B&B Tuesday Update 3/2/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/2/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures By Juanita

Bridge closes the office door and tells Brooke he has prayed for this. She says oit sis because of Steffy and ig he knew how she did this he would not be so proud. Ridge knows Brooke is upset Steffy went up against Katie but he is proud of her for using her wit. Brooke tells him she did not use her wit; she used her body. “She seduced my sister’s husband.”

Jackie looks through a baby magazine and says she is going to order everything. Owen sits beside her and kisses her. He says she is gorgeous as she notes he is a hopeless romantic. Jackie tells him she knows he will be a hot step-granddaddy. Owen thinks it will be fun to have a “rugrat” running around the house.

Nick comes into the house and he throws his keys on the table. He calls for Bridget and then notices the wedding picture on the table. He picks it up and begins to stare.

Owen plays with a Smartphone and Jackie sees that it is her cell phone. She asks Owen what he is going with her cell phone. He says he is cancelling her appointments. Jackie asks why and he tells her he has a bath in mind for the two of them. Nick interrupts the two by calling. Owen notes that Nick has the worst timing ever. Nick asks his mother to come to the house and she admits she and Owen were about to have “a meeting” but Nick pleads that he needs her help. Jackie says she will be there. Owen asks Jackie where she is going and she tells him Nick sounded really upset so they will pick this up later. Owen peruses the magazine after Jackie leaves. Owen is looking at the magazine when he looks up to see Bridget standing there. He notes the way she looks and asks what has happened.

Brooke tells Ridge there have been kisses between Steffy and Bill. Ridge asks if Bill has used his power to influence Steffy. Brooke insists he has it all wrong and he is her father. Brooke says Steffy is playing dangerous games and he needs to step up and take control.

Nick silently begs for Bridget to pick up her phone. Bridget hits ignore and Owen wants to help. He asks if she can call Nick but Bridget tells him not to. He states that he wants to helpo and he has to know what is going on. He asks if it is about the baby and she says they did not make it to the hospital in time. She repeats that they lost the baby and Owen comes over to hug Bridget.

Ridge can’t believe Brooke is talking about his “sweet daughter.” Brooke claims Steffy keeps kissing Bill. When she tells him about the night before the wedding he can not believe it happened so long ago. Brooke says Katie keeps finding them alone together. Ridge thinks maybe this is Katie stirring things up. Brooke says Steffy admits she crossed the line. Brooke says that what is worse; now she wants to rid the company of the Logans. Steffy comes into the office and looks at Brooke. “You told him?” Brooke says she was not going to lie to Ridge anymore. Ridge turns to Steffy and wants her to tell him she did not sleep with Bill.

Nick is sitting on the couch looking at the sonogram picture when Jackie dashes in. She is alert and tells him she came as quickly as she could. Nick stands but does not say a word. He holds the photo and Jackie asks if it is the baby. He explains about the dizziness and the stairs. Jackie cries as she tells him how sorry she is. Nick says one minute they are going to be parents and the next they lose the child. He admits there was nothing he could do for his wife or child. Jackie asks where Bridget is and Nick explains Bridget said she could not do this anymore.

Owen holds Bridget as she sobs. Bridget thinks she should not have gotten her hopes up but Owen says she is human. Bridget knows he knows how she feels. Bridget cries as she tells Owen she had a name picked out for the baby and she had a feeling it was a girl. Owen asks where Nick is and Bridget says she had to leave the hospital. Bridget gets up and continues to gasp as she tries to tell Owen she does not know what to do. Owen asks if she trusts him; he will take her to a place where she won’t have to think about it. Owen holds Bridget upright as she continues to cry into his shoulder.

Ridge demands Steffy make him understand what she has done. Steffy claims she was angry with him and there was an attraction. Ridge thinks about Bill using and touching Steffy. Steffy says she took advantage of Bill. Ridge says he does not want to hear this. Steffy says she was in control with every kiss and she calculated every move. She never slept with him but she wants Ridge to be proud of her. She looks at him and asks for him to say something.

A fire burns as Nick hangs up his phone. He notes that Bridget must have turned her phone off. Jackie sits on the couch with tea and listens as Nick says the things Bridget said. She said she did not want to be with him. Jackie knows Bridget did not mean it. Nick confides he tried to hold her but she took off. Jackie says Bridget will be back because neither of them could go through this alone.

Owen and Bridget arrive at the beach house. He asks if he can get her anything. He notes she is cold and he puts a throw around Bridget as he walks to sit across from her. Bridget talks about how she will never get to hold her baby. She thought the love she had would keep her safe. Bridget completely breaks down on Owen’s shoulder.

Ridge asks why Steffy did not tell him. Brooke says Steffy almost tore a marriage apart. Steffy says Katie and Bill can live happily ever after. Steffy begs for Ridge to tell him he has not lost respect for her. Ridge says he does not condone what Steffy did but he can not say anything about it. Brooke can not believe Ridge is going to let Steffy’s behavior go under a rug. Steffy says she does not want her mother to know. She turns to Brooke and can not believe Brooke allowed her sister to treat the man she loves the way they did. Steffy turns to Ridge and tells him he is the most important man in her life. Ridge looks at Brooke momentarily then turns and hugs Steffy. Steffy faces Brooke. Both women glare at one another as Ridge hugs Steffy.

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