B&B Monday Update 2/22/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/22/10


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Brooke can’t believe that Taylor and Stephanie are the new owners with Ridge and Eric. She demands to know who drew up the contract. Steffy announces she did but not before Taylor can tell them about the intials of REST again. Brooke says that is not what they stand for. Taylor says they apparently did not read the fine print and even if they did their signatures are now on the document.

Katie is still in shock that Bill made such a huge transaction and did not tell her about it. He apologizes to her and they hug. She breaks away and says once she sees how happy her sisters are she will get over herself.

Donna and Brooke are still reeling from the news when Bill and Katie walk in. Katie asks if champagne is on the way and Stephanie announces that it is. Brooke wants to know how Bill could sell the company to Stephanie and Taylor and a shocked Bill is taken aback by the news. It comes out that Steffy convinced Bill to sign when he was “vulnerable” and Katie asks why was he so vulnerable. Steffy says Katie was the reason and because he knew how stressed she was he had remembered her Christmas wish and now the company was theirs again. Bill says he never intended for them to force the Logans out and he will rip up the document. A knock at the door is heard and Steffy answers. She opens the door for the attorney and had prepared for something like this.

Steffy explains the attorney that there is a dispute about the contract’s validity. The attorney verifies it is legally binding. Katie demands that her sisters not be shut out. Bill explains that he did not intend to sell the company to Stephanie and Taylor. Katie almost yells that she wants her sisters names on the buyer’s agreement and she will not negotiate. Stephanie looks at Katie and says “you’re right, it’s non-negotiable.” Katie storms out of the room and Bill follows. After they leave Stephanie asks if they can continue the party now. Stephanie tells Brooke not to look so down; Ridge will find her a job. Ridge asks if he can have a moment alone with his wife and Stephanie suggests they move the party upstairs. After everyone has left Brooke asks Ridge to tell her this is not happening.

Katie is livid as she furiously attacks what Bill has done. She tells him he has sold more than half the company and failed to mention Steffy was the one who drew up the contract. She says it is almost as if he does not want anything to do with it now. She exclaims that he does not make mistakes and he agrees. She tenaciously adds that her sisters have been through too much and they will not answer to Taylor and Stephanie.

Brooke asks how Ridge could do this to which he responds that the moment of the deal presented itself and he could not let it fall there. Ridge says it will not be as bad as she thinks. He says Stephanie has always belonged there. Brooke contends that Stephanie was happy at Jackie M. Ridge says it will not be as bad as she thinks. Brooke asks about Taylor owning the company and he explains her portion will go to Thomas and Steffy as theirs will go to Hope and R.J. Brooke looks at him and says once again she will be treated as the slut who took Ridge and demanded her way into his life. Before he can answer Taylor is at the door. Brooke says they are having a private conversation. Taylor strolls in and says she knows they are talking about her and Stephanie.

Bill walks in a room with Steffy and tells her they need to talk. She threatens to tell Katie everything. Especially since she was standing in the bedroom and heard everything they said. She reminds him they were about to have sex in that room before Katie interrupted. Bill reminds her she has no idea who she is messing with. Steffy says she knows and for the record she would have stopped him before they had sex. Bill responds that for the record they were about to have sex. He then tells Steffy to enjoy what she has while she can. Steffy calls to Bill as he is leaving that she did not count on…she finishes by saying that Katie is a lucky woman.

Taylor verbally attacks Brooke for the way she has treated Eric and Ridge. She says she has sided with her sister and she should be ashamed. Brooke asks Ridge to tell Taylor to leave them but Ridge sides with Taylor that Brooke could have drawn the line when they forced Eric to share an office with Thorne. Brooke reminds them both that she and Donna betrayed their own sister. Ridge notes that but still agrees with Taylor. Taylor feeds off of this and continues her rant against Brooke until she finally shouts that Brooke does not deserve Ridge.

Taylor again says Brooke has no idea how hard this has been for him. Brooke says if she asks Ridge he will tell her Brooke has suffered with the rest of the family. An emotional Brooke tries to explain that she offered everything she owned to Bill to get the company back and she would do it again. She says that Taylor should do the right thing and let Brooke buy her shares of the company. She reminds Taylor that she has a career; Brooke has poured her heart and soul into this company for 25 years. She pleads with Taylor and then tells her to sleep on it before making her announcement tomorrow.

Bill walks into Katie’s office and she asks if he has an answer. Katie instructs that he finds away to break the contract. Bill says it is a solid deal. Katie thinks this is about Steffy and says she thinks Steffy has something on him. Katie demands that he looks at her as she asks if he has slept with Steffy. She says it would explain the rush to get this done. She knows Steffy has something on him. He tells Katie honestly that he has not slept with Steffy. Katie wants to know why. She says she is the CEO and then corrects that she was the CEO and he did a 180; she wants to know why. He says this is a set back but it is not the fate and their will be pay back. Katie contends that this is not him. Bill walks over to Katie and says she is right; this is not who he used to be. He is someone new now that he is married and cherishes his wife. He vows to never let her down again. He asks her to go home with him and she suggests he go home so she can have a few moments alone in her office. Before he walks away she tells him the job was difficult but it meant a lot to her. A Bill walks away Katie sighs. Bill stops at the door and watches as Katie cries. She wipes away the tears and Steffy slams the door. Katie looks at her and says she thinks she won but she did not. Steffy says she got the company back and she will take it as a victory. She then adds that Katie’s rise to the top was a fast one but so is her descent out the door. Katie chides that Steffy sounds like her grandmother. Steffy says she will take it as a compliment but Katie quickly responds it was not meant as one. Katie asks if she is getting rid of her sisters as well. Steffy says she will not rest until all of the Logans are out of their lives. She says the Logan presence will be gone. “That day’s gonna come.” Katie looks her in the face and says “we’ll see.” Katie walks out the door but stops and turns to see Steffy. Katie looks at her as though she has no idea what she is in for.

Bill walks outside to his BMW when he turns to see Ridge standing on the balcony. Ridge tells someone on the phone to do it now. The Spencer Publications sign is blown off of the FC on the building. Bill claps and tells Ridge that was a nice punch but he should watch out; he always comes back swinging. Bill gets in his car as Ridge breathes in the air.

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