B&B Friday Update 3/12/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 3/12/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Steffy opens the laptop and shows Oliver the video. She explains this is the perfect leverage. There is no way she will delete it. Oliver sits near her and asks her to do the right thing. Steffy asks “for whom Oliver?”

Hope is at the office and tells her mother Oliver should have been there. Brooke asks if she wants her to leave and Hope answers “maybe not.” Brooke knows then that Hope does like him.

Bridget tells Jack good night as Nick continually puts kisses on her neck. She hangs up the phone and passionately kisses Nick.

Jackie puts on her cat ears and Owen says “there is a cougar in the house.” Jackie comes over and begins kissing Owen.

Jackie comments the water will be cold. Jackie unbuttons Owen’s shirt and as they finish each other’s sentences Jackie wonders if they are that predictable. Owen entertains “they call it love.” Jackie repeats that he is all his before the two move to the floor while kissing.

Nick breaks the kiss with Bridget to thank her for being so strong and true to her values. He repeats thank you as they embrace.

Brooke asks Hope if she is taking Oliver to the Spring Dance. Hope admits that she is and then confesses she was shocked to be nominated Spring Queen. She liked the idea of it being at Forrester but now it is special. Brooke reminds Hope she could have a number of dates to the dance. Hope says this is almost as big as the prom and now she has someone special to go with. Brooke calls Oliver her boyfriend and Hope tells her he is not her boyfriend, “yet.”

Steffy knows Oliver has the hots for Hope but he needs to understand Hope is the next generation of Logans. She can’t let her get a foothold in the door at Forrester. Steffy wonders if Brooke knows about Bridget’s indiscretions. Either way, Brooke is going down.

Bridget apologizes to Nick for her actions after the pregnancy. Nick tells her nothing matters but her and now; the present. He tells her not to hold back before kissing her intently.

Jackie and Owen lay with candles surrounding them as Owen professes his love again. Jackie says she is not innocent and she had her moment with Whip when she thought he had been unfaithful; as if he could ever be unfaithful. Owen sometimes wishes there was a delete button so he could take the past back. Jackie asks what he would delete. Owen lays on Jackie’s chest and answers “anything that would hurt you.”

Oliver contends that this is not who Steffy is. Steffy wants to know what he thinks he knows other than her daddy issues. Oliver stands as he tells her he has never seen anyone more dedicated to family. He brings up what she has accomplished by taking on Bill Spencer. He asks if she worries about payback. Steffy says she will handle it. Oliver remembers reading about her sister’s accident. He says he knows she would give herself up if it would bring her back. Steffy confides that she never got over Phoebe. With a tear in her eye Steffy tells Oliver she can not go back now.

Hope leaves a voice mail for Oliver saying that she is guessing he got held up so she is heading home. Brooke wonders if he knew to pick her up at Forrester and Hope confirms he knew. Hope says it was not time lost; she got to spend it with her mom. Brooke asks Hope if she will drop off the proofs from the shoot on her way home. Stephanie and Taylor wanted to see them and she could just drop them by their house. Hope hugs Brooke as she jokes that she knows they can’t wait to see how great she looks. Brooke tells Hope not to be home too late and to have fun.

Steffy has the laptop open and Oliver sits across from her. He reminds her that Bridget is a part of her family and this will blow a lot of people’s lives up.

Nick and Bridget are in bed under sheets when Nick says his mother has definitely no reason to worry about them. Nick says he is hungry and Bridget thinks they could probably find a good restaurant on the beach. Nick tells her that requires clothes and so they will have to order room service. Nick rolls atop Bridget and begins to kiss her again.

Jackie talks about how loyal Owen is and he springs up off of her chest. Jackie tells him not to contradict her; she knows she is the only woman in his life. No one can come between them. Jackie goes on to repeat that she loves him and he is all hers. As Jackie kisses Owen’s neck he looks guilty.

Nick and Bridget are sitting at the tables in their robes. She thanks him for doing this. Bridget thinks about how horrible she has been lately. Nick tells her not to think about it then. Bridget can focus on her future now. Nick tells her to concentrate on the here and now. Nick refers to Bridget as perfect and she asks him not to say that anymore. She is not perfect. He asks if she can say the same thing. Bridget knows now everyone makes mistakes. If they are smart they learn from them and she wants to learn from her mistakes. She wants to let it go. Nick stands and dances with Bridget.

Oliver asks if Brooke does not go for it; will she really show the video. Steffy knows it will not get to that level. Oliver asks what if it does and Steffy asks who made him her conscious. Oliver responds that someone needs to be and the good angel/bad angel may be fun. Steffy stands and Oliver asks if they are getting anywhere. Oliver begins again that it will hurt innocent people and he will be always associated as the person who shot the video. Steffy then concludes this is about him. Oliver says this is about her too. Steffy defends she does not need anyone to look after her to which Oliver says he thought she might want him to. Steffy smiles and says he is good. Oliver comes closer and tells her he gets that she wants the Logans out but this will hurt people. Steffy wants the Logans out. Oliver asks if she is really that heartless. Steffy contends that maybe all of these years have taken their toll. Oliver thinks she just needs to feel something else and begins kissing Steffy. As the kiss is taken to new heights a stunned Hope shows up holding the proofs. She stops and the two pull away from one another as they look at Hope, who asks, “Oliver, what are you doing?”

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