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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 3/5/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Nick looks at Bridget and asks her if there is something that happened that she wants to tell him. Bridget says she makes herself out to always be right. Nick comments that she is always right and Bridget corrects him. Nick tells her if there is something she wanted to tell him she should.

Jackie recounts what has happened and how Bridget ran out on Nick. Owen says this must be difficult and whatever Bridget has to do to get past it no one should pass judgment on.

Brooke and Ridge walk into their bedroom. Brooke sits at her vanity and as she takes her watch off Ridge suggests they should all take a family vacation together. Brooke asks who is involved in the family described and he names his children which include Steffy and Thomas. Brooke asks if Taylor is coming along too. Ridge contends that he is not giving up on this. Brooke says he should not give up but they need to approach each child differently. Hope needs a longer leash while Steffy just needs more of Ridge.

Steffy and Marcus are at the coffeehouse and Steffy asks if they should order. Steffy thought the place closed early but Steffy notes the DJ is texting and not playing music. Marcus wants to know why they are there. He invited her to dinner he did not mean a snack at the coffeehouse. Steffy watches as Hope walks in and sees Hope sit with Oliver. She puts her hand to her chin and says this should be interesting.

Oliver is calling someone when Hope sits across from him. She informs him if he is calling her she is not answering her phone. Oliver continues to leave a voice mail demanding someone pick up their calls. When he gets off of the phone Hope jokes that was either his sister or his girlfriend. He notes she is so serious. Hope dares that he will see how serious she is; if that was his girlfriend she will stab his hand with a fork. Oliver smiles and tells her he has a magic phone. He asks if she would like to see.

The waiter comes to deliver menus to Marcus and Steffy. Steffy continues to stare at the table with Hope and Oliver and Marcus finally asks her what she has against Hope. “Besides her being a Logan?” Steffy asks if she needs anything else.

Oliver shows Hope a projection from his phone of video he took on his way to change to meet her. She can’t believe how cool it is and he says a rich kid gave it to him and there are not many on the market. Oliver turns off the projector and tells Hope about Owen’s beach house. He explains how he got it and how all he has to pay for is the heat. He did not get a chance to change tonight because someone else was there. Hope asks if it was possibly the owner. Oliver admits he does not know but whomever it was really likes candles.

Bridget wants Nick to know exactly who he is married to. Nick does not know if tonight is the right night to talk about this. Bridget says she ran from Nick and she wanted to turn her back on him so she would feel nothing.

Ridge sits down and says Steffy is adventurous and may be smarter than he is. Brooke sits beside him on the bed and tells him he wants something. Ridge recalls when Steffy lived in London he would fly over every 3 months and she would never act like it was a big deal to see him. Brooke notes that it is always a big deal to see Ridge. Steffy just wants to know he is there for her.

Marcus asks Steffy why she is not running the company. Steffy jokes she actually is but he can’t tell anyone. Marcus understands it is a big deal to try to take on Bill. Steffy admits she was in over her head. Marcus asks if they did..and Steffy almost loses her drink. She says they did not and that Bill is married. Marcus reminds Steffy Bill is married to his Aunt Katie. Steffy asks if anyone ever said anything about her but Marcus informs her they knew better than to say anything around him. Steffy notes the right guy may come along. She looks at Oliver and claims that he may already have.

Hope asks Oliver where he will stay if he is homeless. He tells her he has back up plans. Hope then adds she may need a back up plan. Oliver can’t see Hope spending her nights in cars. Hope laughs and says if they have showers in the car she may consider. She confides a lot is going on with work and he wonders how she could get fired since her dad runs the place. Hope tells Oliver her dad’s other daughter does not like her.

Nick tells Bridget that he should be blamed. He has Jack. He has a child. When they lost Nicole neither of them ever recovered. He gave her what he thought she wanted and now they have lost another child. He tells her to stop pushing him out. Love is not something you get to pick and choose if you want to live. He can’t do it without her because he can’t live without her.

Jackie is in the bath with Owen outside of it sponging her neck. Jackie says she should call Nick. Owen notes Jackie has turned her phone off and all she needs to know is he loves her. Owen gets into the bath and Jackie sponges water on him. Under his breath Owen says “make me clean.”

Nick tells Bridget they can not move forward if they are keeping score. Nick calls amnesty. From this moment forward whatever has happened does not matter. The life their child did not get to live will now be lived through them. The life of love he wants with the good and the bad is with her. He asks if she can say the same thing. Bridget wipes her tears and hugs him as she says she can.

Brooke walks to their bed and lays on Ridge’s chest. Ridge notes Brooke always knows what to say. Brooke reminds Ridge that Steffy was always in Pheobe’s shadow. Pheobe was the cute one; the funny one. She thinks maybe now Steffy just wants to know she is number one in Ridge’s life.

Marcus tells Steffy they call her Little Stephanie and Steffy Jr. She laughs and asks if it is a good or bad thing. He notes that each name is either good or bad. He then asks what he should call Stephanie now that she is back at Forrester. He feels wrong calling her Mrs. Forrester because that is his mom. He can not call her mom just because Eric adopted him. Steffy says that it never means anything. Hope calls her dad ‘Dad’ but sometimes you have to face the facts.

Oliver asks Hope if she is now a model. She says she has no idea but that the photos will have something to do with her face. Oliver leans in and says someone was pretty smart. She asks if it is corny or like something an oil company would use as a slogan. Oliver leans in closer and the two share a kiss at their table. Steffy and Marcus stand to leave and Steffy sees the two kissing. After the kiss is broken Oliver jokes that he wants Hope for his future and the two begin to laugh.

Ridge lays with Brooke and notes it is hard to be a parent. He jokes he could be a great husband if he could marry everyone he met. He jokes he was never allowed to be a Scout. Ridge says Brooke knows everything and that is why he continues to marry her. Brooke thought he married her for the sex. He laughs as they begin to kiss playfully.

Hope says she should go. Not because anything is wrong but she should go. Oliver understands she is happy and so is he. It does not need to go any farther. Hope asks if he is really going to sleep in his car and he tells her he will try to find his sister and stay with her. Hope suggests he go back to the beach house. Oliver thinks that many candles means someone will be there for a while. Hope offers that maybe there was a power outage and they were there to fix it. Oliver plugs in his phone and he says he can tell her in a minute.

Nick looks at Bridget and vows there will be no going back and no losing one another. Bridget promises no going back and not to lose him.

Oliver admits that he saw a candle and wanted to see what was going so he took some footage. He tells Hope he will take care of it. Hope leaves and Oliver sits back with his phone. He holds the same menu up and the video shows Owen and Bridget wrapped in blankets being intimate with one another. He sees Owen and then when Bridget turns in a kiss he identifies Bridget.

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