B&B Wednesday Update 3/3/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/3/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Brooke stands by as Steffy pulls away from Ridge. She asks if they are “good” and as Ridge purses his lips he says they are good. Steffy then adds “and everything Brooke said about me” Ridge goes on to tell her the only thing that matters is that she stays away from Bill. Brooke asks Steffy if she understood why she had to tell Ridge. Steffy walks to her and tells her she is happy her father knows because now their relationship is stronger than ever.

Taylor signs a document and the attorney announces she now owns 25% of Forrester. He leaves and Whip comes into the office. Taylor hands him the document and Whip smiles. He exclaims “yes” and then high fives Taylor which is followed by a kiss.

Owen knows how hurt Bridget is but she has a husband who loves her. Bridget claims she does not have a husband anymore and stands up.

Jackie does not want Nick to blame himself. He realizes that she only came over because he invited her there. She fell down the stairs because she was there.

Owen wraps a blanket around Bridget as he tries to tell her she does not mean that. Bridget admits she never got over losing Nicole. She says that she thought she had the perfect surrogate but all Agnes wanted was her husband. “She can have him.” Owen tries to tell Bridget she does not mean that either but she cries again. Owen rubs her shoulders as Bridget confides that at the hospital Nick told her that maybe she was not meant to be a mother.

Brooke gets onto an elevator with Hope. Hope asks what is wrong and when Brooke does not answer Hope guesses that Steffy is involved.

Ridge asks Steffy to be a little nicer to Brooke. He says this was all a big blow for her. Steffy asks what more Brooke could want. She does not own the company but she owns Ridge. “What more could she want?” Upon hearing this Ridge looks up and sighs.

Nick is texting when Jackie stops him. She pleads that he should back off now. Nick says they just lost a baby. He should have been honest with her. He knows how many issues Bridget has in this area. Nick asks how Jackie would feel if Owen kept secrets from her. Jackie looks into the distance.

Owen admits that Jackie told him the same thing. She will get past it because she loves him. Bridget wants to know what he meant. Did he mean she would not be a good parent. Bridget then says she will have to be a mother to a child with someone else. Owen thinks Bridget does not mean it but Bridget looks directly at him and announces she is leaving Nick.

Ridge asks Steffy if she really thinks Brooke owns him. Steffy wants to know if he is proud of her. Ridge says he has been proud of her since the day she was born. Steffy wants to know why he is saying this to her. Ridge thinks that sometimes Steffy feels as though she has to compete with others for his love and attention. He wants her to know she does not have to compete. Steffy says it feels as though she does. He has always had to choose between her mom and Brooke. She turns and tells him she has done something great for him. She says that she did this for her family so they can rebuild what Forrester used to be. She then adds that Brooke and Brooke’s children to not fit into the equation.

Nick can not believe he did this. He knew not to hold things back from Bridget. He leans back into the couch and admits he does not feel like he deserves to be her husband.

Owen tells Bridget she loves Nick. Bridget is emotional and screams so loudly that she jumps. She says he lied to her. She sits on the couch and asks Owen if he would have kept things from her. Owen admits if he were Nick he would not have kept this from her. Bridget apologizes that she is making him take care of her. Owen protests; admitting that she should know how much she means to him. Bridget does not know what to do. “My baby’s gone. She’s really gone. I never got to hold her or meet her. She is in Heaven right?” Owen answers yes to ever question she asked. Bridget prays that God will protect her child. She cries that she does not know what to do. Bridget then hysterically searches for a candle.

Steffy brings up Hope’s inexperience and says if Katie had never been CEO this never would have been an idea. Ridge sits in his chair and asks if it is more than that. Steffy says Ridge is a great father to her as well as to Hope. Steffy says that she has to have him there and Hope for the future is not their future. Taylor comes into the room and asks if they want to fill one of the owners in. Taylor throws her hands up as she tells them she signed the papers. Steffy hugs her and then says they were talking about their future and they are dropping the Hope for future line. Taylor purses her lips and stares at Steffy.

Taylor says this is not her call. Steffy says Taylor can weigh in and that the concept was ill conceived and now they have to design in the line. Steffy thinks they should go back to the After Party line. Taylor notes that Steffy makes great argument Ridge thinks she would have made a great attorney. Brooke and Hope walk into the office and Taylor tells them they are interrupting and should leave. Brooke says they are there to talk about the Hope line. Steffy walks over to them and rambles that she is happy they are there because they have made the decision to drop the line. Brooke asks why. Hope says she can’t and Steffy explains it is not Hope’s decision and the line is dropped. Brooke asks Ridge what he is going to do about this.

Jackie sits on the coffee table and argues that Nick deserves to be Bridget’s husband. She claims Bridget will forgive him. “I hope you’re right. I hope you’re right.”

Bridget has lit many, many candles. Owen walks up and says she does not have to but she asks him to pray with hr. Bridget stares at the candles and then at Owen as she prays that she does not know why this has happened. She does not know if she has done something wrong. She has faith that He will take care of her. She confides that the Lord is the only one who knows how much she wanted to be her mother. She would have protected her. Bridget breaks down as she admits she wanted to try. She asks for the child to know she loved her and she wanted to be her mother. She leans on Owen as she says she wanted to be her mother. Bridget hugs Owen. He kisses her forehead as he says she will be alright. Bridget says her baby will be alright. Bridget leans up and Owen and Bridget begin to kiss. What starts off as slow kisses turns to hunger in an instant.

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