B&B Monday Update 5/24/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 5/24/10


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Lark


Brooke and Brio rush to help Stephen, who has just been hit by Brio's car. Brooke wants to take him to the hospital, but he doesn't want that. Brio says that she didn't see him. He thinks that he's fine and just asks her to take him to Katie's. Brooke and Katie try to convince him to go to the doctor, as does Bill. Stephen is only worried about the girls because their mother wanted to protect them from Stephanie. He feels that it's his mission now to carry out what Beth wanted. He sounds a little demented as he recites what Beth said, to protect the girls against Stephanie and Pam, if it is the last thing they do. He says that it was her last wish, and then Stephanie killed her, so now it's up to him. Katie shakes her head at what he is saying. They all look worried and upset. Stephen wants to go home, but they insists that he stays. They argue about it. He wants to go home and be alone to grieve. They are worried about him after his accident. He agrees to call and check in. He looks at the wedding ring he carries around, ruminating that he and Beth were going to get married again. He wishes he could have protected Beth, or his girls when they were young. He blames himself for being weak but says he never will be that way again. He promises them that they have a father they can depend on now. The girls hug him. Stephen's cab arrives, so he leaves. Katie hugs Bill. They are worried about him. Bill understands how Stephen feels because he's a man (gag).

Pam tries on a pretty blue dress, saying it's too nice for her. Stephanie points out that she's just nervous. Pam says it's a big step. She is getting ready for her date with Jarrett. Stephanie thinks they make a great couple. The bicker about it. Pam hasn't been on a date in a long time. There is a knock on the door. Jarrett arrives with a beautiful flower bouquet. Stephanie takes them from Pam, saying she'll put them in water. Pam and Jarrett leave as she wishes them well, chuckling. They go to Insomnia and order cappuccino. Pam wants to order fat-free, but he urges her to get what she want, so she does. They laugh about it. He notices her pearls, and she says that they're her trademark. He guesses that they have sentimental value. She tells him that he's correct and that they were a college graduation present from her mother. She laughs that he didn't know her, so he figures that means she was difficult. She agrees but says she really misses her. He concedes that it's hard losing someone you love. She takes his hand, saying that she is so sorry about what he's going through. She gets upset with herself about bringing it up and changing the mood. She suddenly tries to switch the subject, asking him if he always wanted to be a reporter. He admits that he wanted to be a designer but can't draw. She thinks he has a great eye for design and admires his work. She suggests they have dessert. He agrees but says that the portions there are very tiny. Pam gets upset at the word tiny because it reminds her of her dog. He apologizes for the painful reminder. She asks in a challenging way if he likes dogs. He nervously answers that he's not really a pet person. Pam looks disappointed.

Jarrett says that he likes pets but they are inconvenient for him, since he travels so much. It wouldn't be fair for a dog to be in the kennel all the time. She is shocked to hear that he travels so much but figures it must be exciting. He loves traveling and asks her if does any traveling. She tells him no and reminds him that she spent most of her life in Chicago. He figures that moving to L.A. must have broadened her horizons. He gets a work phone call. He apologizes to Pam, but she tells him that he should go and get his scoop. She says kindly that they were kind of finished there, anyway. Jarrett hangs up and pays the bill. He apologizes and takes her hand. He tells her that she's one in a million. He kisses her hand and then rushes off. She says sadly that she's just not the one for him. Pam phones Stephanie to tell her what happened. Stephanie tells her that she will come meet her there right now. Stephen shows up and takes a seat. He looks over at Pam sitting at the table. He remembers the terrible things she did to Donna. He walks over and puts his coffee down next to her. She wonders why he's there. He warns her to tell Stephanie to stay away from his family. He won't allow her to harm them again. He says that Stephanie is cruel and dangerous, and Pam is her pawn. He rails on about how Beth has died and how their lives just go on. Pam expresses her sympathy for his loss but that it was a terrible accident. She says that he is wrong to blame Stephanie. He ignores her, saying it was the last straw. He talks about all that she and Stephanie have done to his girl. He accuses them off passing on that same legacy of "hate the Logans" to Steffy. Pam protests again that it was an accident. Stephanie arrives and is very protective of Pam. He warns that he hasn't even begun to cause her trouble. She says that he'd better not, if he knows what's good for him and his family. She says to him quietly that he is embarrassing his daughters by causing a scene. She points out that many people there have cameras on their cell phones. She urges him to accept what happened and that she had nothing to do with it. She blames it on him and their daughters for leaving Beth alone when they knew she should have been watched 24/7. Pam tries to calm things down by saying no one should be placing blame, but Stephanie ignores her. They argue some more. He tells her about Beth's dying wish, saying he will fulfill it by keeping his family safe, whatever it takes. He warns her some more as she leaves with Pam. Stephen takes out his wedding ring again and stares at it.

Oliver and Hope kiss on the couch. She compares what everyone says about love to what she is experiencing. He smiles at her. He sets up a camera to take photos of them together. He kisses her and they pose for pictures. Later, they look over the photos on his computer. They kiss some more.

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