B&B Monday Update 3/15/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/15/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Oliver comes closer to Steffy and as they begin a heated kiss Hope walks up and asks Oliver what he is doing. Steffy asks why Hope is there and then defends that kissing is not a crime. Steffy is very defensive as she asks Hope why she is there at all. Hope hands over the proofs. Oliver tries to stop Hope but she turns and says she does not need to watch an encore. Oliver knows they have plans and Hope then says he is clearly entertaining someone else.

Ridge and Brooke are in bed when Ridge brings up the fact Brooke wanted to meet Hope’s guy. Brooke can’t help but notice how “smitten” Hope is with him. Ridge and Brooke both wonder if they are becoming like their parents.

Brooke gets up and wonders if she left the light on downstairs. Ridge stops her and begins to massage her shoulders. He brings up the kid and Brooke realizes she forgot to ask his age. She tells Ridge that Hope met him while he was DJing. Brooke hopes their first date went well.

Oliver pleads with Hope that it is not what it looks like. Hope asks what that even means. Steffy interjects that it means that Hope is acting like he did something to intentionally hurt her. Hope then looks at Steffy and asks her what her problem is.

Steffy is still standing in her bathing suit and says she did not mean to hurt her. Hope asks why else would she lure Oliver over. She then looks at Oliver and asks if he went over there on his own. Steffy asks Oliver if he wants to explain or if she should. Oliver asks for a moment alone with Hope but Hope says if Steffy wants Oliver she can have him. Hope walks away and Steffy instructs Oliver not to go after her. Before she can get the words out Oliver has already left Steffy’s side in pursuit of Hope.

Brooke brings herself and Ridge a glass of wine and they sit in bed and discuss Oliver. Brooke recalls that Oliver was the boy Hope referenced in her fairy tale. Ridge does not know that he trusts guys with raging hormones. He asks if Oliver knows he has a curfew. Brooke says she could text them but Ridge says that would be very uncool. Brooke then reminds him of the dance tomorrow night. Ridge says he could never forget the important moments in his children’s life. Brooke says the moment Steffy gave him the company back was probably a great one for the both of them.

Taylor walks up to see Steffy sitting in her bathing suit with her laptop on her. Steffy is shocked and says she thought her mother and grandmother were having dinner together. Taylor informs her they are. Steffy hands her the proofs and says Hope stopped by with them. Taylor can sense something is off and asks Steffy is everything okay. Steffy chides that she did not throw Hope in the pool but she is sure Hope would have preferred it to seeing her kissing Oliver. Taylor asks who Oliver is and then figures out he is Whip’s cousin. Taylor is still confused as to why Hope would care and then looks at Steffy as it dawns on her that Hope likes Oliver. Steffy knows Hope liked him but she tells her mother that probably changed after tonight.

Hoe sits in her yellow and white striped Mini Cooper and before she can press the start button she breathes. Oliver knocks on the window and says he needs to explain how it is and not how it looked. Hope’s finger lingers over the Start button as Oliver continues to beg.

Brooke and Ridge talk about how loyal Steffy is to Ridge. Brooke jokes Steffy would have sold her soul for the company. Ridge worries that she may be too overzealous. Brooke tells Ridge she made the first step towards peace by having Hope drop off the proofs at “enemy camp” tonight. She then adds Hope was on cloud nine because of her date and would have done anything she asked. Ridge thinks aloud that Steffy needs romance. He says she needs someone her own age to be involved with.

Taylor can not believe out of all of the boys in Los Angeles Steffy and Hope are interested in the same one. Taylor knows it will be bad when Brooke hears about this from Hope. Steffy deviously says she may get to Brooke first. Taylor asks what that means. She says that Steffy has battled and now she should stop. Steffy tries to convince her mother that the Logans will always cause trouble and she has ammunition and she will use it. Steffy then maliciously smiles.

Oliver tells Hope he does not want her to leave this way. Instead of hitting start she unlocks the door. Oliver sits in the car with Hope and she tells him he does not have to explain. He still has his “Boy Scout image” but he won’t for long if he gets involved with Steffy. Oliver says again it is not what she thinks. Hope then retorts that they were supposed to be on a date. He says he knows this but he came over for something and he got sidetracked. He repeats again it is not what she thinks. Steffy had something he needed. Hope looks at him and defends that he won’t tell her what he was over there for or why he was kissing Steffy. She says she should call him “Mr. What do you take me for instead of Mr. Entertainment.” Hope turns the car on and Oliver closes the door while he sits there. Hope stares blankly at him and he will not let her leave there thinking what she is thinking now.

Brooke thinks it would be terrific for Steffy to find a boy her own age. Ridge wonders if Oliver has a brother. Brooke knows he is Aggie’s brother and has no other brother. Ridge can not believe it is Nick and Bridget’s surrogate’s brother. Brooke says Oliver has nothing to do with Aggie and anything she brought on Bridget. Ridge says meanwhile his daughter obsessed with the company. Brooke thinks it will be okay. She leans in and rests her head on Ridge’s chest.

Taylor wants to know what Steffy means when she says she has ammunition. Taylor tells her to stop. She and Stephanie have this covered. Whatever Steffy has on Brooke she should not use. Brooke will self destruct on her own. She then tells her to go out and meet guys who are unattached. Steffy smirks as she says that if she wanted Oliver she could have him.

Hope asks why Oliver cares what she thinks. He responds that they are friends and that he likes her. Hope quickly says he like Steffy more. Oliver doesn’t think so. Hope doesn’t need to know any more. She saw all she needed to see when she saw the kiss. Oliver argues that he does not want Steffy. Hope says she thinks he does but whatever he does she wants him to know Steffy does nothing these days without an agenda. Oliver blurts out “getting your mom back.” Hope then says Steffy has selective memory and she will always think her mom needs payback for taking her dad away. Hope them rambles that she is glad she saw the kiss. Steffy is beautiful and she has a dark side that makes most want her all the more. She is glad this happened before they went out again or before he went to the dance she knows he does not want to go to. Oliver stops her and tells her he wants to go. He wants to be with her and he thinks they could have something special. Oliver kisses Hope. He then tells her again they could have something special and asks if she will give him another chance. Hope looks into Oliver’s eyes and says she will moments before he kissed her yet again. When the kiss is over they continue to look in each other’s eyes as Oliver’s thumb caresses Hope’s cheek.

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