B&B Tuesday Update 2/23/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/23/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge gets ready for bed and Brooke comes into the room. They are both in their robes. Brooks says she does not like RJ staying up late to watch TV. Ridge reminds her he ate his carrots like they asked him too. Brooke says not everything is a transaction regardless of what his daughter may think. Ridge asks what her beef is with Steffy. He says they got the company back. Brooke asks if it does not bother him that Steffy went behind Katie’s back to get the company from Bill. Ridge asks her why she makes Katie out to be victimized by his daughter.

Whip is in his robe when there is a knock at the door. He opens it and sees Taylor. She says she has lost track of time. She goes to leave but he pulls her in. He asks what is the matter. Taylor turns and tells Whip she is in the fashion business if she wants to be.

Steffy has a screwdriver and takes down the sign that says “Spencer Publications.” Stephanie approaches from behind and congratulates her on a job well done. She says not just the sign but the company. Steffy says they should consider it “beginner’s luck.”

Eric walks in the office and sees a picture of Katie and Bill. He throws it in the trash just before Donna comes in. Donna asks if it feels different. He says it does not and picks up the phone. He casually instructs someone on voice mail to scale back on Southeast Asian markets and to call him at his old number tomorrow. He hangs up and asks Donna if she is sad because she got used to the layouts and the TV show. Donna says she is not worried about herself but more so about what is fair for Brooke. Eric explains Brooke was not an owner before and now she will have the same salary she once did. Donna chides that is only if Taylor and Stephanie do not force her out of the company. Eric says that Donna and Brooke gave him advice on how to thrive when Bill was in control. He thinks she should take her own advice. She turns and he walks over. He says he feels things and he needs her to understand what this means for him. She is proud and happy for him. Donna says she will see him at home. He kisses her cheek before she exits the office.

Brooke tries to tell Ridge it is not as black and white as he thinks. He stands and asks what the Logans problem with his daughter is. Brooke asks him to think about Steffy’s past and how she led Brooke on a wild goose chase as a kid. Ridge defends Steffy wanted her parents back together. Brooke claims Steffy still does with 25% of the company going to Taylor. Ridge asks what she knows about his daughter. Brooke admits she was trying to protect Ridge. Ridge says his mother used to say that when she would meddle in his life. He then looks at her and tells her if she is keeping a secret from him they are going to have a huge problem.

Whip brings Taylor something to drink and says she is now going to be a corporate powerhouse. He asks if she could do it and Taylor says that she talked to her accountant and she could do it but she would be strapped for cash. Taylor admits she could sell her shares to Brooke. Whip can only guess Brooke wanted to buy them. He asks Taylor if she plans on selling.

Eric is packing a box when Stephanie walks in. She says that she knows what he is doing; removing all traces of Katie. Eric thinks maybe he should give the office to Ridge. He could roam the halls like Stephanie does and stick his nose in everyone else’s business. Stephanie laughs. Eric asks when she is going to tell Jackie M. Thorne opens the door and asks if people are hallucinating. Eric says they are not and hugs Thorne. Thorne has a cart with him and Eric asks if those are his things from the basement. Thorne says Katie had Eric’s wet bar removed but he never threw the alcohol out. Eric likes this idea and asks Stephanie to make a martini. Stephanie looks down and finally agrees to make them.

Taylor explains how Brooke tried to convince her she was entitled to this. Whip stands and tells her no one is entitled to anything. he says he does not plan on telling her what to do and Taylor exclaims that she knew there was something she liked about him. Whip laughs and then asks if she wants a career change at this time in her life. Taylor wants to find a way to secure Forrester for her children. He thinks they are pretty secure but she reminds him of what has just happened.

Brooke sits down and says she needs to stop and concentrate on the monumental things that happened today. Brooke is happy for him. Ridge notes she does not sound happy. Brooke is happy they have the company but is being selfish. She admits Stephanie will be giving her orders like before. Ridge assures her they are married now and sits on the bed. Brooke then says Taylor will also give him goo goo eyes while giving her orders as well. Brooke thinks there may be a silver lining in all of this. Ridge does not think Taylor will sell her shares to Brooke. Brooke asks where Taylor will get the money and Ridge thinks that is a valid point. She then says that Taylor hates one thing and that is to be made a fool of; which is exactly what will happen if she takes this on.

Stephanie puts olives in two martini glasses and says whatever happens but Eric stops her and asks if she will have problems raising her money. Stephanie says he took care of that during the divorce. Eric jokes that she took care of that in the divorce. She toasts his glass to that and then goes on to say if he does not want her there she does not have to be. Eric says she can not be an absentee owner. Stephanie comments that she has a job. Eric brings up the fact that Jackie will not let her work there while she owns the competition. Stephanie used to wish bad things for Eric but she now wants him to be happy. She says that if he does not want her there she will stay out. Eric says he made a mistake by forcing her out. He says he can’t replace her and he wants her there.

Brooke turns off the lamp as Ridge comes to bed. She asks if they can start the evening over. She rubs his back and says she is so happy for him. He doesn’t know that he believes her. He turns to her as she genuinely smiles. She says she wants him to have what he wants more that for her to have what she wants. Ridge grins before the two begin to kiss.

Taylor says because of the economy people are reluctant to pay for therapy so she could scale back. Whip asks how she feels about working with Ridge. She begins to speak but Whip points out his feelings are irrelevant. Taylor then says she has been down that road with Ridge and it is nothing like where she is now. She compares her relationship with Whip to a dog hanging out the side of a window going down the freeway. Whip asks if she is that happy and she admits she is. Whip then begins to kiss Taylor as she continues to smile.

Eric says Stephanie is more impossible when he is nice to her. She laughs and says he misses her. Eric says of course he misses her. He gets up to get a drink and says he has to do everything himself. Stephanie jokingly asks why; is it because he and Donna are not having sex? Eric laughs and says that is not what he meant. Stephanie gets off of the sofa and walks over to Eric. Stephanie asks what good her understanding him ever done for her. He says he loves her. Stephanie calls his name. He knows he is not supposed to say it but he does love her. Eric asks her to come back. He tells her to say she will come back. Stephanie walks away and says this is the alcohol talking. Stephanie then says she told him he would come back; begging for her to come back. Eric contends he is not begging. Stephanie notes that Eric always does this. She says she will not come back. She says he always does this. He wants her to figure out what he wants and she has been there and done that; she does not want it. Eric says he has no rite to ask anything of her. He walks away and she says she will come back but he can’t talk foolishness and she better keep his wife at arms’ length. Eric comes over and kisses Stephanie. He then kisses her on the cheek.

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