B&B Tuesday Update 4/13/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/13/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures By Juanita

Nick asks Bridget what is going on and as she struggles to find the words he rubs her shoulders and tells her she can tell him anything.

Owen and Jackie toast over wine as Owen tells Jackie she means everything to him and he does not want to let her down. Jackie asks why he is talking this way. She says he will never let her down and they is nothing he can do to get rid of her now.

Donna asks her father as how her mother is and he says Beth is doing as well as can be expected thanks to Eric. Eric explains this is Donna’s home and they will do whatever they can to make good moments occur. Steven says there is something to do that would make this more pleasant for Donna and Beth. Donna begs him not to but Steven says letting Stephanie live in the guesthouse is I unfair to Donna. Before anyone can say anything Stephanie comes through the door asking for a martini. She sees Steven and asks him what he is doing there.

Eric explains Beth and Steven are there. Stephanie explains she would have added them to the guest list for Eric’s dedication. Steven wonders why Stephanie would do that when she did not even invite Eric’s wife. Stephanie mentions them going back on the cruise and Eric turns to a stunned Stephanie and informs her that they will be staying with them for a while.

Jackie tells Owen they are in this and they have been the start. Glasses clink before kissing ensues.

Bridget hugs Nick as she gasps for breath while telling him she loves him so much. Nick says they can get through anything; they have been through losing a baby and all he needs is what they have. Nick kisses Bridget passionately before carrying her to bed.

Jackie tells Owen he tells her things women dream someone will say to them. He does things for her. She gives the instance of the photo shoot. She goes on to say that he has humbled her by loving her so much he would forfeit having a child of his own.

Bridget is in bed with Nick and says it is not him. She tells him he is beautiful and he and Jack are her life that she always wanted. Nick knows she has something to tell him. Bridget struggles with tears as she says she does not know how to find the words. Nick smiles and says she should take her time. Bridget blurts out she is pregnant . She has an appointment with the doctor but the home test was positive. Nick is shocked as he repeats that they are pregnant.

Stephanie has caught on that Steven announced they had left the cruise. He explains they have returned to LA due to Beth’s health declining. He says Eric offered the house and Beth does not remember the kids. Steven begins to rant that Beth does not remember anything and slowly she will forget them all. Donna begins to sob and Eric goes to comfort her. Beth comes down the stairs and sees Stephanie. She calls her name and Stephanie is surprised she remembers her. Beth confronts Stephanie calling her a “troublemaker” adding, “I don’t like you.”

Nick dresses in a robe and comes over to Bridget’s side of the bed. Nick asks how this happened. Bridge says she forgot to take pulls since she has been so stressed out. Bridget apologizes and Nick says tells her not to worry. He wants her to relax and they will take time to wrap their heads around it. Bridget’s phone begins to ring and Nick tells her she should answer it. She sees it is Own and she answers. He asks if everything is okay. Bridget sounds unsure of herself. Owen tells her not to say anything and that he will meet her by the gate near her house. He begs her to promise that she will not say anything. Bridget promises and then ends the call.

Steven walks over to Beth and tells her she does not want her to be upset and that they should go for a walk. Donna follows her parents outside. Stephanie walks over to Eric and asks what is going on. Eric wants Donna to be close to her parents. Stephanie sees the decline and asks if at this stage she may need professional care. Eric says they can get a nurse. Stephanie relates to their pain because of her mother’s illness but says a decision like this should take some planning. They both look to see Donna looking on. Eric’s phone rings and he walks out of the room. Donna approaches Stephanie and says she was saved by the bell. She wonders if Stephanie thought Eric would throw them out in the cold. Donna asks if this is the last thing her mother wants she should be able to provide this. Donna knows Stephanie wants Eric back and so anything she says Donna will not trust. Stephanie wishes she did not feel that way but says it takes Eric time to say what he wants, “but in the end he will.”

Owen waits at the gate as Bridget comes outside to meet him in her robe. He is livid when he hears she told him she was pregnant and that she was about to tell the other news. Owen tries to convey that all of Bridget’s dreams come true if this is Nick’s baby. He says they will do a paternity test and then she never has to tell Nick.

Donna does not understand how Stephanie could want her family to just leave. Donna pleads with Eric this one time for him to not listen to Stephanie. Eric embraces a distraught Donna.

Stephanie hears a knock at the door and assumes it is Eric. Steven enters and says that Stephanie’s presence is not a positive thing. She can not believe he is insinuating she should leave. Steven is frustrated and exclaims that Stephanie has other places she can go. Stephanie wants to know who the hell Steven thinks he is to ask her to leave. Stephanie defends her house would still be hers if Donna had not seduced her husband. Stephanie asks who is at the door and Steven says Beth wants to talk to her but a confrontation confuses her and makes everything worse. Stephanie sees an angry Beth who instructs Steven to leave. Steven leaves and Beth grabs a bag and says Stephanie has to pack and leave. She puts dishes and candles in the bag and tells Stephanie that she must protect her daughters. Stephanie chides her children are very capable of defending themselves. Beth looks at Stephanie and says that she is never hurting her children again and then calls Stephanie a bitch.

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