B&B Monday Update 3/1/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/1/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Brooke and Taylor continue to fight in the pond. Taylor tells Brooke if she can dunk her again she will sell the 25% to her. Brooke leaps but only finds air as Taylor has moved out of the way. Taylor leaves Brooke alone in the pond and Brooke splashes while calling that she could have helped her out of the water.

Bridget walks up the stairs with Agnes trailing her every move. Bridget stops and tells Agnes she trusted her. Agnes has betrayed that trust and now wants her husband. All she wants is a healthy baby from Agnes and that is it. Bridget rounds the corner and when she is out of site Agnes loses her balance until she falls down the stairs. Bridget quickly runs to her side as Nick sees what is going on. Nick tries to wake Aggie as Bridget asks about the baby.

Donna is in the hallways of Forrester when Pam walks up behind her and scares her. Pam wanted a reaction “but that was almost too good.” Donna asks what she is doing there and Pam asks if she has not heard the news. Donna can not believe Pam is coming back. Pam then asks Donna if she wants a lemon bar. Donna declines but Pam insists she has been eating something since she has “fattened up.”

Eric pours champagne and the Forresters raise a glass for getting the company back. Steffy adds they all should toast to getting rid of Bill Spencer, “for good.”

Steffy gleefully runs over to her father and exclaims they got the company back. Ridge says she got it back for them. He is not sure how she did it but she got it back for them. Eric sits next to Stephanie on the couch and expresses how happy he is that his co-pilot is back. Hope comes into the room and asks Ridge and Steffy if they have seen her mom. The last time they saw her she was chasing Taylor. Taylor walks into the room completely soaked. Thomas and Steffy ask if she is okay as everyone wonders what happened. Taylor tells Ridge that his wife is psycho.

A very wet and unhappy Brooke walks into Donna’s office. She tells Donna that Taylor threw her into the pond in the Executive Parking Lot. Donna responds that it all sounds classy. Brooke says she went to Taylor to talk about her shares and this is what happened. Brooke then looks at Donna and asks what has happened to them.

Agnes is in the bed still out when Nick asks if the Doctor is on the way. Agnes comes to and wonders where she is. Nick tells her to stay calm as he explains she took a fall. Agnes begins to cry as she recalls that she was dizzy. Bridget curtly retorts that this is why she did not want her following her up the stairs. The Doctor comes in the room and Bridget repeats that she wants the baby to be okay.

Bridget asks if everything is okay. The doctor says the bleeding has subsided but the then she can not hear a heartbeat. She does not hear anything and says they will do an ultrasound. Bridget cries as she prays that baby is okay. The doctor turns on the monitor and Agnes asks why they can not hear anything. Bridget knows and begins to sob. Agnes cries just as hard and the doctor says there is no heartbeat. Bridget runs out of the room and Agnes looks at Nick and says she is “so sorry.” Nick looks both ways before he follows Bridget.

Steffy can not believe what Brooke has done to Taylor. Taylor spins that when she would not share her stake in Forrester Brooke threw her in the pond. Hope does not think this sounds like her mom. Steffy says it sounds exactly like her mom. Thorne gives Taylor a Spencer towel and tells her she can use it as a rag when she is done. Steffy then gives her mother a pencil and tells her to break it. It is therapeutic and it has the Spencer logo. Hope adds that she has had all of the notepads etc removed and donated to charity. She knows they all want to burn them in a bonfire but she does not think it should be wasted. Ridge commends her good idea and Steffy rolls her eyes. Eric mentions the portrait in the lobby and Rick tells him he is a step ahead of him. He pulls a picture of Bill from behind the desk and Marcus offers Eric a marker. Jarrett comes into the room and Eric informs him they are about to deface his boss. Jarrett surprisingly tells them to continue and Eric draws teeth. Ridge then draws horns on Bill’s picture and Stephanie adds it is poetic justice. Steffy laughs as she watches her family draw on the photo.

Brooke asks where everyone is and Donna tells her they are all celebrating in Eric’s office. Brooke is happy they have the company back but she can only imagine what Stephanie and Taylor are going to do to them. Donna agrees as Brooke adds that Steffy is being hailed as the hero of the group. Donna brings up the fact that Bill wouldn’t sell for months and then all of a sudden Steffy got him to sign. She asks Brooke if she thinks Steffy is involved. Brooke says she would bet her life on it.

The nurse leaves an emotional Agnes by herself. She apologizes to the baby. She says that she wanted to do something good with her life and the baby would be it. She asks the baby to forgive her.

Bridget cries in the hallway that they lost another baby. She does not understand how this is happening. Nick says they will get through this. Bridget says she had a bad feeling and she knew something would happen. She knew since Agnes came into her life something bad would have happened. She wonders if she should not have made Agnes take the pills knowing they made her dizzy. Nick wraps his arms around Bridget and tells her it is not her fault. She pulls away and says he is right. “You’re right Nick, it’s not my fault; it’s your fault.”

Nick knows they have both been through something terrible. Bridget says this would have never happened if Agnes had been truthful. She blames Nick for inviting Agnes to their house knowing it was a recipe for disaster. Bridget says they have lost two children and she does not know how much more they can take. Nick thinks maybe they weren’t supposed to have a child together. Bridget says it is more than that and she can not take this. She thinks this was a sign that they should not be together. Bridget runs down the hall with Nick calling after her. Agnes lies in bed and hears the whole thing.

Brooke and Donna stand at the door as everyone raises their glass to Steffy. Steffy holds the portrait of Bill as Marcus asks how she got him to sell the company back to her. Steffy notes Bill was not cut out for the fashion industry and she struck at the right time. They all toast to Steffy and then put on music. Donna and Brooke watch and Donna notes she feels sick watching Steffy play the heroine. Brooke says it is time Ridge knows about his daughter. Brooke walks into the office and asks to speak with Ridge. He follows her in the hallway with Hope listening in. Brooke asks Ridge if he asked Steffy how she got the company back. He says his daughter said she asked at the right time. He claims she is smart. While the door is open Steffy confides to Thomas that Brooke knows too much. He is pretty sure Brooke is telling their Dad about Steffy and Bill’s encounters. Brooke tells Ridge that it is time he knew. Ridge looks at Steffy who glances back with a puzzled look on her face.

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