B&B Thursday Update 3/4/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 3/4/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Owen and Bridget continue to kiss by candlelight .

Steffy asks her dad to tell everyone that he is dropping the Hope line. Brooke tells Steffy she is putting her dad on he spot. Taylor turns to Brooke and says that if Ridge feels like he is put on the spot he will tell them. Steffy tells her father she got the company back for the Forresters and she needs for him to tell them that the campaign is now dead.

Nick goes to pour a drink but Jackie insists he does not need this. Jackie asks if he has called Brooke. He says she is not picking up her cell. Nick tells Jackie wherever Bridget is he hopes that she is not alone.

Bridget and Owen continue to passionately kiss before stripping each other’s clothing off. The two continue and Bridget hears a noise. She wonders what it is and Owen reassures her it was just the wind. The two continue to make love buy the fire.

Steffy tells Ridge it is time to return to the Forrester image and not the Logan image. Brooke says it is not about the image. Steffy wants to know what this is about. Brooke says this is about her crying out for attention. Steffy turns to Ridge and she instructs Ridge to tell Hope it is time to go home and be a student again. Taylor steps in and says they should give her father some time. Ridge says it is okay. It is clear what has to be done.,

Nick looks at their wedding picture on the table as Jackie comments it is a beautiful photograph. Nick remembers everything he said that day. Jackie stands and tells Nick his commitment has not waivered and he will get over it. Nick walks to the window and says they have lost another child and she is choosing to deal with this by herself.

Bridget jumps up and wonders what they were thinking. She notes they are both married. Owen says they both got carried away and she had lost her baby. Bridget feels terrible and goes to find her phone. She knows Nick has been calling her. She sees all the calls. She wonders what she should say and begins to freak out as Owen reminds her it will never happen again. He says she went through something today that no one should ever have to go through. Bridget knows she has to accept that she has lost a child. Owen thinks she and Nick will get through this. Bridget has to shower and get home. As she leaves the room she apologizes that this never should have happened.

Ridge apologizes that he has not always been there for Steffy. She is his daughter and he would give up his life for her. He says that if the solution is that Hope needs to leave Forrester he would do that. Steffy thanks him. He then adds that he does not think this is the solution. Steffy is shocked and protests but Ridge continues to say that Forrester was in it’s prime when they all worked together. Ridge then asks if he can have a few moments alone with his daughter. Hope hugs him and everyone leaves the room. Steffy looks shocked as she stares at her father.

Bridget comes out of the shower fully clothed and calls Nick. He is shocked and makes sure she is okay. He asks if he can come get her. Bridget says it is okay; she is on her way. After Nick hangs up the phone Jackie offers to stay but Nick says it will be okay. Jackie says he can call her before she leaves.

Bridget says she has to tell Nick the truth. Owen says they both have good marriages and they will both lose their marriage if she tells. He knows that she thinks it will help but it will not. Owen says they should let it remain their secret. Owen asks if he can drive her home but Bridget insists on taking a cab. Owen asks what she plans on doing but Bridget responds that she does not know. Bridget leaves the house and Nick sits on his coffee table with his hand over his mouth.

Steffy is all gloom as she turns to her father and tells him she did not think he would do that. Ridge notes that she wanted him to turn his back on Hope. Steffy finishes that instead he turned her back on her. Steffy says it is not about intelligence or common sense but this is how she feels. There is an emptiness that she has missed out. She confides that when he left Taylor he left them too. Everyone else seems to be okay but she is different. She feels the way Bill Spencer felt; maybe that is why she connected with Bill. Ridge comes to her and says that he has never nor will he never abandon her. He wants to take her pain away but he will not do that by abandoning a teenage girl who is just as impressionable as she is. Ridge admits that maybe he was not there for her. He will be there but he is not kicking Hope out of the company. He says she is his heart. She cries and tells him he does not have to do that. Ridge asks her to tell him that she feels that he loves her. She cries and says she knows this.

Owen comes home and finds Jackie looking out the window. She asks how something so terrible could have happened. Jackie begins to cry and tells him Nick and Bridget have lost their child. She wraps her arms around him and says she is so glad he is there. Owen is glad he is as well.

Bridget walks into the house. He says he is so sorry. She walks towards him and says she is sorry too. Nick notes they lost their baby. He asks where she has been and Bridget claims she went to the beach. Bridget says they lost more than that. Nick begins to say that he disappointed her. Bridget says this is not about that but there is something she has to tell him. Nick turns her to him and says that when they got married again he made vows to never betray her and never lie to her. He loves her honesty and integrity. She has never kept a secret from him but he kept secrets from her about Aggie. He was the one who invited Aggie over for dinner. He wants Bridget to know he takes complete responsibility for what happened. Bridget begins to cry as Nick professes she is the most important thing in his life. He promises to never keep anything from her again. He pulls her towards him and hugs him. As Bridget hugs him she tells Nick she loves him so much but there is something she has to tell him about tonight. “What happened to me tonight and this is going to have to be the hardest thing I have ever had to tell you.”

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