B&B Wednesday Update 3/10/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/10/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Brooke walks into Eric’s office and sees Ridge looking at a file. Ridge asks where Brooke has been. She explains that she was with Steffy who has said once again she does not want Brooke in the picture. Ridge places his hands on Brooke’s shoulder and says he will talk to Steffy. Brooke confesses to Ridge it is not fear for herself that she worries about; rather the fear for her children.

Nick has a blindfold as well as earphones on Bridget. He leads her onto the plane and she practically screams that she can not hear and must have the headphones off. Nick removes the earphones followed by the blindfold and Bridget is shocked to find that they are on the jet. Nick wants to take Bridget some where relaxing. Overjoyed, Bridget hugs Nick as she thanks him.

Steffy is in a bikini as she talks to herself. She wonders if that really could have been Owen and Bridget on the video. She says she must find out before Oliver interrupts. He is dressed as he complains that the place is huge. Oliver completely stops talking when he sees Steffy dressed in her bikini. Steffy turns and tells him she is glad he made it.

Steffy has a bottle of water and walks over to a lounge chair. She puts a towel down and then lounges as Oliver asks why she invited him there. Steffy tells Oliver he has a lot going for him and then retaliates by asking why he accepted her offer. He begins that he wanted to see how the other half lives. He is not surprised that the Forresters live up to their name. Oliver has a school boy grin on his face as Steffy lounges, leaving little to the imagination. He compliments that she is beautiful, smart and then laughs as he repeats that she is “trouble.”

Bridget buckles up as Nick comes and says that they should be taking off any minute. Bridget wonders when he planned this. He came up with the idea when she was showering. Bridget hopes they are going far away. Bridget wonders about Jack and then worries that she should call her mom. Bridget calls Brooke from the plane as Nick eats strawberries. Brooke wants to know how Bridget is and Bridget responds that everything is great. Brooke thinks it is a wonderful idea. Bridget looks at Nick as she grins from ear to ear while explaining to Brooke that she is the luckiest and will never let Nick forget it.

Steffy straightens her bathing suit bottom knowingly drawing Oliver’s attention to her body. She asks what Hope would think about him being there. He asks if she invited him there to make Hope jealous. Steffy denies the accusation and claims she wants to get to know him better. Oliver contends Hope is a Logan and she has it in for the Logans. Steffy tells Oliver he came there to swim and that is what they should do. She points Oliver in the direction to change and before he walks away with his swim trunks Oliver leaves his bag. As soon as Oliver is away from it, Steffy reaches in the pocket and grabs his phone.

Nick and Bridget toast champagne as they both agree this is a good idea. Bridget knows she said and did things in the past but Nick has been “everything” for her. Nick thinks they have come out stronger than ever and Bridget asks if he means it. Nick answers “without a doubt.” Bridget leans in to kiss Nick.

Ridge asks Brooke if she needs help with whatever she is doing in his office. Brooke comes out wearing a red lace negligee with matching red heels. She wants Ridge to remember what it looks like in case he has forgotten. Brooke drops to her knees as she thanks Ridge for sticking up for her against Taylor and Stephanie. Ridge plays with her hair and Brooke stands to sit on his lap. She says she does not know how she could ever repay him. Ridge thinks they should continue this at home but Brooke coyly asks if he wants his thank you now or later. Ridge picks Brooke up before laying her on the desk.

Steffy is perusing Oliver’s iPhone and can not find the video. She stands from the chaise and aloud wishes to find it. Oliver comes out of the pool house in his swimming trunks and startles Steffy when he asks “what are you doing with my phone?”

Steffy tries to play off that the idea that Oliver’s phone rang and she was scared it was important. He grabs the phone and asks what his ringtone is. Steffy guesses incorrectly that it is the Black Eyed Peas. She then guess Lady Gaga but Oliver says his phone says there are no missed calls. He knows she brought him there so she could see the video. Oliver takes the phone and says she will never know who is on the video because he is deleting the “hot little video.” Oliver goes to leave and Steffy asks if he isn’t going to stay for a swim. Oliver quickly chides “not without a lifeguard.” Oliver leaves and Steffy is a little too happy to see him go.

Ridge and Brooke are on the red couch in the office covered discussing that this could be fun. Ridge says they will not let Taylor and Stephanie get them down. Brooke is his wife and he can not run the place without her. Brooke says she guesses things aren’t so bad. Brooke thinks everyone is back on track. She hopes that Ridge’s mother does not decide to make her life a living hell. Stephanie walks in demanding something of Ridge when she suddenly is taken aback by the two on the couch.

Nick massages Bridget’s foot as she lays on the couch on the jet. She asks why he is so good to her. Nick responds that she deserves it. Bridget tries to convey that she is not perfect. Nick explains that no one is perfect and it will not do either of them any good to live in the past. Nick leans in and quickly kisses Bridget before furthering the conversation. He says that if he is looking at Bridget at the end of the day he is a “very happy man.” Bridget pulls Nick down to the couch in a passionate kiss.

Steffy is stretched out on the lounge chair by the fire with her laptop on. She looks through her email and announces she has new mail from Oliver Jones. She strikes the play button on the computer and says aloud that the video is not completely gone.

Brooke wonders if Stephanie does not know how to knock. Stephanie says she did knock. Stephanie then sits in a chair next to them as Ridge asks if they have to do this now. Stephanie goes on to accuse Brooke of always parading around in her underwear and that she thinks she can seduce anyone. Brooke is married to Ridge; Ridge agrees they are married. Stephanie points out that is all the more reason why they could do “this” at home. Stephanie brings up the fact that the new owners want to return to class. She asks Brooke what it will take for her to put some clothes on. Brooke explains to Stephanie she is right where she will always be; by her husband. Brooke leans in and gives Ridge a kiss before Stephanie leaves. Ridge affirms the “dragon” is gone and then asks if Brooke is ready for round two. Brooke laughs and then kisses Ridge.

Steffy is in disbelief as she realizes it is Owen and Bridget on the video. She sees the wedding ring and then says, “she is just like her mother.” Steffy then looks up before looking around, “okay, what can I do with this?”

Bridget and Nick are holding hands under a blanket on the couch on the jet. She says she feels so secure when she is in his arms. She asks Nick to hold her tight; she never wants this feeling to end. Nick kisses her again before guilt flashes on Bridget’s face once more.

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