B&B Wednesday Update 3/17/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/17/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Owen sees Nick walk in and Nick asks if someone would care to tell him what is going on.

Brooke compliments Hope on her attire as teenagers talk amongst them selves. Hope is wearing a silver floor length gown with sequins at the top. Her long hair is in a one sided low ponytail that is curled at the ends. Brooke promises not to stay long as Hope’s phone begins to ring. Brooke inquires if it is Oliver and Hope takes the call, lighting up when she realizes that indeed, it is Oliver. He is walking around his living room shirtless asking if she still wants him to bring music. Hope glances at the older DJ and jokes he better not embarrass her since she is so popular because everyone knows she dates a DJ. Oliver corrects that he is an Entertainment Specialist and says he will see her soon. When Oliver gets off the phone Steffy stands in the background wearing only a bikini with a wrap. She asks if he is really going to a high school dance. Oliver turns and is shocked to see her standing there.

Whip walks outside and sees candles. Taylor wears a sheer linen cover up over a bikini. He says it all makes sense now. Taylor had apparently texted Whip to meet her by the pool with an appetite. Whip says he has forgotten his suit and Taylor begins unbuttoning his shirt as she sees that leaves little option for him then.

Whip stands before Taylor shirtless and he begins to take off her bikini top. She does not know why he would think she would have to go topless since he is the one who forgot his suit. He chides that she is the host. They begin to kiss as the garment hits the ground.

Hope’s friends walk up to her and ask where Oliver is. Brooke sees Hope’s Spanish teacher and says she will go say hello. Hope begs her mother not to try out her Spanish on the teacher as she walks away. The friends apologize to Hope for bringing Oliver up in front of her mother. Hope says it is cool but she likes to pretend that Oliver is not that big of a deal around her mother. The friends know she likes Oliver a lot and Hope agrees, “totally.” She adds that she can not wait for him to get there.

Oliver asks Steffy what she is doing and informs her he has to go. Steffy says he can not be serious but Oliver is adamant that he likes Hope “a lot” and he is going. Steffy puts her purse and laptop bag down and says it is a good thing he likes Hope since she wants him to work with her, “kinda.” Oliver is intrigued as Steffy returns to his side with the laptop. She begins to show him the video they had made for the campaign but says the music is all wrong and she thinks he would do so much more with it. Oliver would love the opportunity and Steffy says that is great that they should get to work then.

Bridget sees Nick and goes to him. She tells Nick she was dealing with a lot with the baby and Owen was there. Nick thanks Owen and Owen leaves the room. Nick and Bridget continue to hug until Agnes comes in the doorway. Aggie is looking for Jackie and says she can come back. Bridget says that is not necessary and asks Nick to excuse them. Nick leaves the room and Aggie asks how Bridget’s time away way. Bridget says it was great but her services are not needed so she is fired.

Agnes repeats that she was fired. Bridget informs Agnes that Stephenie is no longer with the company so her position has been eliminated. Agnes shakes her head and says she understands. She then apologizes to Bridget. She tells her she was wrong. She had grown to love her and it was wrong; she was wrong. Agnes then adds that no matter what her feelings were for Nick she never would have acted on them. She respects their marriage too much and just as Bridget never would have crossed that line neither would she. Bridget turns at this point letting Aggie’s words of guilt sink in.

Taylor and Whip are in robes on lounge chairs. Taylor lies in Whip’s lap as he feeds her. Whip asks if she knows what she does to him. Taylor pulls Whip down into a kiss.

Hope explains to more teens that better music is on it’s way. Her mother approaches as everyone leaves her alone. She wonders why Hope did not tell her the Spanish teacher was impressed with her presentation. Hope asks Brooke isn’t it time for her to leave. Hope then gathers her mother wants to make sure Oliver is there. Hope is confident that he will show up. Hope guesses her mother is concerned about Steffy. Hope tells her she knows Oliver was lured away by Steffy before but she knows he will be there.

Steffy shows Oliver the video with the terrible music and asks if he can do something. Oliver says he will do it but not tonight. He promised Hope and he will not let her down. Oliver stands up and Steffy tells him this can not wait until the morning. She is giving him a chance for employment. Steffy walks over to him until she is inches from his face. Oliver states he is flattered; Steffy is a beautiful girl. Oliver tells her he knows she has ulterior motives with the Logans but he has to go. Steffy looks and asks if he still thinks she has issues. Oliver responds, “we all have issues.” Steffy then says she will tell Oliver something. She was dating Ric and it did not end well. She still wonders if he felt anything for her. Steffy sits on the coffeetable and seductively rubs her legs as she tells Oliver she has not been able to feel anything since “til now.” Oliver asks what she means by “til now” and Steffy comes closer as she repeats “til now.”

Whip looks through his pockets and pulls out a ring box. Taylor asks what it is and she opens the box to find massive diamond earrings. Taylor says she can’t but Whip insists she has to. He wants her to wear them and think about how much he loves her. Taylor looks at Whip as he tells her the past few months have made him feel so lucky. He has spent so much time with a beautiful, kind, caring woman who happens to be intelligent. He has never experienced anything like this and even if she does not feel this for him…Taylor grabs his face and tells Whip she loves him. She repeats that she loves him before kissing him again.

Everyone continues to dance as Hope is by the table alone. Hope says aloud that he will be there.

Bridget is alone in the office when Nick walks in and asks how it went. Bridget says she fired Aggie. Nick looks shocked as Bridget says Aggie had feelings for him. The baby is gone, everything is gone and Agnes needed to go. Nick closes the door and walks to her as Nick wishes Bridget would have talked to him. Bridget retorts she wishes she would have known lots of things. She then thinks it is unfair that she said that. She tells Nick that moving forward for her does not include Aggie.

Oliver and Steffy are inches from one another when Steffy’s phone rings. She takes the call since it is her dad. She walks away and as she makes plans to meet with him tomorrow Oliver finds the video, sends it to himself and deletes it from Steffy’s computer. He then closes the laptop and hands it to Steffy before saying he will work on the music all night but he is going to the dance. Steffy takes her computer and tells him to have fun with high school but they are working first thing tomorrow morning. Steffy leaves and Oliver hooks his phone up to the projection screen and sees the video of Owen and Bridget. Oliver is startled when Agnes walks in and asks “what the hell is that?” Oliver is stunned and she announces she can not believe “Bridget and Owen?”

Aggie asks where Oliver got it. Oliver says he came home and he did not know. Agnes can not believe she was having an affair recently. Aggie asks her brother when this was shot and he is reluctant but she presses. Oliver finally tells her it was the night she lost the baby. Aggie grabs Oliver’s phone and Oliver protests that she can not take his phone. Agnes leaves her phone for Oliver and walks out the door as she says “little miss perfect has some explaining to do.”

Bridget asks Nick what he would have done. Nick says Aggie is not a threat to their marriage. Their vows are sacred and he would never betray her. Bridget knows this and she hates feeling this way. Nick asks what way. Bridget says she may need help. She leans in and kisses him and asks if he can help her forget. Bridget begins to passionately kiss Nick. She tells him to lock the door.

Hope walks up to the bar alone when her mother approaches. She asks if Oliver is not there yet and Oliver presents the mix in his hands. Hope is delighted to see him and Brooke excuses herself. Oliver apologizes for the delay; he blames his sister. Brooke is puzzled but Oliver says he is there to have a good time, “no heavy stuff.” Brooke tells them to have a great time. Hope is all smiles as she pulls Oliver’s hand and tells him he should meet her friends. Oliver pulls Hope to him saying “before we do that..” and kisses Hope.

Nick and Bridget claw each others clothes off as Agnes wiggles a locked door before entering the door with a key. She says this can not wait. Bridget sits half way up with her bra on. Agnes is adamant and stern as she claims “this can’t wait. I know what you’re up to Bridget and I think it is time your husband found out.” Bridget looks shocked and frightened as she hears the words.

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