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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 3/11/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Steffy sits with the laptop and smirks as she looks at the image of Owen and Bridget. Steffy says aloud that this will cause problems for Brooke.

Bridget opens the doors to the patio as Nick notes he may never want to leave since seeing Bridget there. Bridget asks if he really thinks they can get back what they had. Nick knows they lost the baby but he thinks if they stay true to their vows they will be fine.

Owen scatters rose petals leading to the bathtub while candles are lit all around the room. Jackie comes downstairs fully dressed and asks Owen what all of this is for. She spots her favorite vintage of wine and wants to know if he feels guilty about something.

Brooke comes into the office with Hope behind her. Hope is wearing a champagne satin cocktail dress as Brooke reinforces that Hope looked fabulous in front of the camera. Hope jokes that she should since she had Brooke throwing her in front of cameras non-stop as a child. Brooke looks at the pictures as Hope looks at herself in a floor length mirror. Brooke believes her father will be proud of the photos. She notices that Hope has a “glow” about her and wants to know if she has a boyfriend.

Owen kneels down and says that the only thing he is guilty of is being crazy about Jackie. He thinks she needs serious pampering. Jackie professes her love for Owen before leaning in and kissing him. He breaks the kiss so she can get ready. As Jackie walks away Owen pulls her back and tells her he loves her and that she should never doubt it.

Nick pours champagne and Bridget tells Nick it feels weird to celebrate when they just lost a baby. Bridget quickly toasts Nick and says they should toast to just them. Bridget, Nick and Jack.

Brooke thinks her intuition is on point when Hope’s phone rings. Brooke notices that her phone is ringing non stop. Brooke jokes that he may never call back. Brooke picks up the phone but Hope quickly snatches it from Brooke’s hand. Oliver is on the line and wants to know if Hope is ready for their date. He will pick her up at Forrester and Hope says “cool” while trying to remain aloof in front of Brooke. Oliver hangs up the phone and his outbox appears. “I didn’t send anything to Steffy.” Oliver then says aloud that this can not be good.

Steffy sits on the lounge chaise and sees a still shot of Owen and Bridget. Since Brooke claims she would do anything to protect her daughters it is time to find out.

Owen runs the bath for Jackie and stares into the distance. Jackie comes downstairs in her white lace bodice with a satin white robe on as she says she is so ready for this. Owen is so absent minded he asks what she said. Jackie knows he is thinking about Bridget. Bridget looked so terrible when it all happened. Jackie approaches the bath tub as Owen opens the bottle. In the distance Jackie rambles that losing a baby makes you do things you normally would not do. She hopes that Bridget and Nick will survive this.

Nick tells Bridget he would do anything to maker her happy. Bridget notes Nick already does so much. She wonders about Jack and Nick wishes she would trust that Jack is okay. Bridget counters that she does trust him and Nick throws himself on the bed. He lays with his back to Bridget’s chest as she runs her hands through his hair he recalls their honeymoon. Bridget has a smile on her face until Nick gets to the part where his mother and Owen crashed their honeymoon to marry. Nick did not trust Owen. Bridget contends Owen is a good guy who makes Jackie happy. Nick says that is a good thing because the day he does something to screw it up Nick will become violent and sink both Owen and his surf board. As Nick gets off of the bed Bridget’s face falls.

Oliver sees Steffy walking away from the laptop. She jokes that he could not stay away and he knows what she has done. Steffy asks if he wants to go for a swim in the warm water. She throws her arms around him and tells him if they swim she may have to do that. Steffy feels a tense and angry Oliver before he stops her and demands to know what she will do with the video she emailed to herself.

Nick tells Bridget not to blame herself for the fall. Bridget says Nick is right and that there will be no more gloom. Nick says he has a surprise at the front desk and he will be back. Bridget waits until Nick is gone and then calls Owen. Owen is happy to hear from her and claims to have been worried about her. Bridget assures him he does not have to worry about her. She is with Nick in Mexico and things are on track. She does not think she will tell Nick. Owen is happy to hear that and wants her to know no one will know; it will be their secret. Owen wishes for Bridget and Nick to enjoy their time and Bridget wishes the same for he and Jackie.

Steffy knows who is on the video and so does Oliver. Steffy can not believe that Bridget and Owen got together. She wants the Logans out of Forrester and this may be her bargaining chip. She asks who will stop her and Oliver responds that she is looking at him.

Bridget looks outside and then turns when she sees Nick walk in with his guitar. He borrowed it from the band downstairs. He says she should give him a second since the guitar is out of tune. Bridget sits beside him on the bed and says they are out of tune as well. He notes they are working on it. Bridget can not imagine her life without him. Nick says she does not have to worry about that. Bridget knows how blessed she is to have Nick and Jack in her life. Bridget kisses Nick’s nose before beginning to kiss him on the lips.

Jackie comes downstairs with one more candle. She lights a match and Owen has flashes of lighting candles with Bridget on their night of intimacy. Owen quickly blows the candle out and tells Jackie she lights up the room for him. Jackie wants Owen to know he does not have to say those things. Owen tells her she has to know she is the only woman he wants. The two begin to passionately kiss.

Hope comes back to the mirror in an off shoulder dress. Brooke compliments that Hope looks adorable. Hope says she wanted to look hot. Brooke wants to meet the guy in Hope’s life and promises not to tell any embarrassing stories. Hope begs for Brooke to stop and then contemplates why Oliver is not there yet.

Steffy is running her hand in the water as she sits by the pool. Oliver approaches and reminds her she would be breaking up people’s marriages. He reminds her Nick and Bridget just lost a baby. She wants to know why he cares so much. Oliver sits across from Steffy and confides that Nick and Bridget helped his sister not be a recluse. Owen has let him stay at the beach house and he does not want to be the cause of the break up of two marriages. He does not think Steffy does either. Steffy stands and defends that she watched for years while Brooke took her dad away from them. Now Brooke’s daughter has done something shameful and she has to use it against Brooke. Oliver stands eye to eye with Steffy as he explains that when he sees her he sees a “knockout” as well as a little girl waiting at the door for her father to come back. Steffy admits that she is still waiting for her father to come back to them. Steffy cries as she says Brooke would not let that happen. Brooke took her father away but she will have the last laugh. Oliver does not think she wants to do this. Steffy asks if Oliver loves his sister and would protect her. He says he would. Steffy tries to convey that Brooke hurt her family and this is payback. Oliver then responds that when Steffy drags someone through the mud she is still in the mud with them. Steffy knows Oliver has given her the perfect ammunition against Brooke and now he is asking her not to do it. Oliver places his hand on Steffy’s jaw and tells her to do it for him.

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