B&B Monday Update 4/12/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/12/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Flashes of Bridget holding the pregnancy test appear as Owen asks is the tests are inconclusive. He then asks if she is pregnant. Bridget then has a panicked look on her face.

Nick thinks his mother should do something special for Owen. She sits sipping coffee as Nick works on his computer. Jackie admits she likes that Nick likes Owen but she is not ready to hear romantic advice from him about Owen. Nick jokes and says he was talking about her doing something nice. Owen does everything Jackie asks and has a way of bringing in money for the company. Jackie then admits that she is was wrong to think Brooke was the only one for Nick. She knows she was wrong; no one will come between them ever again.

Donna comes in and sees a man sitting in her living room. She sees her father and runs to hug him. He explains the housekeeper let him in. Donna is thrilled to see him and asks where her mother is. She guesses something is wrong and asks what it is.

Donna asks her father again what was wrong. He explains her mother is fine and she is in the den. He explains that going to new places was a little too much for Beth to take in right now. He thought they could go off to sea and get married. Beth decided that if she is getting married she wants her daughters to be around. Donna says her guardian angel sent them and hugs him. He asks what is wrong and Donna smiles as she is just tired. Donna thinks about planning the wedding and offers Brooke’s garden. She would offer her home but Stephanie is now living in the guest house. She does not want to talk about it right now. She wants to concentrate on the wedding.

Owen sees the positive sign on the pregnancy test and Bridget tells him she is pregnant.

Donna wonders how much wore her mother is and her father tries to calm her reminding her she knew her mother was sick. Eric comes into the house and is delighted to see Steven. He says that had he known they were coming into town they could have joined them today. Donna wonders how they could have when she did not even know anything about it. She supports and is happy for Eric but wonders why she was not involved in an y planning. Beth comes out and sees them all. Eric sees that she does not look well and says hello to her before shooting Donna a look of concern.

Jackie and Nick sit down on the couch and continue to discuss the drive that a man has to be a father. Nick thinks that God gives you things and if you keep looking for something else o happen you may not expect what happens next.

Owen tries to calm Bridget as she begins to panic. He asks if she also slept with Nick the night they slept together. She admits they did and he asks about the night before. He then tries to tell her the probability that the child is his is minimal. Bridget cries as she says she has lost three babies and that was the normal.

Donna’s father explains that Beth did not like to color her hair anymore and that is why her roots are grey. Beth asks how the party was and Donna thinks she is talking about Eric’s celebration. Beth is confused and Steven gives Donna a look. Donna then asks her mother if Brooke and Katie know she is in town. Beth is disoriented and Donna’s father asks Beth to show Donna the lace in her hands. She has woven pictures of the family onto lace they found in Ireland. Donna tries to touch it and her mother winces, pulling away. Donna’s father then tries to explain that Beth likes to have the lace with her at all times. Beth again asks how the party was and Eric catches on; he tells her it was a lovely time. She then announces that this is good and maybe he will hire her to cater again. Donna is at a loss and tells her mother she sold the catering business. Beth becomes agitated and Eric calms her by saying the party was wonderful. Donna begins to cry as Beth stands beside Steven.

Bridget puts the test in the bag as Owen asks about Bridget’s condition. He asks what she will do. Bridget says if it is Nick’s she will do what she can. Owen exclaims that it has to be Nick’s. Owen always wanted a child but if it were his he would worry about her and the child. He does not know what to do because he loves his wife. Bridget says she loves Nick more than she has ever loved everyone. Bridget goes to throw the bag away but Owen stops her. He offers to throw it in the dumpster. He suggests that she see her doctor. Bridget insists she must tell Nick. Owen says that she should see her doctor and if she can carry to term then she will have everything she wants. If she tells the truth she may be alone as a single mother. He begs her to find out more information before telling Nick.

Steven explains that Beth was on top of the cruise ship looking at the water when he found her. The first day they were there she forgot to swim and could not remember how to. Eric asks where they will stay. He says he thought about Bill and Katie’s but they are newlyweds. He knows Brooke and Ridge have kids and that would be confusing. Eric insists they stay with them. Steven goes to get the bags and Donna can not believe Eric will still do this for her. He embraces her and tells her that he told her he loved her every morning and every night; that meant something.

Owen comes home to find that Jackie has cooked and prepared the table. He is shocked and the two embrace as she tells him how important he is to her.

Bridget walks into her bedroom where she sees lingerie on the bed. Nick appears with two wine glasses and offers her a glass but Bridget refuses saying she does not feel like it tonight. She notices the bed and says he has planned something. He claims that they should do research for the new lingerie line. As Nick begins to kiss Bridget she tries to get away; claiming she is not in the sexiest of moods. Nick explains she should trust herself since he trusts her with his son and himself. Bridget pulls away and tells Nick he does not know what is going on inside of her and that she has to tell him what has happened. Bridget then announces she may lose him over this, but she must tell the truth.

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