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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/8/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Bridget sits in a chair thinking about the day before. She remembers Aggie falling, Nick telling her she is not meant to be a mother and then finally Owen comforting her. Nick comes into the room and Bridget grabs his hand. He informs her that his mother and Owen are on the way to their house. Bridget explains that her mother is on her way over because she could not tell her the news about the baby over the phone. Nick offers to call his mother and tell her to not come over but the doorbell rings as soon as he suggests it. Nick opens the door and sees Owen and Jackie standing there.

Oliver hugs Agnes and asks if she is okay. She is teary eyed and says that she knows Bridget is hurting as well. Oliver recalls the video he saw of Bridget and Owen on the floor. He says aloud that different people have different ways of grieving.

Stephanie and Steffy sit at the coffeehouse toasting and cheering the fact that they have reclaimed the company. Steffy notes that Bill was reluctant to budge but she did it. Stephanie agrees and tells Steffy how happy she is.

Jackie and Bridget embrace as Bridget looks to see Owen standing there. Jackie wants to do whatever she can for Bridget. Owen offers that they are there for them whatever they need. Nick appreciates that while Bridget says nothing. Brooke appears and Bridget runs to her mother. She cries on Brooke’s shoulder and Brooke asks what is wrong. Brooke looks to see Jackie with Nick standing there and then guesses it is the baby. Bridget begins to cry as her mother hugs her.

Steffy tells Stephanie that now is the perfect time to strike against Brooke. Stephanie reminds Steffy that Brooke is married to her father. Steffy points out that her mother and grandmother are in control of Brooke’s career now. They could make her life hell. Stephanie feels badly about this; especially since Brooke just lost another grandchild. Steffy sits in shock as she learns that Bridget and Nick have lost the baby. Stephanie apologizes and would have never told Steffy this way if she did not think she already knew. Steffy knows this has to be hard for Agnes as well. Stephanie agrees.

Stephanie shakes her head and notes that Bridget never gets a break. Steffy takes the conversation back to the point that they should drive Brooke away. Steffy thinks it could be fun now that her mom is involved. Stephanie tells her Brooke and Ridge always find a way to blow themselves up and she will wait for it. Steffy says that her dad is not playing favorites with the kids. She learned this the hard way. Stephanie then says it is nothing to do with Ridge but the guilt that Brooke feels towards Bridget and Bridget’s childhood. Steffy then retorts that Bridget is no angel.

Bridget sits on the couch with Brooke as Brooke consoles that Bridget will get through this. Brooke tells her it is not her fault. Bridget says she lost control and let her emotions take over. Owen watches as Nick sits on the other side of Bridget. Brooke says that Bridget can rely on Nick. She can trust him. Bridget shakes her head and says “I can’t. I just can’t.” Bridget gets up and leaves the room as everyone looks around.

Agnes says she needs to talk to Bridget. Oliver instructs Aggie not to talk to Bridget. Oliver says she is dealing with this her own way and she can count on him. Agnes realizes that a few months ago she and Bridget would be helping each other. Agnes sits on the couch with Oliver sitting on the coffee table. She cries as she explains that she does not even know if she has a job anymore. Oliver stares and tells her to talk to him; not Bridget. She can lean on him.

Bridget comes down the stairs and sees an empty room. She looks around when Owen approaches. She asks where everyone is and he explains that his wife’s solution for every problem is tea. Bridget looks around and Owen stands with his hands in his pocket. Owen asks if Bridget told Nick and she explains she intended to but Nick told her whatever they had done in the past did not matter. Owen thinks this is a great idea and that she should move forward.

Agnes tells Oliver she should have left when Bridget did not want her there. Oliver tells Agnes that Bridget is not a Saint and Aggie is not the villain. Aggie knows her family will not see it that way. Oliver asks how well Agnes knows Bridget. Agnes explains she knew her well and Nick helped her catch her rapist. She used to be closer. Oliver consoles that she still has him and walks over to hug her on the couch.

Owen knows it was a wrong way to help but that is what he was trying to do. Bridget explains that after losing the baby and hearing Nick say the things he said what happened with Owen just happened. Bridget used to hate people who said “it just happened” but it really did just happen. Bridget can not believe that she is going to have to lie to her husband. She does not know if she can do it. Owen contends that she has to go through with it because now if she does not their worlds will be torn apart. Jackie walks in with tea and everyone following her. She asks if Bridget feels better and Owen walks away while Bridget wipes her eyes. Brooke comes to Bridget and hugs her as Nick asks his mother to leave. He explains he wants time alone with his wife and he really think Bridget wants time alone with her mother.

Steffy watches Oliver at the coffeehouse and when he sits down she walks over to him. Oliver is looking at the video on his phone when Steffy approaches and asks what he is looking at. Steffy sits down and asks if he is looking at sexy pictures of his girlfriend. She says that she knows Hope’s dad can be rough. Oliver is puzzled and thought they both had the same dad. Steffy catches him admitting Hope is his girlfriend and then states that she saw the two kissing the night before. Steffy acts as though she just remembered Oliver is Agnes’ brother. She asks how Agnes is and Oliver tells her physically she is fine but mentally she feels like she has lost everything. He asks if they really would treat her that way. Steffy notes it does not sound like Bridget but she is happy Oliver’s appreciation of Brooke’s daughters does not extend past Hope. Steffy stands and says it is probably a good idea given the “history.”

Bridget drinks her tea as Nick looks at her. Brooke sits behind her and reminds her it is okay to lean on her family. Bridget thinks she is the strong one. Nick says no one is expected to go through everything alone. Bridget says she never should have ran from Nick. Nick knows she came back and that is what matters. Nick knows he said the wrong things. Bridget pleads with him not to apologize. Nick tells her they have to forgive each other. He thinks it is the only way to get past it. He asks if she can let go of everything that has happened. Bridget closes her eyes and sees flashes of intimacy with Owen. He asks if she can get past it. If she can love him that way. Bridget tells Nick if that is what he wants that is what she wants too. Bridget leans into Nick’s chest and tells him she loves him. Nick responds that he loves her too and it will never change.

Oliver watches the video on his phone and then plugs in the cord to see things a little closer. He holds up a menu and the images of Bridget and Owen are enlarged. From behind he hears “Oh my.. Bridget and Owen?” Oliver turns and sees Steffy shocked by what she has just seen.

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