his daughters stole Eric from Stephanie. Stephen says that Eric is weak, but that Stephanie lost him. She doesn't think he should look at his daughters as little angels, and at Stephanie as the devil. He knows that she would do anything for Stephanie and points out that Pam took care of her mom all those years, which was Stephanie's decision. He wonders what kind of loving sister runs off to the bright lights of L.A. and leaves her to take care of their mom. Pam looks uncertain but denies being trapped. He asks what she did for herself while she looked after her mom, like date, or travel. She admits that she didn't. He feels bad for her, pointing out that she is an attractive woman yet never had any friends, traveled, or had sex. Pam laughs at the idea. She tells him that her mother and she listened to classical music, and she told Pam that it was better than sex. Stephen is amazed and states that Pam has been robbed of her life. She doesn't agree. He lays out everything she has sacrificed for Stephanie and asks what kind of life that is for someone who is "warm and lovely" like she is. She looks flattered that he thinks so but tells him that her mother said she was "too shy and delicate to be out in the world". She also confesses that she had some problems, so he asks what she means. She explains about her mental problems, briefly, but says she is fine as long as she takes her pills. He tells her that she deserves better and is the forgotten sister. He asks what Pam has gotten out of life. He points out that Stephanie is very selfish for what she has done to Pam. Pam suddenly says she has to leave and tries to get the check, but he insists on taking care of it. She protests, but he is very insistent on buying the coffee. She thanks him, sighs, looks at him, and makes excuses. They both stand. She shakes his hand and says, "See ya" and leaves. Stephen says quietly to himself that maybe Pam is the key to getting rid of her and Stephanie and protecting his girls.

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