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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/26/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Brooke can not believe Taylor is doing this. Taylor can not believe Brooke is still “whining” about this. Steffy is gloating when Hope says Taylor knows nothing about the fashion industry. Steffy contends that Bridget was a doctor and now is successful at Jackie M. Ridge intervenes that Taylor has made her decision and Taylor then adds “even if it is not the decision your father wanted me to make.”

Owen comes in and sees Jackie sitting down. Owen pulls her up and it is time to go home for dinner. He asks what is wrong with Jackie and she tells him about Nick’s elaborate plan for dinner. She is worried and Owen asks if Nick told Bridget about the dinner plans.

Bridget comes into the house and says that Jack has everyone in the neighborhood wrapped around his fingers. He is over at the neighbor’s house for dinner again and Nick laughs as he walks over to her. She asks what she can do and he tells her she can open the wine. He notes the vintage and she asks if he is making his manicotti. Nick does not lie and admits he ordered pasta from the restaurant down the street. Bridget sees that there are three place settings and asks if he forgot Jack would not be there. Nick walks over and says someone is joining them for dinner.

Bridget is shocked he invited someone for dinner and did not tell her. She says he could have told her at the office. The doorbell rings and Bridget opens the door and wants to know what Agnes is doing there. She turns and asks Nick why he would invite her for dinner. “Why would you invite her?”

Taylor tells Ridge that she will never let the Forresters be non existent in their own company. Hope defends that they will just let her mother be pushed aside instead. Ridge says nothing is changing but Bill and Katie are not there. Steffy looks completely content as her mother says she loves Ridge and she respects him. She puts her hand on his back and claims that she will refuse to apologize for that.

Brooke asks Taylor what she is really trying to say. Taylor asks Brooke what part of she loves Ridge did she not understand. Brooke then asks if she meant she loved him as her children’s father. Taylor says Brooke has no reason to feel threatened but her children will never be marginalized or fired on a whim again. Brooke looks at Taylor and says Katie did not fire Steffy on a whim and she also was not naïve. Brooke used to think Taylor was not naïve but now she wonders. Taylor smugly looks at Brooke and asks why she is still talking when she knows nothing she will say will change her mind. Taylor does an impersonation and says “now if you will excuse me.” She walks out the door with Brooke yelling after her that they are not finished. Brooke chases after her and Ridge leans against the desk.

Owen and Jackie begin to banter about why Bridget can not forgive Aggie. Jackie thinks the girl had her reasons for not telling the truth about who she was and she can not get past her sweet daughter in law not letting it go. Owen defends Bridget’s stance and says Aggie was chosen because she lied about who she was. He would feel just as bad if he were deceived like that.

Agnes walks in and says she should just go. Nick says she is not going anywhere. Agnes says she is trying but Bridget won’t even look at her. Bridget turns in a rage and says Agnes created this situation and it is her fault. Nick thinks she is mad about his past betrayls. Bridget defends she is not mad about that. She is mad that she was deceived. Nick walks over to her and calmly tells her she is the strongest person he knows. She has told him she does not want to bring a child into the world with this stress and he knows she can get past this. That is the reason for the dinner.

Steffy sits in Katie’s old chair as Hope stands before her. Hope has arms crossed wonders if maybe her motives were to get her parents back together. Hope tells Steffy that her mother does not give up and she will get her place back in the company. Steffy looks up and shakes her head “I don’t think so.”

Brooke finds Taylor and says she is not done; Taylor will listen to what she has to say whether she wants to or not.

Jackie comes to Owen and says that he never stopped wanting to have a child. He says she is his family. He hugs her and admits she is right, “I do still think about it.”

Agnes says she knows Bridget would prefer that she was not the surrogate but she is. Bridget says she hates her lies. She hates that she has taken a time that is supposed to be joyous and made it into this. Nick’s phone rings and he insists he is in the middle of something but then agrees they need the account. Nick turns to the women and Agnes offers to leave but Nick tells both women to stay put. Agnes looks at Bridget as he walks out of the room.

Steffy tells Hope her mother is in and Hope’s mother is out; she should give it up. Hope strongly pursues the fact that there is more to the deal with Bill Spencer and she wonders what she did. Steffy says she can be persuasive. Hope wonders how. Steffy says she did not take a page out of the Logan Handbook. Steffy adds she can understand why Hope would think that since she is a Logan. Hope contends that Steffy is not sweet nor innocent and she knows it. Steffy turns to her and claims it would take a scoreboard for her to count the men her mother has slept with. Ridge comes into view and says they must stop this. It is like seeing Taylor and Brooke all over again. Steffy turns to him and says she knows he does not like that. Steffy then raises an evil eyebrow to let Ridge feel the effect of her words.

Taylor says in a fake thespian voice that she does not know why Brooke always has to be so melodramatic. Brooke says the company means more to her than it could ever be to Taylor. Brooke points out that Taylor’s outfit proves that. Taylor points her finger in Brooke’s face and tells her not to talk to her like that since she is the boss. Taylor then says Brooke does not have a choice and walks away. Brooke quickly follows.

Ridge tells the girls their mothers have to find ways to peacefully coexist. Steffy chides that if they don’t Brooke will be fired. Hope walks over and demands to know why her mother would have to go when she has given her life to the company. Ridge tells them both that Brooke and Taylor will work this out. He thinks they may even be friends one day. Hope laughs and Steffy says he must be joking. Ridge knows there is a long way to go but he hopes they will make it.

Taylor walks with Brooke quickly following her. Taylor tells her to give it up. Brooke says she will not. Taylor walks away and says she does not want Brooke to tell her the real reason she does not want her to own the company in public. Brooke does not care and the two women begin to talk over a running pond. Taylor claims the reason Brooke does not want her there is because of her marriage to Ridge. She provided stability and love to him. Brooke insists she has that with him as well but she also contributed to the company. She brings up the Brooke’s Bedroom campaign and Taylor chides it was another way Brooke could prance around in her underwear. Brooke says the campaign was the biggest revenue earner the company ever had. She asks what Taylor has done for the company. Taylor brings up the fact that Brooke broke up Eric and Stephanie’s marriage. Brooke brings up the fact that Taylor has had her own indiscretions to which Taylor claims Brooke seduces Ridge in the bedroom when she needs something. Brooke says her sexuality is not a crime and apparently Taylor couldn’t keep him happy. She then claims it is really sad to watch Taylor pine away for Ridge. Brooke brings up the last time Taylor lured Ridge to the alter and the officiate pronounced them “man and..” Taylor warns Brooke not to say it. A giggling Brooke chants “man and horse” repeatedly until Taylor throws her in the pond. Taylor begins to laugh and point until Brooke pulls her into the water with her. Taylor splashes water on Brooke before throwing her face down in the pond. Brooke then comes back on rolls Taylor into the water. Brooke says the shares are hers.

Jackie grabs her bag as Owen kisses the back of her neck. He says they should stop by Nick and Bridget’s but Jackie claims Nick will be there to referee.

Bridget tells Agnes to leave her home and never come back. Bridget walks towards the stairs but Agnes stops her. She says she wants to fix this but Bridget will not even listen to her. Bridget walks up the stairs saying she is not the problem. Bridget walks up the stairs and Agnes follows. Agnes pleads with her on the stairs but Bridget says she made a play for her husband and she is done. She only wants a healthy baby from her. Bridget walks out of sight and Agnes falls dizzily down the stairs. Bridget runs down to her as Nick enters the room and asks what has happened. Bridget cries “oh no, not the baby.”

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