B&B Thursday Update 2/25/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 2/25/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Brooke asks Stephanie to stay out of it. Brooke contends she has earned her place on the owner’s agreement.

Steffy tells ridge this is not about Brooke his wife but about what is rightfully theirs. Eric walks in and asks what is going on. Steffy explains Brooke wants Taylor’s portion of the company and they can not let that happen.

Nick tries to convince Bridget to be nice to Agnes but she says she will not. She is there to carry their baby and that is all she will ever be to Bridget. Nick does not think this sounds like Bridget but Bridget defends that Agnes asked Nick to lie to his wife. Agnes walks in and says she did not know anyone was there. Nick tells her to stay there and then instructs Bridget to stay put as well.

Nick sits Agnes down and asks how she feels. Bridget begins to berate Agnes with questions about her taking the pills. Bridget says until the doctor gives her a new prescription she is to take them. She then adds that she does not care about what Agnes wants or how Agnes feels.

Ridge is delighted that Katie and Bill are gone and nothing can change it. Steffy tells everyone that if Brooke buys Taylor’s portion of the company nothing will change. Donna and Hope walk in on the tail end of the statement and asks how nothing will change. Steffy says her grandmother and Brooke will be at each other’s throats. Steffy then exasperates, “Is this why I got the company back?” Eric looks at Ridge the moment she says it.

Brooke wanted to talk to Taylor about their children and how this will affect them. Brooke says Stephanie is doing this for personal reasons. Stephanie admits that she is being selfish. She says whatever they do in the boardroom will be turned over in the bedroom. Taylor tells Stephanie she needs to speak with Eric and Ridge. Stephanie asks why but Taylor contends that since Stephanie gave her advice she now needs to hear Eric and Ridge’s take on the matter.

Agnes stands and says she does not need Bridget to remind her of her priorities. Bridget brings up the night Agnes chased down her rapist. Nick says that night was a bad one for everyone involved. Bridget brings up the fact that she knew nothing about anything until she got a call to go to the doctor. Nick says this is not good for the baby and tells Sandy to leave a note for his mother with the files while he goes to speak to Bridget. She says she knows he thinks she is being too hard but she “wants the pregnancy over and that woman out of our lives forever.” Agnes watches the two and as she does her vision goes blurry.

Steffy goes to the front of the desk and says if things are going to change they have to completely change. Hope then adds she wants to get rid of the Logans. Donna walks up and says she is not going anywhere. Hope adds she nor her mother will be going anywhere either. Brooke comes in and sarcastically notes Taylor has already called them all. Eric is confused but two seconds later Taylor and Stephanie come in and Taylor says that Brooke has already called them as well. Eric says no one has called anyone and he wants to know what is going on. Stephanie explains Brooke wants to buy Taylor’s shares of the company. Brooke says she and Taylor were almost in agreement when Stephanie came by with her anti-Logan rant. Ridge looks as Stephanie says that is not what is going on. Brooke says the Logans are all involved in one way or another but the real reason Steffy wants her mother to own a part of the company is because she wants her parents back together again. Taylor and Ridge both look at each other as she says this.

Nick is alone with Agnes and says it may be hard for her to believe but it is not about her. Agnes contends this is about her but Nick goes on to say that there is betrayl in the past . Agnes deduces that Bridget is really mad at Nick. Nick invites her to dinner but Agnes says that she already has heartburn. Nick begs her to come over. He explains that Bridget wants to hate Agnes and then after making her miserable she leaves. He thinks if he can get them in the same place it may help. He pleads and Agnes agrees. She asks Nick if he thinks it will really make things better. He responds that it can not get much worse.

Taylor asks Steffy if that is the reason she wants her involved. Ridge comes and leans against the desk beside Steffy as Brooke tells Steffy that she knows she wants her family back together. Brooke adds that getting the company back was a lovely gesture but she is setting her mother up for disappointment. Taylor takes offense and says that in order for her to prove she is over Ridge she has to sell her shares. Brooke says she could sell them to her or Thorne. Stephanie chimes in she could even sell them to her. Donna says that can not happen because Stephanie would have 50% ownership. Stephanie quickly asks if Donna is scared she will send her to the basement. Eric intervenes and says there are many differences of opinions. Stephanie says Taylor came back to find out what they thought. Brooke turns to Stephanie after she asks Ridge what he thinks. Brooke says that they know what Ridge will say. Ridge then tells Taylor that this is a huge investment. She will have to borrow from everything she owns and banks are fickle. Thorne agrees as Ridge adds that this is not her life like it is theirs. This has nothing to do with who deserves to be there because they all have a place at Forrester but the truth is Brooke has made a huge contribution to the company. Steffy says “come on” and then asks what Brooke has done lately. She says that she wants the Forresters to completely own it and if Brooke buys into it she will not. Brooke looks at Taylor and reminds her she has heard what Ridge said. Taylor says she did hear what Ridge said and she knows what she must do. “I’ve made my decision.”

Nick is in the office alone and remembers when the nurse came in and Bridget found out that Sandy was not who she said she was. His memory is interrupted when Bridget walks in. He hopes she didn’t run Agnes out of the company just the office. Bridget says he shouldn’t joke about this. She catches Agnes looking at Nick and Nick then tries to say that he wants to make this better. Nick says they are still having a baby and they should not be miserable. He tells her to hang on to that fact and to hang on to him. He pulls her up and says there is nothing he would not do for her or the baby. Agnes stands in the doorway with a funny look on her face.

Taylor understands this is her life savings and assets and it is a huge risk. Brooke thinks this is one she does not have to take. Taylor thinks the value of her childrens future. Hope chimes in that she hopes this has nothing to do with the campaign. Taylor answers that she did not. She then says Brooke worked her way there but she also slept her way to the top. Before Ridge she married Eric. Brooke corrects she married Eric when she came up with the Belief line. Donna asks why they are even going there. Brooke goes to speak and claims Taylor did not even let her plead her case. Taylor states she has heard all she wants to hear. She then talks about the fact that Forrester lost it’s soul when Bill took over the company and how she wants to get that back. She says she will invest her 25% and own the company with Eric, Ridge and Stephanie. Brooke looks stunned as Taylor makes the announcement.

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