B&B Tuesday Update 3/16/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/16/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures By Juanita

Jackie is in her office and she is prepping balloons when Owen when comes in and guess Nick and Bridget are coming back. Nick and Bridget walk in and as Nick promises Bridget nothing big he sees his mother with balloons attached to a plant. Nick walks to his desk with Jackie behind him as Bridget and Owen look at one another.

Hope tells her mother that she can not believe Steffy would pounce on Oliver just because she can not drive her family completely out of the business. Brooke wonders what is going on with her. Hope knows Steffy has issues but she can’t blame everything on them. Brooke says she knows this will be okay. Hope guarantees she is not worried about it since Oliver does not want Steffy; he told her so. Brooke knows that Steffy normally only goes after people when she wants something and they both wonder what it is.

Steffy is running on the treadmill in a skimpy top and short shorts when Oliver walks onto the roof. She rapidly gets off of the treadmill and goes over to his side. He notes this is not the executive floor and she concludes he is looking for Hope. Oliver responds that he has the mix for the dance she should preview. Steffy can’t believe Oliver is going to a high school dance but he defends he is her date. Steffy then says Hope should soak up the only time she will be queen of the Forrester room. Oliver tells Steffy to stop taking shots at Hope like that.

Steffy goes over to the weights and Oliver follows her over. He thought they came to an understanding she would not use the tape. Steffy asks if that is all it was all about; the tape. She thought they had opened up to one another before Hope walked in and he went chasing after her. Oliver says Hope was upset but Steffy tries to tell him that is the Logan way. They throw hissy fits until they get what they want. Oliver asks if her using the video is what her dad would want. He does not know about the fashion industry but he knows that a lot of people do not like so many changes so quickly. Steffy thinks he is cute and clever. She leans in very close and tells him she can’t wait to see what how he will persuade her next not to use the video. Oliver leaves Steffy on the bench alone.

Nick puts the balloons in the corner and asks if they can keep it low key. Jackie says they can keep it business as usual. Nick walks over and Bridget places her head on Nick’s shoulder.

Hope tells her mother she does not know what Steffy is after with Oliver but she will not get it. Oliver stands in the doorway and Hope lights up when she sees him. Oliver enters the room as Brooke looks on.

Jackie knows it has to be hard for Bridget. Nick says they would like to focus on each other and family. Jackie says work could be their outlet. Nick adds when she is ready. Owen pushes that she shouldn’t stay gone too long because they would miss that and there is no reason to. Bridget tells everyone she knows she has so much to be grateful for.

Brooke walks up behind Hope and jokes that Oliver’s ears must be burning. Oliver’s cheeks turn red as he introduces himself. Brooke thanks him for taking Hope to the dance. Oliver says it is his pleasure. Brooke has hoped that Hope has said a few nice things about her and Oliver assures her she has. Brooke then says she has heard of the kiss he shared with Steffy. She does not want to make him feel uncomfortable but the fact that he still is interested in his daughter and did not let Steffy’s animosity derail him speaks to his character. She knows about his sister’s loss and she is sorry to hear that. She would like to offer him advice. She thinks that Steffy has been off the rails as of late and would advise he steer clear of her; especially if he plans on dating Hope.

Bridget looks as the balloons float in her office. She recalls the night with Owen and how she asked if he would ever lie to her. She remembers him saying he would never keep anything from her and how much she means to him. Bridget blinks and Owen enters the room. Bridget wonders what he is doing and Owen closes the door. He says it is awkward only because she allows it to be. Owen thinks Bridget is making this situation more tense by not letting it go. Owen says she should forgive herself for letting him comfort her that night; “that’s all it was.”

Steffy is on the roof watching the video when Brooke approaches and tells her they need to talk. Steffy tells her to be careful with that. Both women glare at one another.

Jackie and Nick walk in the hall as Nick states he can not believe his mother had balloons. Nick wonders if they came back too soon. Nick says when she gets quiet that is when he worries. If he ever lost Bridget it may kill him.

Bridget can not believe she had sex with her mother-in-law’s husband. Owen says they both were not thinking. Bridget says they should stop. Owen then thinks maybe it is something deeper that brought them together and maybe she should look at it that way. He wanted children and so did she. It was nothing more than sympathy.

Hope turns and tells Oliver she does not tell her mom everything but she was mad about Steffy. Oliver stops Hope and tells her the Queen can’t be upset on her big day. He asks what she can do to put a smile on her face.

Steffy repeats Brooke wants to talk. Brooke sits down and says she is worried about her. Steffy says she can’t stop when Brooke still has say in the company. Brooke asks if Steffy hears herself. The edginess in her voice. She knows Steffy is mad because she feels like her father has been taken away. Brooke tells Steffy Ridge loves her and asks her to let the feud go. Steffy looks at Brooke and notes to Brooke it is a feud; to her it is justice. Brooke looks at her and asks if that is why she is going after her daughter’s boyfriend.

Brooke knows about the kiss with Oliver. Brooke says Hope does not think Steffy is interested in Oliver and neither does she. Brooke tells her to stay away from Hope. Steffy smugly looks at Brooke. Brooke states that Steffy got rid of Katie, she got rid of Bill but she will not get rid of her. Steffy sits back and says “we’ll see, we’ll see.”

Jackie reinforces to Nick that Bridget loves him and she will not let him go.

Hope asks Oliver if he thinks it is stupid; the whole high school dance. Oliver knows this is a big night for her and he is glad he gets to be with her. She thanks him for being her date and asks if he is excited. Oliver leans down and the two begin to kiss. Steffy comes to the door and sees the two. In her mind Steffy tells Hope to enjoy it while she can because Oliver will not make it to her “silly dance.”

Bridget says Owen may have seen it as sympathy but she was not seeing it that way. She was mad at Nick. She was grieving for herself. She says that night Nick was let down. She says if it were anyone else she would tell him but she can’t because it is Owen. “Somehow I am just going to have to figure out a way to live with it.” Owen stops Bridget and is very close to her when he tells her they will find a way to make it work. When they are inches away from one another's faces Nick walks in and asks what is going on.

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