B&B Tuesday Update 3/9/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/9/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy tells Oliver to let her see that again. Oliver puts the phone in his pocket and tells her there is nothing to see. She says they would never to that to the people they are married to. Steffy then asks “would they?”

Bridget comes down and Nick asks how she enjoyed her shower. He jokes that he ordered her a pizza with anchovies Bridget then tells him she hates that and Nick says he knows. He opens a pizza box with no anchovies. Bridget sits on the couch next to Nick.

Donna reaches for a lemon bar but Pam stops her. Pam tells her that the owners are in Eric’s office having a meeting. Brooke is in there only because she is worried about Bridget. Pam tells Donna she is personally going to fumigate the entire place since the Spencer Logan regime. Pam pulls out a canister with a pump that would be used by an exterminator and sprays Donna. Donna jumps as Pam laughs.

Eric and Brooke discuss Bridget getting through the miscarriage. Stephanie hands out agendas and they note since Brooke is not an owner she does not need to be there. As Taylor puts on her glasses she tells Brooke it is okay if she wants to take time to go be with Bridget. Stephanie jokes that Ridge is not staying either, is he?

Ridge says that it was a nice try but he is not getting into a turf war. Stephanie says it is time to discuss the new ideas since the Hope campaign is out. Brooke looks stunned and turns to Ridge. She thought he decided to stick with the campaign. She asks if he changed his mind or if someone changed it for him.

Bridget tells Nick she does not deserve him. Nick says they are starting over with a clean slate; nothing from the past.

Steffy says she is not giving up and tells Oliver to hand over his phone. Oliver says he is not contributing to delinquency of a minor. Steffy retorts she is not a minor. Oliver contends she is acting like one. Steffy then asks why is so defensive and finally Oliver tells her his buddies sent him a video. Steffy says that the video had two people who looked a lot like Owen and Bridget. Oliver repeats that Steffy already said it could not be those two people. Steffy thinks if it were true it would be a bomb shell.

Nick and Bridget sit on the floor drinking wine in paper cups. He says she claimed she wasn’t hungry but she ate her pizza. He is happy she has her appetite and thinks that her mother would be happy too. Bridget thinks her mother is having a hard time with Stephanie and Taylor at the moment. Nick explains that before they get too involved they should remember that the Forrester Logan relationship has never been “harmonious.”

Taylor says now that Brooke has brought it up they should consider the impact this will have on Hope. Brooke contends that her daughter can handle the pressure. Taylor rambles on that she will be a busy girl this year with college interviews. Stephanie adds she will be a busy girl/ Taylor continues that Hope could have a minimal position that would give her more time for other things. Eric asks Brooke if Hope would go along with it and Brooke surprises everyone when she says that she believes it will be okay with Hope. Stephanie then pushes that since Brooke is being so agreeable they can now discuss cutting back on the bedroom line, “or getting rid of it all together.” Brooke is shocked.

Oliver wishes the video had never been shot. Steffy thinks the couple probably didn’t want it to be shot either. Oliver says they may not have known and then plays with his hair. He adds he is guessing this. Steffy responds that she used to think he was the nice guy image but now after this she wonders. Oliver jokes that she is the warrior trying to rid the family business of all things Logan. Steffy wonders where he gets his information and he tells her Hope filled him in. Steffy tells Oliver to let her see the video again and prove that her eyes were playing tricks on her.

Oliver knows Steffy is used to getting what she wants but that will not happen to him. Steffy asks what is going on with Hope. Steffy warns him Hope is a Logan and Logans are trouble. If he plans on being involved he should be prepared to share her with other men. It is the Logan way. She says if he is not an item with Hope he should come swimming at her house. Oliver says he will since he always wondered how the other half lives but he has to do something first. Oliver leaves the table and Steffy says to herself that while he is swimming she will be watching the video.

Bridget sits on the couch and realizes Steffy is “quite the force to be reckoned with.” Nick says she is now with Stephanie as he cleans dinner onto a tray. As Nick gets off of the floor he leans in and kisses Bridget before walking away.

Brooke knew this is how it would be. She knew Stephanie and Taylor would go after the bedroom line. Stephanie says they are reinventing the image and panties and bras are not a part of it. Brooke points out that the bedroom line is doing well from a business standpoint. Ridge points out if she wants to rebuild the image she will need revenue. Brooke adds that the line brings in a profit and from a business stand point it is a no brainer. That is unless Stephanie is basing this upon past animosities. Taylor says no one is basing this on old animosity but they are trying to get back to the class. Ridge breaks into the conversation and says that Taylor has made some excellent points as did his mother. Brooke says everyone knows it and she is glad it is settled that the line stays. Stephanie reminds her she does not have a say in this. Brooke says she knows she is right and she knows Ridge can see she is right as well. Brooke walks over to Ridge and puts her arms around Ridge and says he is the CEO. Ridge tells his mother it is a business decision. Stephanie gets up and walks out. Eric says they should take a break and follows Stephanie out of the room. Steffy walks in and asks if the meeting is over. Brooke gleefully says she will let Taylor fill her in and leaves the room. Steffy asks her mother to tell her that her dad is not doing what she thinks he is. Taylor stands and affirms “I’m afraid so.” Taylor points out that the way Brooke sees it is different from the way Taylor and Stephanie see the company. Taylor says it would be a lot better if Brooke were out of the company and exits the room.

Bridget sits on the couch and recalls Nick telling her he can not live without her. Bridget looks at the fire as Nick walks in and says the best part of take out is no dishes. Bridget jokes that he has never done a dish in his entire life. He reminds her he was a sailor. She chides that is what the wenches were for. Bridget asks if he could go back would he. Nick says he would not trade the now. He says every couple has issues and they have survived it all. They are there choosing to let go of the past and they are moving forward. “Nothing from our past is worth tearing us apart.” Bridget looks at him as he finishes his sentence and tells him she loves him so much.

Steffy paces in Eric’s office and tells Brooke she did not expect it but she will hand it to her that she did a great job crashing the first owner’s meeting. Brooke knows Steffy does not want her to be there but her father wants her there. Brooke says she is sincere when she says she does not want to battle with her. She wants the relationship they used to have. She says Ridge has enough love to share between her and Hope. Brooke says that whatever Steffy can dish she can take. But Steffy should not be mistaken about the fact that Steffy is not to hurt her flesh and blood. Brooke warns not to hurt Hope and then leaves the room. Steffy leans against the desk and says aloud it is not Hope she should worry about. But if Bridget is who is on the video as she suspects then Brooke will have to deal with that. Nick and Bridget lay on the couch as Steffy’s voice comes over the scene; “all I have to do is get my hands on that video.”

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