B&B Wednesday Update 2/24/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/24/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Ridge fans coffee to Brooke’s face and tells Brooke she needs to wake up. Brooke looks at the watch and says he should have woken her up. Ridge says he is the boss now and she does not punch a time clock. Brooke says they have to get to Taylor while she is in a good mood. She jokes that Taylor will realize the Nobel Prize committee is not calling and then takes it out on the world. She needs to see her before that happens.

Taylor is in Whip’s arms as he asks about breakfast. She says he does not get to cook for her after she randomly showed up. She debates giving her shares to Brooke while Whip kisses her shoulders. He tells her he liked her stopping by last night and he wants her to do it again tonight. She realizes this eliminates the chase and he likes that. He asks what she intends on doing.

Pam can’t believe what Eric has said to Stephanie. Stephanie says Eric doesn’t want her back like that. Pam says Eric has no other reason since he does not want her money. Stephanie looks up and Pam asks “what?”

Owen, Jackie, Bridget, Nick and Pam wait with Stephanie. They should wait on Whip but Stephanie tells them the news that Eric is buying the company back. Owen picks up that Eric is going to be one of the owner’s. Nick asks if they are looking at another owner and Jackie realizes what is going on.

Brooke looks for her blazer but Ridge asks if this is how it is going to be. She sees it and asks what he is talking about. He responds she is on a quest for power. Brooke says last night was the most important to her. Brooke kisses Ridge and when he is distracted she grabs her jacket. She says when Taylor is there they can not do the kissing. Ridge asks why not and Brooke names all of the places they like to go to make love and guesses that Taylor will ban them all. Ridge jokes that she better get over there right now and then shakes his head.

Stephanie tells everyone Steffy was the one who got Bill to agree. She tells them about the trust and the initials. She points to Whip who is present in the room when she mentions Taylor. Owen reminds her of her contract. Stephanie knows this. Nick reminds her of her shares. Stephanie is prepared to divest those shares. Jackie asks if she plans on working there while owning Forrester and then realizes that Stephanie plans to leave them. Stephanie thanks them all for dusting her off and picking her up when she needed them but tries to convey that she built Forrester from the ground up.

Ridge comes into Katie’s old office and sees Steffy packing boxes. Steffy knows security is not tight around the building so she had new keys made for the four new owners. She asks if she should have a copy made for Brooke but Ridge does not think that will be necessary. He says he does not think Taylor is going to buy in and that she may sell her shares to Brooke. Steffy becomes angry and says Taylor can not do that. She has worked too hard to make this happen; she then stops when she sees Ridge’s face

Taylor pours coffee at Whips and hears the door knock. She opens the door when Brooke announces herself. Brooke says the maid did not exactly say she did not come home but she read between the lines. Taylor thinks this should make Brooke feel better; she is happy so she will not walk the halls with longing for Ridge. Brooke smiles and says she is happy for her. Taylor is assuming Brooke is there to find out what or if she has decided anything.

Nick says he does not need to look at the contract he knows what is on there. Jackie says Eric snapped his fingers and now Stephanie’s commitment to them means nothing now. Stephanie says when she first started it was completely different now. Stephanie now sees they are like a machine and they can do this without her. Stephanie asks Jackie to help her with this. The room is quite silent and Nick’s booming voice interrupts it. He says he is not happy with Stephanie’s performance nor her attitude. He says she is over the hill. Everyone stands back in disbelief. Nick looks at Stephanie and smiles when he tells her she is fired. Stephanie smiles back and thanks him. She asks Jackie if they will be okay and she says Stephanie can go back to her family. Stgephanie then reminds them that even though they are competition they can still have a martini. Stephanie leaves but Pam stays and Bridget tells her they will miss her too. Pam genuinely appreciates everything they have done. She will miss them. Owen says hey will miss them as well. Pam offers them lemon bars and everyone declines the offer. Bridget walks over and asks her to take care of Stephanie for them. Pam says she will and the two hug.

Stephanie looks at the photo of Sally on the wall and pauses for a moment. She recalls Jackie’s fashion show and memories of Stephanie at the office. A montage begins flooding Stephanie’s mind of good memories with Jackie M. The elevator arrives and Stephanie gets on it.

Ridge asks Steffy where the sudden animosity towards Brooke is coming from. Steffy did not appreciate Brooke’s attitude when Bill took over. Ridge reminds Steffy that he is married to Brooke. Steffy says Brooke did nothing to help the situation. Steffy says she will not respect Brooke and makes an excuse up to leave the room. Once out of the office she calls Stephanie and instructs her to go save her mom. She is at Whip’s and she is pretty sure Brooke is over there.

Brooke asks Taylor if she is going to come up with $50 million for the company. Taylor defends that she can if it means helping her children. Brooke points out that she will mortgage everything and dip into their savings which may hurt them. Taylor says she can put it back. Brooke counters that she can only put it back if she can make Forrester successful in this economy. Brooke reminds Taylor that all of her expertise and years of working helped make her children’s trust funds so healthy. Brooke asks if Taylor really wants to leave behind helping people and her reputation she worked so hard for. Stephanie comes in and commands “don’t listen to one thing she has to say.”

The remaining crew at Jackie M. are in Jackie’s office. Bridget says she feels like an orphan. Whip says Stephanie was right and they can do this without her. Nick says he is right and everyone should get back to work. They all leave and Owen asks Jackie if she is okay. She says she never had a best friend and a husband at the same time before. Owen responds that he can be her best friend. She thanks him and Owen then kisses Jackie.

Steffy says someone will be there to take the boxes away. Ridge does not like the way Steffy is disrespecting Brooke. He says they have the company back and they should leave the decision of who gets the last 25% up to Taylor and Brooke. Steffy says she is starting to feel better about the situation already.

Brooke tells Stephanie they are having a private conversation. Stephanie laughs and says Brooke is trying to talk her out of what is hers. Brooke reminds them both that Brooke knows the business and Taylor does not. Stephanie agrees Brooke knows the business but she is not supposed to be an owner. Stephanie’s definition of owner comes with responsibility and she says time and again Brooke has abused her power. Brooke begs Taylor not to force her to work with Stephanie like this. Brooke pulls a document out of her bag and Stephanie says Taylor will sign it over her dead body. Stephanie says control is everything and that is why Brooke wants it. She says Steffy has given them a golden opportunity and pleads with Taylor not to let Brooke in on it. Taylor turns to Brooke and sighs.

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