B&B Monday Update 3/22/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/22/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Nick asks Agnes what she is talking about but Agnes asks if Bridget wants to tell him or if she should. Bridget asks what is there to tell and Agnes responds that Nick does not know his wife but he will find out what she is capable of. Fear strikes Bridget’s face.

At the Winter Formal the teens continue to dance. Hope pulls Oliver to the side and thanks him for showing up when he did. Hope tells Oliver she was concerned he would not show up and then kisses him passionately.

Hope’s friends tell Hope they may throw her out of school for kissing/dancing the way she did with Oliver. Oliver says if they do he will home school her. The two teens walk away and through the curtain Steffy appears. She is dressed in a black top with dark jeans and peers through a curtain. Hope asks Oliver if she was kicked out of school what would he teach her. Steffy watches as Hope and Oliver dance with each other. Hope laughs the entire time and Steffy looks on with jealousy.

Jackie walks to Owen and asks him to tell her what has gotten him so preoccupied lately. Owen explains he has been worried about Bridget and Nick. Jackie thinks Owen is so sweet to be so considerate.

Bridget throws her shirt on and walks to the middle of the room with Nick behind her. Bridget says she knows they overreacted but she really just wants Agnes out of her life. Nick defends that they have gotten past everything that happened. Agnes contends that Bridget did not cause the miscarriage and she had no right to leave the hospital. Bridget says she know she overreacted and Agnes replies that this is an understatement. Catching on to Agnes Bridget looks at her with hate. Agnes asks if she thought she would just go to Mexico and everything would be forgotten. Nick is suddenly confused.

Steffy continues to watch a jubilant Hope and Oliver. As tears form in her eyes she turns and is stunned to see Marcus. Steffy incites herself that she was watching Hope. Marcus asks if Steffy likes Hope’s boyfriend and Steffy denies that she likes him or that he registers. Marcus then admits that he is seeing someone. Steffy replies that she is happy he is involved. Marcus asks if she is as happy for Hope to have someone as well.

Owen says he talked to Bridget earlier and she was emotional. Jackie stands with wine and compares Bridget and Owen’s wants for children. Owen justifies that he was trying to help Bridget when Nick saw them.

Nick asks Agnes to just tell them what she is trying say. Aggie says she always thought Nick was the perfect husband and that Bridget had such high integrity. She was too good to be sure and it turned out she was. Nick tells her to stop. He says he does not want to hear what she has to say and he does not want to hear what Bridget has to say. He says this is all about loss. Aggie lost a physical child and he knows she is hurt. He knows Bridget is hurt. He was going to be the father of that baby. He says the baby would have been so lucky to have come into this family. Nick looks Bridget in the eyes as he asks what the child would have thought about what is going on now.

Oliver tells all of Hope’s friends he works at Insomnia. They are going there now and ask if they want to come along. Oliver answers they will be there. Oliver then continues to dance with Hope as Hope thanks him for coming as her date. Hope says Oliver was the best looking guy there and all of her friends drooled over him all night. Oliver contends his date was the Queen of the room and all of the guys couldn’t stop staring at her. As the two look into one another’s eyes we see Marcus and Steffy peering through the curtain. The look on Steffy’s face shows that she is jealous and hurt. Marcus now know she feels something for him. Steffy tries to imply that Oliver is too old for Hope. It comes out that Hope saw she and Oliver kissing. Marcus points out that Steffy is intelligent and beautiful. He thinks she is nearly the whole package and should let it go. He knows there will be other guys lining up for her. As Marcus and Steffy continue to laugh as Marcus’ girlfriend walks up. Marcus kisses her lightly and introduces Steffy as his “friend.” Steffy watches as the two leave her alone. She then peeks back through the curtain to see Hope and Oliver laughing.

Jackie thinks Owen is “such a good person” for helping Bridget. Jackie walks away and says Bridget will calm down but she is upset about losing the baby. Jackie walks to the other side of the room as Owen can not help but add “and everything else that happened that night.”

Bridget thinks they should just stay away from Agnes but Nick says he will not let that happen. He saw Bridget reach out and have an actual friend. What came between the two of them was Nick. Nick insists had he not kept Aggie’s secret they would have their friendship. Bridget informs him it is a little too late now. Nick says it is time to start. Bridget asks how and Nick tells her she can start by giving Agnes her job back. Bridget asks why but Agnes interrupts. She tells them she does not want it back. Agnes thought of Bridget as her sister but just like Bridget did not know who she was; she had no clue who his wife was and that is what she came to tell him. Bridget’s face goes transforms from snotty to worry mixed with anger.

Steffy continues to spy on Hope and Oliver. She sees Oliver playing with Hope’s hair. She asks herself aloud how she can feel something for someone who is so “turned on by Hope.” Without fail Steffy turns to continue to watch the two dance. Oliver tells Hope he has class and she asks what his major is. He tells her to guess and she thinks it must have something to do with music or film. Oliver shocks Hope when he tells her his major is finance. While explaining that music is his dream he hints that there is something big on the horizon. He tells Hope if and when he gets it she will be the first person he tells. He then expresses his desire to own his own label and scout new talent. Hope tells Oliver if anyone can do it he can. Hope then tells him he brought out the best in her. Oliver leans down and kisses Hope. As Steffy watch a tear travels down her cheek.

Nick had figured out Agnes came to bad mouth his wife. Agnes says Nick needs to know the truth. Nick knows the truth. They have all suffered a loss and Bridget did the wrong thing by firing her. Agnes came back to retaliate. Nick asks Bridget if she really thinks Agnes is a threat to their marriage. He asks both of them to rise above this. Bridget says she thinks back on when they were all so close. Agnes asks if she still thinks about those moments. Agnes asks Bridget what she regrets and Bridget tells her she should have never doubted her husband. She looks at Agnes as she tells her it will never happen again. Bridget asks Agnes to work there again. Bridget then says aloud she was wrong to fire her. Agnes walks towards the door and tells Nick he has done the impossible. She looks at Bridget and says people deal with grief in their own way. She never would have done what Bridget has done but she never wants to be Bridget’s enemy. She knows Bridget never wants them to be enemies as well.

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